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Woohoo i'm alive again!!! <3 I love bebo giggle ;)

11/24/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
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Me, Myself, and I
Alittle Peace Of me.

I's my family, I have been blessed with 5 brother's and sister's, Here are there name's, And alittle about them.-David 22 year's old is my older brother, He play's call of duty everyday and kick's butt.-Josiah my baby brother 18 year's old, Likes to talk alot, And preach too.:heart:-Melody 17 year's old, Loves cat's, Win's at every game.:heart:-Faith 15 year's old write's story's, And loves to draw.:heart:- Shekinah My baby sis is 13 year's old, Loves to speak her mind, And is my mom's twin.<3

I'n loving memory of my two brother's or sister's. I may have not known you but you will alway's be loved.!:heart:
mcr, linkin park, miyavi, tatu, three days grace, Life house, Skilllet, All emo song's you can think of hehe <3
◘◘ °°° (\__/) (\_(\ ° ° ° ◘◘
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Films / TV Shows
harry potter inuyasha, death note, poc, and xmen. / lost, , the offiec, And others cant remeber =P
_♥♥♥_______ Iiiiii _________♥♥♥
___♥♥♥_____<3 You! ______♥♥♥

Thing's about myself, Well i was born in washington, And still live there, Im half indian, Im 21 year's old, I was homeschooled, And stoped at age 17, To work at daycare, Im very shy, But if your sweet to me, I will talk your ear off. I have four sister's, And two brother's. I love pet's, Im christain, And love god!!!!! Fav music. Skillet, Hellogoodbye, Akon, Good charlotte, family force5, life house, Miyavi, Gackt, Mcr, And many other's. =D

Fav food, Sea food, Take out, posta, Enything with cheese, potato's with ketchup, And rice with egg's.

Thing's i do for fun, Sing lyric's with sister's, Watch anime, Read manga's, Go shoping, Play alot of online website's such as, Runescape, Gaia, Youtube, And last Da :heart:, Play sim's on computer, And spend time with family, And friend's, last thing i love to draw!!!! :giggle:
Books / Magazines
Bible, Romance book's of eny kind, Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, heck i just like vampire book's, I read alot of manga's, And ofcourse love harry potter book's!!!!!!
hmm well i like goin to mall chilling with peeps and skate boarding. =}
Boyfriend, I do not have a boyfriend, And do not wish to have one anytime soon, So dont ask please.

Looking for. I am looking for friendship, And to become a better christian, Also to improve my drawing.
Love It
I used to say guy's....... but yeah men have become anoying, And so not worth my time. So I love just being me, Being free to speak my mind. And i love God, hes been here when people let me down, and that happen's alot, When i feel like i cant take enymore hurt i turn to him, And it really does help. I love music, Just feeling the song in my heart makes my head race. And ofcourse dancing help's ;)
Hate It
Thing's i hate, I hate bug's of any kind, I hate people who think there better then other's, I hate spicey food, I hate wearing Short's, I hate dirty thing's, Cause im a clean freak. Well that's all i can think of right know, Hope that help's you understand me alittle more. =}
Quotes / Weblinks
"love me!!!!! lalala"

"miyavi so hot!! <3"

god rock's!!!! woot"

"I love you my miyavi!!!!!!"




My son, Forget not my law; But let thine heart keep my commandments: 2 for length of days, And long life, And peace shall
they add to thee. 3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:
4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. 5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and
lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he shall direct thy paths. 7 Be not wise in
thine own eyes: fear the Lord, And depart from evil.!!!
Woot one of my favorite Verses.

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  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Jaa yes its working finally!! But im just changing my icon picture mwaha.And probably gonna be working on making a quizzy later on ;P How bout you sista?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Yeah i only play it to post Amazing race pictures.Its good i only have 1 more question to answer! Then we just gotta wait on slow pokey faith to finish her 4 questions so we can answer them then we can post our quiz! It will be funny to see who wins.Yeah lol i havent looked up the latest gossip yet on him,but they would probably announce it on t.v if he starts dating someone so i guess i'll just wait till then.I dont blame you for ignoring deviant now lol vin is probably leaving you 40 messages a day now.Hopefully soon rejection will kick in and he wont bug you so much.Ooo good idea,she wont be able to peak when we're all gone at camp hehe xDD Im just arguing with my one dum stupid friend who was posting that fake friend journal when she herself is a fake friend.Now shes saying how she hates her life.Shes so dumb,i sent her a comment but i bet she wont reply to it! Oh well atleast i get to rant at her and get no reply lol. So watcha doing today?

