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Mr Ben

text speak is all well and good but sometimes you just need to think first before you type otherwise it makes no sense

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About Me

I don't accept anybody that uses a random google image for D.P
Me, Myself, and I
heyy ladies ;)
i'm Ben if u wanna chat feel free 2 add me on msn :P >>benchope@hotmail.co.uk
Finally An UpDate From Me:DD :L
Well Bens Still the Same Old He Has For The Nearly2Years I've Known Him.And To Be Honest He Means AlotTo Me And Always Will.He Will Always Make You Feel Better And Help you Make The RightDecisions.He Has Made Me so happy and has helped Me Out Loads O Times When I've Needed Sum1.Also He Can Put Up With Me Being Hyper :P And Just Goes Along With It :) You Always Help Me Out Ben And I Can trust You With My Life.I Dont Tell You Enough How Much I Ipricate You And I Just Wanna Thank You For Being There For Me And I Hope we're Mates For Life :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well, what to say about Ben, ;)
he's a nice lad, :D someone you can have a laugh with(Y)
he's a good mate to me! love him too bits! :* always cheers me up when i'm down :) watch out though, he's got a bit of a dirty mind! :P << but he's fun all the same... i'll be off now, ly.xxxx <3
Ben you are an amazing guy&i love you:* never ever change Okay? :/
i don't like your mail but ah well :Z :(
it's Kelly btw :P your always here for me :DD
i can't believe how much I'll miss you when you deletee :'( ,
please don't edit man:B
Scared Of
spiders and ending up single forever
Happiest When
talking to my amazing friends
Teresa x
weel what can ii say bouuh ben he is so amazing like he listens to everything ii say ndd always cheers me up ween im down:D ndd ii can trust him fully with everything ii tell him ndd we can talk bouuh like the stupidest things ever like all day long its great:D he is so gorgeous smart ndd funny like ndd agrees with nearly everything ii say ndd do:DD Any girl would be lucky to have him cuus he is alwaays theer fuur yeeah:* but i'll juus say this hurt him ndd i'll kill yaas:DD Teresa McGinley was here loving ben:* xx
Well! What the fuck can I say about you dude?! I've known you like F O R E V E R and you know fuck loads about me and you've never once judged me! You put up with my random shit that seems to always make you say 'you're mental' my best frienddd haha
You; what?
Hahahahaha! I'm too funny :') you're always there for me, even when I ask you random shit about star wars and stuff and I still don't understand ;) LOL! Much love Stacee'Ann (;
One last thing! 'Hey apple!' 'WHAT?' 'Knife!' 'AHHH!' 'That's gota hurt! Oooh, aah! Hey, hey pear' ;)

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me and my shadow robbie williams

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  • =/

    =/ everyday i think about you, making you happy proving to you that you are the most beautiful woman in the universe but your too damn stubborn believing you don’t need anybody that you’ll be fine by yourself, why do you keep pushing me away? All i want to do is to make you happy and prove to you that love does exist and that you’re allowed to be happy without consequences. I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want you I know your life is full of confusing pieces but I’ve been here for you for 6 years as your best friend so why can’t I spend the future with you as my girlfriend and maybe more? You mean everything to me but when you push me away it feels like you don’t trust me enough I love you and theres nothing in this universe that will stop me loving you.

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  • Comic books to buy

    so folks I'm still fairly newish to buying comic books and all and so far i own all the current issues of the new 52 Action comics, superboy, green lantern, green lantern new guardians, teen titans and the flash but I still wondering what else I should buy as a good read :)

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  • I'm the music meister lyrics

    Then It sounds to me like it's time to rumble

    Indeed but it is you who will take the tumble

    I'm sorry hun but did you just sing that?

    What? Of corse i did NOT, wait yes I DID

    I'm sounding shrill against my will, and cannot stop this singing,
    And in my ears I swear I hear a quite distinctive ringing,
    This silly game is very lame and someone's going to pay,
    An unknown force, but where's the source that has us in its sway?
    Who is doing this to us? And on this we must concur...
    They're dastardly, despicable, disturbingly inexplicable, and imminently kick-able
    That dirty, rotten rat is...

    Put down your arms, my friends,
    Your arrows, guns, and swords,
    Your resistance to my charm now ends,
    When I belt these power chords!

    Good guys or bad guys, it doesn't really matter,
    You are all just slaves to my hypnotic patter,
    As I regale you with my story,
    You'll know you have no choice but to do my evil bidding,
    When you hear this booming voice,

    So, I'm the Music Meister, (He's the Music Meister)
    And everyone just fawns, (He's the Music Meister, and we are all his pawns)
    And so for me it's destiny, to be the maestro of villainy,
    Yes, I'm the Music Meister, and I'm here to settle the score,

    Bullies used to pick on me because I sang in choir,
    But something very strange occurred when I kept singing higher,
    The ruffians around me quickly fell into a trance,
    And it was then, with wicked glee, I made those puppets dance,

    I'm the Music Meister, (He's the Music Meister)
    And everyone just fawns, (He's the Music Meister, and we are all his pawns)
    I'm the Music Meister, crime became my path,
    He's the Music Meister, and we must beware his wrath,

    You better tow the line, you see,
    Because your wills belong to me,
    And now my friends you have the chance...
    To show Batman how well you dance!

    And now that Batman's been delayed, your usefulness has passed,
    A distraction is what I need, so kick into that blast,


    I'm the Music Meister, I cannot help but boast, (He's the Music Meister, under his spell we're toast)
    I'm the Music Meister, I won the day, now I must fly,
    I'm the Music Meister, and I'm here to settle the score!

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Mr Ben says "text speak is all well and good but sometimes you just need to think first before you type otherwise it makes no sense"
  21 minutes ago
me too!
Mr Ben says "online :) "
  4 hours ago
me too!
Mr Ben is friends with <JodieB9287>.
  12 hours ago

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