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  • Female, 22, Luv 791
  • from Where I'm Happy
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Nicole and I are stars. We are currently taking a break from our chosen profession and have taken up binge drinking. Well sort of. It's hard to learn the ropes. Thinking about taking up the recorder to earn my keep. I'd make a killing.

I don't miss Temuka.
...But the people in it are pretty okie.

Christchurch. 09. Architecture Course. Sonoda. FUCK YEAH.

Queenstown. New Years. Amazing. What happened again? Hah.
..Completes me
I Love..
Nicole, Netball, Laughing, Winning, Ice Cream, Soccer, Graphics, Black Forest Chocolate, Caring People, Chicken, Happiness, Shopping, Talking, Funny People, Party's, Alcohol, My Billabong Boots, Clothes, Pink, Skiing, Sophie, My Bach, Memories, Money, Pringles, Holidays, Summer, Love, Cuddles, Friends, Claire, Running, Photo's, Music, My Bed, Jessica, Home and Away, Subway, Label, Spa's, Tekapo, Smiling, Massages, Hot Chocolate, Beach, Chick flicks, Kisses, Shortland St, Hanmer, Roadtrips, Snow, Snuggling, My bed, Ice skating, Mini golf, Personal jokes, Lots of Things ♥ Secret.. Hehe..
Sophie Babe
Your My germany. Missing you like heaps and stuff. Come back and lets party party party.
Sequoia Is...
.. probably the hotest babe out this summer. And, i've got her number. Jealous? Don't be. She doesn't put out:L

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  • oXox0....Boredom....0xoXo

    Can you name 22 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Anyone you"re thinking of, in no order. Don"t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 22 people. Absolutely no cheating and switching positions on the list, either! Ready, Start!
    Now answer the questions according to the names listed below

    1. Claire
    2. Stacey
    3. Nicole
    4. Leah
    5. joe
    6. Jessica
    7. Laura
    8. Dillon
    9. Corey
    10. Sequoia
    11. Ricky
    12. Rhian
    13. Rachel
    14. Mackie
    15. Thomas
    16. Brendos
    17. Amy
    18. Matthew
    19. Arnika
    20. Melissa
    21. Josh
    22. Ben


    1. How did you meet 14?

    2. What would you do if you never met 6?
    Nothing because i wouldn't i known she exist!

    3. What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
    Haha trust me it would never happen! but if it did i don't think i would ever stop laughing!

    4. Did you ever like number 5?
    He wouldn't be my bestfriend if i didn't like him!

    5. Would 10 & 17 be a good couple?,
    haha umm Amy and sequioa haha, ToTallY

    6. Is number 11 gay/lesbian?
    Haha aww i duno.. Na hes not

    9. Do you know any of 2"s family members?

    10. What"s 16"s favourite colour?
    Hahaha its got to be PINK deffently! [pretty boi]

    11. What would you do if 18 just confessed he/she liked you?
    Lets hope it never happens lol

    12. What language does 20 speak?
    English, but when she angry it could be anything haha

    13. Who is 9 going out with?
    ZOE um Fowler? i think

    14. What year is 13?
    year 10

    15. When did you last see 8?
    That would be today, Graphics haha

    16. What is 3"s favourite singer/s?
    I don't know but shes quite good at singing rap lol:P

    17. Would you ever date 1?
    Haha Na I'm not gay.

    18. Is 9 hot?
    Haha once thought he was.. but na just emo now:P

    19. Is 2 single?
    Umm well yesssh Kindof

    20. What is 19"s middle name?
    I have no idea!

    21. Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 1?
    ummmm NO nt in dat way!

    23. Where does 15 come from?

    24. Are number 7 & 8 Best friends?
    Well they are going out.

    25. Best feature of number 10?
    umm Everything! but her hair is pretty cool

    26. What is number 4"s favourite pastime activity?
    umm i know she likes her sport!?

    27. What is your favourite memory of 12?
    Trust me there are no "favourite memorys" lol

    28. Have you ever hooked up with number 22?

    29. What is the funniest memory of 1?
    Haha umm.. Im sure there is a few i just can't think right now haha

    30. Would you ever hook up with 8 ?
    I duno, na probably not! I don't really like chessy pies:P

    31. How old is 17?
    14 i think, yeh.

    32. How close are you with number 2?
    Pretty close we are sleepover buddies!

    33. Would you ever sleep with number 1?
    Hahaha NOWAY!

    34. What"s your favourite memory with number 3?
    I don't no! Probably primary school years haha, the four square one comes to mind lol

    5. Where does 17 go to school?
    Opihi College!

    36. On a scale of 1-10, how cute is number 2?
    She's a girl!!but shes really pretty.

    37. What"s your favourite thing about number 11?
    how he tells me everything at the gym and i mean everything! lol

    2 Comments 325 weeks

  • ..X..x..o..0..o..x..X..

