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Nathan Hughes Sdmf

swansea :)

9/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 18
  • from Between My Fears And Dreams
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: February 2009
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About Me

Made You Feel, Like Another Spoke In The Wheel
Me, Myself, and I
Nathan Anthony Hughes
Hello. Hughes here, welcome to the house of fun, if you are taking the time to read this so good on you, *pats on back*, gonna have to put something on here that doesnt make it look like im stalling now then, damn. So, here we go, a little about the Hughes, music is my main thing in life, everything I like doing is music orientated, im not going to preach to be a metal head, as I love many genres and to do so would be a lie, but I am more metal inclined. I prefer acoustic songs at the moment, I love Zakk Wylde, and any music to do with him, love his acoustic songs (hence Spoke In The Wheel as the name), and I believe that most people can relate to the songs, making them the best. Enough about moi though, for those who have gladly read this, you must now read the side little boxes as an extra incentive to like me, well, i hope, anyway, do a little dance, make a little love, more or less get down tonight. Lyrics In Blog
Main One Are BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, huge fan of them so SDMF, Down, Pantera, Necrophagist, Behemoth, anything Zakk Wylde, Pride and Glory for example, Strapping Yound Lad (anything Hevy Devy), Cryptopsy, Newton Faulkner, If You Know Me, U'll Know The Rest.
PS. Yes, I do find Megadeth alot better than Metallica.
Lots of things i hope to accomplish this year, but so far, its been the year of friendship, like the chinese new year of the moonpig or watever, this is the year of friendship in the Hughes Calender, because i have finally founda few people i could really trust with my life, and if it ever came to it (morbid bugger i know), i would. Uni this year i hope, your all welcome down anytime if i get in, love to have friends around, get lonely easily wen theres no one to talk to, its been a bit complicated this year so far, with work and arguements and shiz, but it goes with the flow, its what makes a person, and finally in this section NEW BLS ALBUM OUT THIS YEAR, RAISE A DAMN BEER TO THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont Smoke, Hardly Drink, hardly ever get wasted, but I try my best, only drink for either dutch courage or to show off (admits). 9 Times outta 10 on Fridays and Saturdays i can be found in the Bailey Glas, The Place Where Heroes And Drunkards Are Born, love people with an equal sense of humor, rik mayall, Airplane!, that sort of silly humor, love monty python, and IKE. Usually prefer a quiet drink, but if in someone elses house, i like the loudness, but in my house, i prefer not damage, *cough, beth toaster, rogers and gemma doorhandle, me, garden, dan, garden door, me, microwave... etc etc* oh, and the shower, and cabinets, christ why not the whole fucking house, ah well, good memories.
Extreme sports (well watching, ping pong is as extreme as it gets there, but hey, it was good enough for forest gump), love my music, i prefer accoustic guitar at the moment, but next week that'll probs change again, i can play most of the things i want to play, thats about all really, i think if your gonna play, u might aswell do wat u wanna do, not learn songs from a band you hate just to say you can, i wouldnt call myself a good guitarist either, but i've never minded average-ness. Mostly enjoy the company of friends, hence the alloted time in the common room, maybe i love the sound of my own voice too much, who knows?
Oh Snake! Thou Art God! Coiled Underneath My Throne! {Adam Darski}

Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it.
Think'st thou that I saw the face of God
And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,
Am not tormented with ten thousand hells
In being deprived of everlasting bliss? {Mephostophilis}

If at first an idea is not absurd, then it has no hope {Albert Einstien}

Hate not the weakness, but the chains that weaken you {Flamingo}

Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they can not become conscious {George Orwell}

If the football Association ever found broken glass on the pitch, they would stop us playing here. {Kevin Mummery}
Close Friends
Heres a dedication to all the people that matter most, its not enough to justify all your lovely jubbly niceeness, but here goes anyway.
To Begin, to the guys and girls i consider the greatest people, even if i dont see you guys alot, well im considering you as the closest for some reason or another, must 'ave been summin you've said/done/worn/drank/eaten/hu
 rt/hit/humped. so on, so be glad lol, anyway, Dan, Bec, Beth, Drew, Ashley, all damn amazing, all probably wanna tell me to take this off my page, well tough, your on there for a reason you buggers, so enjoy the credit, you've done something i like, so pat yourselfs on your back.
Last But Not At All Least
http://www.bebo.com/FlamingoMusic Is my lovely musical paradise, it doesnt sound good, but it has heart i promise, means alot to me, as each song represents what i felt at the time, gotta love the freedom of music, no matter how terrible the sounds, it'll sound good to at least one person. and if i can captivate at least one person with it, im a happy man.
So here is to the start of good things, Dan, Beth, Bec, Drew, Ash, anyone else who i call a friend, have a pat on the back from me guys, u've truly earned it.

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Newton Faulkner - I Need Something - Peer Music Version

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  • Phobophile

    In the kitchen
    With a screaming triple amputee...
    Its completion depends solely
    On my needs...
    Said amputee's stumps
    Are my way of saying... "Thank you
    Just for being you."
    Its fear tastes better than it's limbs.

