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Change Persona


10/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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Wallington UK
A day to remember, Blink 182, Rise against, Blessthefall, Green day, Escape The Fate, Sonic Syndicate, Bullet for my valentine, Machine head, Five Finger Death Punch.
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Go to: www.facebook.com/changepersona

Change Persona are a 4 peice punk band from Surrey

Formed in 2007 by current Rhythm guitarist; George Mann and ex lead guitarist Pedro Monteiro, the band slowly started to develop ideas, and gained two band other band members, Current bassist Owyn Chester and ex drummer Luke Naim.

With the departures of Monteiro, who moved back to Portugal, and Naim, who joined the band "Tainted Faith" to play bass; the band was stuck through a period of missing band members and were on the search for people to fill these vacancies.

Energetic Punk band from Wallington, Surrey. Frequently headline local gigs and festivals and have a growing fan base.

The band recorded their Debut EP - "It's Only Natural!" at TFS Studios on the 6th and 7th of March 2010.

The 3 tracks - "Work In Progress", "Useless" & "Backlash" Can all be heard & downloaded for free at www.reverbnation.com/changepersona

BOOKING: changepersonaband@yahoo.co.uk

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Change Persona - Work in Progress LIVE @ Sutton High Street

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  • Rockstock this friday!

    Rockstock this friday!

    Make sure you come down!

    7:00, charles cryer theatre, carshalton high street :)

    0 Comments 204 weeks

  • Getting there tonight!

    Need help getting there tonight?


    Now theres no excuse for not coming down! :P

    0 Comments 211 weeks

  • News!

    Just some new peices of news we thought we may share with you =)

    First news is that we're gonna hit the rehearsal studio a few more times before the big gig (St Hellier Festival June 13th), and last time we practiced there we made some good progress so hopefully the same shall happen within the following weeks!

    Second peice of news is that we've found out we have a 15 minuite slot at the St Hellier Festival, which is good as we should be able to get a reasonable amount of songs down there!

    Third Peice, we're more than likely going to be playing a battle of the bands competetion at Carshalton boys, featuring Tainted Faith, Front Room Massacre and some other bands I cant remember the names of! so make sure you're there to make some noise for us and help us win!!! Not too sure when it's going to be but watch this space for any news on this as we will post it as soon as we find out!

    Fourth peice, we will possibly be playing the hackbridge carnival sometime in June! Dates/times/information will be posted here as soon as any develops!

    Fith peice, we are thinking about covering "gone" by Fuel.

    Sixth Peice, The song from "new riff preview" video or whatever I called it, is going to be named; "Bring me the Summer", and we now have some lyrics and other shiz along with it now so when it's fully polished and worked on expect a video!

    Seventh peice, we may be taking part in a performing musician course to help us improve our band skills even more, which may offer us the chance of gigs and a session in a recording studio!

    Eighth peice, Carshalton boys kindly recorded the audio from the easter concert gig so me may have some audio of that up on the page soon! finally the possibility of some actual songs on the top of the profile rather than just videos!

    And finally, just a reminder that we would like your suport on thursday at carshalton boys xfactor! We know the time scheduling (3:30) is a bit shitty but it would mean so much if you came down and watched!

    See, don't we treat you good!? telling you all of this!

    Much love,

    Change Persona x =)

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  • Fourstringmothaplucker
    luv Fourstringmothaplucker

    WHY YOU TAKE DOWN WHATS MY AGE AGAIN?! :O You guys shoulda kept that song loool i love it <3 :D

  • 7/1/09
  • 7/1/09
  • 6/3/09
  • 5/29/09
  • 5/29/09
  • luv Stephh.

    number one fan (H) x

  • 5/28/09
  • X-Charliboo-X

    heyyyahh hope the band is goin well eres some love from me >> xxx

  • Fourstringmothaplucker

    LOL! :L Dude you dont have to put me as your "ex-drummer" if you dont want to

  • Arron B
    luv Arron B

    when the fuck did u dump robbie and get simon?? =]

  • luv Stephh.

    cppppppppppp :) x

  • Kat
    luv Kat

    nice band- i hail becca moore for being a fan of you =] need to put you as my newly discovered band =] do you have myspace [ as i dont have bebo :P ]? wb kat x

  • luv Stephh.

    wooop :) x

  • Arron B
    luv Arron B

    u guys rocked at the easter concert best thing there :D

  • luv Callum .

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • luv Stephh.

    im coming thurday :) haha x

  • Scottydoo

    lool nice singing George

  • Laura

    LUV IT

  • X-Charliboo-X

    here some luv >>> x