    My BoYfriEnD - Ben Xox
    My HuSbAnD - the one and only david!:P
    My HoLidaY RoManCe -
    My NuTcaSe - the loud n cute Arnika haha
    My TroubLe MaKeR -Mackie
    My BiG BRo -
    My LiL BrO - Fine Corey.. haha
    My TwiN GurL -
    My TwiN bOY -
    My Fav SiSTa - Rachel!!!
    My LiL siStA - my form time buddy sequoia
    My CuZz - HOPE yay!
    My BesT FriEnD 4eVa - JOE!!!
    My OtHeR BeSt FriEnD -my lil daniel hehe soo cute lol
    My SuGaR PLum - SIMON!!! haha
    My PeRsoNaL ShOppeR -
    My FaiRy GOd MoTheR -Wee Stace
    My ShOppoHoLic FriEnd -
    My CuTie PiE -
    My CooL DuDe - Corey! haha
    My ChaTteRboX - Dora (amy)
    My OthEr HaLf –
    My DrinKinG PaRtnEr -
    My Lyf SaVeR -Latoya
    My HuNnY BunNY -
    My RocK ChiCk -
    My SeXc BOi - Alana, Sexy hot bf right here! lmao
    My CLosEsT FriEnD iN thA WorLd -Claire!!!
    My G-uniT - Laura haha
    My ChiCkEn PiE - DILLON ( though hes really my CHEESIE PIE!)
    My Hate buudy- Jenny! hehe love you


    16 Comments 344 weeks

  • i wanna no wat ya thnk :P

    . Why r u doing dis?
    . Am i hot?
    . Am i a flirt?
    . Am I sweet?
    . Am I crazy?
    . Am I loveable?
    . Am I funny?
    . Am I annoying?
    . Am I phsyco?
    . Am I daring?
    . Am I a good person?
    . Am I a good dancer?
    . Am I a fun person to be around?
    . Am I a good friend?
    . Am I always looking for a good time?
    . Am I always looking for an adrenalin rush?
    . Am I horrible?
    . Am I good 2 talk 2?

    10 Comments 356 weeks

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  • Kate B

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CarliKobisxdaec@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Kate B

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  • Kaimai

    I HAVNT TALKD TO YOU IN FOREVA!!!!! How are you hows everything i finish school in 4 days exciting ay im still waitng on a letter btw better late than never!!!!!!!!!

  • -Danii Lovees Kyle.
    luv -Danii Lovees Kyle.

    Hey Kate! Hows Uni? Miss Youu! xox

  • Craig
    luv Craig

    Yay course i remembered :D Haha fantastic i cant wait!!! We need 2 catch up this time yah :)

  • Andrew M
    luv Andrew M

    Im sorry! I just couldn't bare the fact that your like.... So old. 19! Gross.

  • Andrew M
    luv Andrew M

    Oh shit. Happy birthday for the 5th Kate. Sorry. =)

  • Andrew M
    luv Andrew M

    We had a win today! Thanks kate!

    9/2/09 via Mobile
  • Amy Stephens
    Amy Stephens

    What Bitch!

  • Sequoia.
    luv Sequoia.

    Haha, Okay Sure :)

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    It is. On tuesday =) Yay. I am going, and I will try...

  • Sequoia.
    luv Sequoia.

    You Spelt my name wrong lol. Woooh

  • Xxx Brenna Xxx
    luv Xxx Brenna Xxx

    ok cum face no need to get snappy.....now with out gettn angry wat month is your birthday again?? and while were on the subject wat number is it 2??? hehehe calm kate calm deeps beathes!!

  • Xxx Brenna Xxx
    luv Xxx Brenna Xxx

    thanks katie pie im surprized u remembered lol

  • Sequoia.
    luv Sequoia.

    OMg our love quotes. "love isnt easy, but kate is" ;) Love You FB

  • Xxx Brenna Xxx
    Xxx Brenna Xxx

    Mmmmm wonder whos M&Ms those were!!!

  • Ben Watkins
    Ben Watkins

    AHAHAHAH terible kate fort u hate red u dick!!! yeh was fuckn good az scored the winning goal made us 2nd overall. stayn outa truble??