    Terror of morality
    I draw from the slowly dying damned
    Monsters live behind my eyes;
    I let them out and people die.
    And all the grave worms
    That come for their piece of meat?
    I give them dead things..
    The wretched living are mine alone

    Fright mounts with the body count
    To which anthropomancy predicts a decline
    In all of God's creation,
    Can there be a lifestyle that's better than this?

    I mark my territory
    With their blood and excritement
    And adipocere...
    I can find my way in the dark;
    My fulfilment is habitually necromanic
    And anal abusive..
    Seen through the eyes of a mortician

    They've "caught" me, as they call it;
    My teeth and my semen have betrayed me..
    Tests to gauge my rationale,
    The likes of which these feeble minds have
    Never seen.

    Rorschach blotters,
    My responses to which inspire fear...
    From my lizard side,
    The amoral alien speaks;
    "These aren't butterflies,
    I see a face I'd like to burn."

    Of the authorities with lies,
    And my natur
    Alability to charm and be me,
    Or whoever they want;
    I've known all minds by divine right.

    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • Spoke In The Wheel

    Lord, I Question Whether I've had my fill
    Lord, I Question whether I can take much more
    you may laugh as I lay here bleeding baby
    mhmmmmm yeah
    no more afters or befores

    Some day you'll know just how I feel
    you left me there twice before
    Some day you'll know just how it feels
    shattered, cast aside, stripped of your pride
    like you were never nothing special
    made you feel like another spoke in the wheel

    so you say im just another dollar babe
    so you say I'm just another day yeah
    once my blood was strong but now its jaded and its thin
    unlike you I can still tell right from wrong

    some day you'll know just how it feels
    while you left me there twice before
    some day you'll know just how it feels
    shattered, cast aside, stripped of your pride
    like you were never nothing special
    made you feel like another spoke in the wheel

    some day you'll know just how it feels
    while you left me there twice before
    some day you'll know just how it feels
    shattered, cast aside, stripped of your pride
    like you were never nothing special
    made you feel like another spoke in the wheel

    0 Comments 234 weeks

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  • Daniel-DirtPride
    luv Daniel-DirtPride

    hey nath dont forget to text me throughout the work. it can be so boring lol

  • Pantera Addict
    luv Pantera Addict

    Hey Nath! :D Hows life? w/b x

  • Pantera Addict
    Pantera Addict

    I'm alright thanks.. got myself a bf now (Y) I've been hiding in my house for a while xD Not been out alot really.

  • Pantera Addict
    Pantera Addict

    How art though Nathan? Not seen you in a while, where you been hiding? w/b xx

  • Rhys Christopher Thomas

    Umm ... bitching bout u aye ok, no offence but you aint worth my time to bitch about i dun like you its no secret you've hurt gem in the past sumin i cnt forgive you for but im not the kinda guy who will ever tell gem she cnt see sum1 even if i dun like them its her life all i wanna do is be there beside her as she lives it. all she wanted was to be friends with you again, and from wat you said on msn to her you thats wat you wanted. then yesturday you showed your true colours didnt you acting tuff in front off ur friends trying to hurt gem again pathetic im not telling you to stay away from gem not my place its her choice but me and you both now ur not good enough to be anywhere near her!

  • Rhys Christopher Thomas

    Why the add? We Aint Friends

  • Mike Lewis 3/13/09
  • Zoee
    luv Zoee

    Cool ! Good To Hear It Was Fun :D And Shitttyyy. xxxx

  • Zoee
    luv Zoee

    Awesomeee, Have Fun?? Got Hammered Im Expecting Lol xxxx

  • Drew

    lol kool. give me a ring or sumthing when u out and ill try and end my boring routine of sitting around on the computer and join you lol

  • Saz

    its was on the outside???!!!!! omg tom didnt have to clean it up did he?? oh my i feel terrible =/ love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Saz

    i tired to stop myself but i failed eppically >_< haha dan was confused at the fact when i got back in the limo i was laughing haha love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Zoee
    luv Zoee

    Lol Awesome :D Im Ok Ill :( Out Today?? xxxx

  • Drew
    luv Drew

    you no what??? you dun half talk. spent ages reading whats up above lol oh my wonderful world of being SOO FUCKING BORED!! anyway enjoy the prom, if i remembered in it being yesterday?

  • Drew

    ah rite...well as long as u tryed yr best. no worries...im sure ill find something to occupy myself in the mean time lol

  • Zoee

    Coooll I Owe Youu Lovee Shalll Give You It Tomorroww ;]] Howa Youu?? xxxx

  • Drew
    luv Drew

    hey man how r u? how was the interview? give me a ring when u go out next...im bord stiff in the house lol wb

  • Daniel-DirtPride
    luv Daniel-DirtPride

    hello im here now. this odd machine im using is bastard slow. hard to do anything. smoked 12 cigarettes today. also ill be going somewhere for my placement in 2 weeks time. come out saturday. good luck for saturday. saturady...