  • Yamaka16

    Haha dont feel bad! I thought i was the evil sister,cause i havent replied to our other message either! We both evil! Lol X33 But nothing much,just got done reading up on who johnny is dating,The reports have all shown to the Amber slut.A mysterious blond was entering his car lol Hes officialy a man ho.But i dunno i do want to find a new crush! I need to do more searching,no man has clicked for me yet.How bout you? Any new crushs.

  • Yamaka16

    Yeah same,i think my membership will end in like 4 days or less! It came so fast this time for some reason.Oh well i guess its good cause then we can work on your range lvl finaly hehe.I made sure to cancel my membership this time too haha.Yeah im on here to find her amazing race picture as well,but it aint on my channel.I guess she sent it in a message.O.o If not then i'll just read it from one of your girls accounts.

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Haha yeah! Free membership man lol good thing dad can always spare 8 dollars from his pocket so i doubt he'll even notice.But im just laughing at guys on runescape,their so dumb! xDD And getting ready to read the hunger games while i make my girl make neclaces with her magic.How bout you?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Lol i havent commented in a thousand years! Well heres a new stinky comment i will leave.Man i gotta start up on a new quiz! Been lazy lately.So whatcha doing?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Ugh yeah stupid lezbians! Good thing she stopped bugging me once i blocked her lol.She was dumb though because right when i added her she purposely made a journal announcing it.I dont get people.But iim just trying to get as much xp as i can on your game before your membership ends today! >:( So how bout you? Has your immature baby friend sent you messages yet.I bet she'll just lie that she has alot of friends lol.

  • Yamaka16

    Yeah they must of deleated it because it doesent work anymore!! *cries* Those jerks! Its so un famous that on the forums people dont even bring it up lol.Yeah maybe it will work downstairs.I just never use it down there because its always a pain to get onto the right bebo website >.< Ugh i hate lesbian's,had a stupid lezbo trying to add me on deviant i added her to my ignore! Haha.

  • Yamaka16

    Same here haha seems like we both noticed our aim' messages! Im gonna see if the pets is working on here yet! I hope it is.I havent gotten my money in ages man.So is it working for you?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Haha i aint no better! I havent replied to this is a week xDD Well atleast like you said you'll have your range to keep you busy now,so far it hasent been to hard.Its already at 72k woot! Haha yeah all the sheep do on that game is eat its so cheesy! Yeah im just waiting for my stupid pigs to grow up so i can get me some pork! :P Ooo nice how many of those pet birds do you own now? Im just trying to play rs before my turn ends,i got done making a quiz so i didnt get much rs time in!! And im day dreamin about the manga kiney is having us read,you'll have to read it with us too xD its very funny.So what are you on the new game your playin?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Yes i think after like 10 years of agony our headaches went away! ugh~ Now all were gonna get is a cold from landon since hes always bringing over some sort of sickness.Lol yeah im aweful i only just now took it,i completely spaced the fact that you made a quiz,i was to busy making my amv that i never looked! Yes i saw that you updated how your chick look,she has a cute look on the castle game now hehe.Jesh i bought one recently and it gave me 3 free sheep lol,as if i need more dump animals,but i guess sheep aint that bad.How many animals you have now? But im just making an amazing race picture for kiney,how bout you?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Ugh yeah i hope we dont have to go to his house when we all have the stomach flu! Haha that would be sooo imbarressing! No way,lets just hope when he decides to have us over we are all feeling well.And im hoping his spaghetti will be good,The meatball part sounds weird >.< Jesh kiney atleast made a quizzy so its just faithy who has to make one later she hasent made one in awhile now.Yes you got your 98 fm before your membership ended so thats a good thing!Haha thats good atleast you can make more room for your houses and have something to do on the castle game.How many spaces have you boughten in the castle game so far? ive only gotten one since you have to use those stupid crystals to make your rooms longer.But i just spent my turn looking at all of the new updates on runescape hehe drooling over how they made bandos look.Its aweful how they changed Armadyl up,hopefully it wont be to hard to get used to.And that guys will know that you are a girl hehe.

