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Playa J From DaflipFlipskdaz

SquareOff/CoryGunz/Team N.E.R.D. Ski Trip Dec.19-22. Oh yea MTV will be n dere 4 Teyana's party.Get ya tickets NOW!www.MySpace.com/DaFlip314

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  • Male, 24, Luv 92
  • from United States
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: 4/8/12
  • www.bebo.com/FlipSetJay
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About Me

DaFlip/FlipSk8Daz/CloudN9neMi  sfits/HardBodyAffiliated
Me, Myself, and I
(Promotional Use Only!!!)
^^^***God 1st***^^^

You wonder how im facing hard times and im still chillin???.....Eazy let go and let "God" deal with it..
Im a young C.E.O.

FlipSide.ent-This Lable owns DaFlip and we "Seriously" are always in Miami on South Beach with Slip-N-Slide Records..Believe dat!!

FlipSk8Daz-My Sk8 team is just building up right now "I sk8 but not for a profession". Ima make sure my sk8 team gets to where they need to be "DVD and MixTape comming soon!!!"

LadoRevez Clothing-An exlusive suit line (Comming Soon)
"You are only truely free once your mind no longer realizes boundries" (Skate board P aka Pharrell)

"I am the African American Dream" (Diddy)
College Bound:
The Other Half Of Me
So Fuckinq Oriqinal.

So Fuckinq Oriqinal.

You can have whateva u like! lol she holds me down

I respect on the music tip
Slip-N-Slide/We The Best/Def Jam, X.O. and Bud Loc, S.U.A., Official.ent, Flo-Pro, Block.B ent
I respect on the business tip
Troy from Slip-N-Slide/D.J.'s, CloudN9neonline.com Rep B.Stew and A.B. Da Captin of The Flip$k8daz
I respect on Goon Status
B.M.F., BangBangCity, SlutMobb, S.U.A.,
Places i have performed
The Vault, The Pageant, The W.S. Hotel, The African Palce, Mexico on Main, Sally T's, South Beach
Happiest When
Thrown money out the lambo "Lamborgini" wit my team on South Beach in Miami "And we really do that shit!!!" If we could drive lambo's in St.Louis yall niggas would be in trouble..lol.."DaFlip/Flip$k8
 daz/HardBodyAffiliated Fuck Nigga!! aye
My Type
Light skin long hair but a good personality goes a long way
Keep up!!

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  • Paying Homage

    For everyone that knows me wassup and thank for the support but if u dont know me..........lend me your ear for a sec

    Damn where do i start?..................um???...oh yea!...God is good all the time and all the time God is good Believe dat...

    It's been a long time comming with this music situation. Alot of up's and alot's of downs but it is all worth it. I remember it like it was yesterday not having enough money to record in a real studio so me and my Niggas/Brothers from anoter Kevin Wilson, and Kino Malcom we made our own way with tape recorders, low budget keyboards, and kareoke Machines. It was something like kanye West said "They had pro-tools..We had no tools..Kareoke Machines fuck it im Old School". But we made it work because of the love we had for Music.

    But as the years went on into 2003 we were able to save enough money to go buy new studio equipment wit the help of the newest member of DaFlip at that time my nigga/Brother from another Lorenzo Winston. He also helped us get noticed by the Trak Starz which are major producers in St.Louis but they could not help us shine because they had artist of their own to develop. But by me living in Jennings and dub and Zo being in the Hazelwood area FlipSide.ent was well known in both areas then eventually created a band page on Bebo which got our name out everywhare. Thanks to that we have fans overseas.

    But here in St.Louis our buzz began to grow as we hooked up with OutSkirt Records which was owned by Charlie Hustle and Dusten E. They were responsible for most of our shows at places like The Vault, The Pagent, The W.S. Hotel, Club Dreams, and Mexico on Main. if it wasnt for them we probly would not be as far as we are now so good looking out.

    Most people dont know but DaFlip has been through "Hell and Back". It may seem like every thing is all good but we have been set up and even jumped all over this music shit. I dont usually disrespect the ladies but there has been bitches that saw niggas was on the way to the top so they was all for a nigga but when times got hard they werer no where to be found. But through it all we keep it pushing and do everything in our power to stay focused

    Now we are at a point to where niggas are knocking at the industries door and the whole 314/305 is behind them yelling "Let them niggas in!!!".

    I can feel it and so can my niggas/Brothers from anotha (Charles Evans, Kevin Wilson, and Lorenzo Winston) that the game is in trouble once we get in.

    We just recently came back from Miami and thanks to all the promotion we did we actually had fans from all over come up to us and ask to take pics with us. You can see the pics in my photo album "DaFlip In Miami wit Slip-N-Slide Records. Some lovely ladies even made fan pics to show their support and we appreciate all of the love that you are showing us..

    Even Freeway from Roc-A-Fella Records showed us luv down there in Miami and we didnt even have to reach out to him he extended his hand to us and us being big fans of Roc-A-Fella music and ispired by him and his fellow lable mates that was a big moment for all of us.

    The grown individuals in Miami told us that if we were this young and we were down on South Beach in Miami then we were doing good for ourself's and to keep it up..

    But now the grind is about to be harder for my sake, My groups sake and my Moms sake because she lets me know everyday that she is proud of me and if im makeing moms proud u fuck niggas and bitches cant stop me!!!!

    Shout outs:
    Troy From Slip-N-Slide D.J.'s
    Hether From Slip-N-Slide Records
    B-Stew From CloudN9ne Clothing
    Nell From Da3rd
    XO and Bud Loc
    all my Slut Mobb guys
    The Whole J-Town area
    all the ladies who took the Fan Pics
    and the lord for takeing me this far

    \\\***Playa-J From DaFlip/Flip$k8daz/HardBodyAffiliat

    3 Comments 263 weeks

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Jay at the beach (The beach really helps get rid of stress)
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Playa-J and one of the most beautiful women in Miami which is one of our Fans
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DaFlip getting ready to go to the Slip-N-Slide office
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