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Ugh yeah haha hopefully he didnt exspect us to go to his house this week because we didnt go.but i think he would of wined to dad if he did.Yeah im pretty sure you wont have to go there intill the week is done then you will be going to the childrens church thingy.Man this month went by fast it feels like it was just yesterday when u guys were doing the school.Lol yeah Kinah almost won miyavi but you didnt! Hopefully you will have better luck next time~Haha yeah they finaly took my quizzy after a week >.< I dont blame you fm really hurts your hands after awhile xD But yesh im playing the castle game and trying to make dum wooden planks for a quest.It takes ages to do anything on that game,i have to wait flippen 60 minutes for them to be done! What do you have to do on your game>?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Yeah usaily the pastor goes on for hours so good luck on that!Yes good rittence he was boring anyways,i'll wait for someone more intertaining to talk to.Atleast you won a bunch of dudes hehe i cant remember if you wont miyavi or not ;P But i was just taking alot of quizzys on the quiz thing on facebook.Im just on here to reply to messages and to see if any of the girls have taken my quiz yet >.< How bout you wazzup?

  • Rainbowspice
    luv Rainbowspice

    LOL,I didn't really think of A storyline fore this but I will do my best!.
    Okay so what happened is all are men where invited to be om dancing with the stars and they all could invite one friend,Miyavi wanted Sinbad to come with him because he was the only person as cool as him,Johnny wanted Proteus to come because of his long women hair he thought he was Vanessa,Robert wanted Jay leono to come because he alway's has him on his show for one second,And finally Gackt brought James Bond because he wanted to beat him up and steal his fame,And Christofer just brought his tiny dress and Dougie cause he was lonely,But what they didn't know is that it isn't really dancing with the star's they are on,It was really A trap set up by Buzz from toy story,He got jealous of them so then lied and said that the desert was where it was at,So while they are having fun dancing to win,Buzz is planning to kill them all!!. LOL and thats the end of my lame story xD

  • Yamaka16

    Thats so dum! I dont know why they need to argue over Jasmine toilet,thats her personal space lol.Yeah hopefully those people are very forgiving,mom just better hope that there isent a policy that makes you pay extra for each day that you dont pay them back or its gonna be 100000 dollars! But i dunno the retard hasent replied to my message yet so i aint even gonna worry about him,i got better things to do.But now im just laughing over the quiz i sent you haha it had funny results xD So whatcha up to today sis?

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Haha yeah that wont hurt landon besides hes such a brat he would of just screamed in your ear if you took it anyways.Jaa i heard that you are 96 already w00t! That means only 3 more lvls to go now.Yeah for sure next time when you become a memmy you will get your helm.Jesh i am reading a manga but it isent very good.Im just reading it because i have nothing else to read.I wanna go to the library but Mom is refusing to go since she owes them 5 dollars haha.

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Yeah i guess we'll see,but knowing that loser he would never dump his precious whore.So they will work things out somehow.Aww my poor baby is always being chased down by landon,good thing shes sleeping next to me to hide from that evil baby lol.I dunno im avoiding it now that mister retard is online everyday haha plus i dont have anything important to do on it now that memmys is gone!Jaa you have 1 more day to get 100 points haha you can do it sissy!! Good luck *cheers*

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Haha wow i can only Imagine how bad he was dressed,sounds like he is making up his own styles in clothing now.Aww yes my baby seems to like going downstairs now and it saves us a huge headache of having to run up and down the stairs to get her.Now we just need to get her and tommy to like each other.No clue,that old terd is probably at hooters since him and vanessa aint on the same boat anymore.Jaa atleast we both have our rich items now! *justice!!*

  • Yamaka16
    luv Yamaka16

    Lol thats funny,Well atleast he didnt get a tatoo of nothing dum xD Aww im sure when she gets older she will get out of her baby habbits hopefully,but if mom keeps on letting her play with her fingers i dont know!i have 3mil but retarded bandos when sky high again so i will have to wait and see if armadyl goes back up or not.Ugh thats terrible your chick must of been pretty slow at fishing this time.Ooo yesh it looks like right now you are training your combat lvl,your almost 120 now w00t! Your chick will only be a macho taco.Not much just getting mad at mom for trying to tell me how to raise my own cat....B!!! And i am fishing retarded sharks for nothing now that i cant buy my bandos.How bout you sissy?


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