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cant walk after being floord in football :(

11/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from ludlow
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey, names theo.. im a fun loving kinda guy, always up for shits ang giggles!!! i love my friends and family..everyone knows who they are! my life is all about having fun and making people enjoy themselves.i always have a positive attitude and can find good in a bad situation..like runnin out of toilet role for example...i absolutly love keeping fit! the gym 5 times a week with my good friend oli bytheway and matt*hello chum* clifford...its ace!! i drive a 1972 custom classic beetle...shes fine!! noisy as hell 2...so keep a look out for me in that!!! anyway, if u wanna get to know me for who i am leave me a message or msn me! 07815674496 toodle pip

ta ta!!!
The Other Half Of Me


shes a lil cutieeeeeee :)

i jip her too much..shes really not that bad! kind..funny..and so talkative!!!!!!!lol. she takes the jip well...but never gives any back..exept 4 charles failing his theory! hasnt got a bad bone in her body..exept maybe her penis....
he has giant nipples...like saucers...so ive been told!! i cant take this guy atall...cracks me up by simply saying hello!! has somehow managed to pull( i know)..great gym pal! hes honest..tight with his money...friendly and is great to have a civilized conversation with..yet sometimes can be the ultimate crack..such as in young enterprize!!! is a great man and wouldnt hurt a fly..very loving and very considerate!
cooper...what a guy!!! if u dont know him then maybe u should!!! can sometimes be livid 4 no reason..but thats quickly becoming a pastime..loves his mates like nothing else!!! always willing to help people out..can be rude occasionally..especially if not interested!!! people...dont pass ur judgement till u get to know this guy 4 who he truly is!!
this guy gets me everytime i look at him!! total hunk..he pulls girls like some sort of sport...its no issue...if only he didnt go after 5 at the same time!lol. cracks me up with ludicrous comments such as scorching his bum cheeks on light bulbs! speaks his mind..has no messing!
well what can i say about this girl.....maybe something like help im suffering from a stroke!! she truly is increadibly beautifull and has the personality to match! wouldnt bad mouth any1..always up 4 a laugh..kind sweet...u cant ask 4 more in a woman!
james...the best friend in the world ever..this man would do anything and everything 4 u..wouldnt ever slag u off even if u fancied his sister!!! soundest guy i know!!! hes like a brother to me!
the beetle
1972 beetle..lowered front and rear...custom black leather interior..custom 4 into 1 exhuast..custom chrome and black wheels..custom mirrors..lights...etc etc...my pride and joy..its my life..and chics dig it!lol

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  • SluttBuckett'

    coool that soundss niceee:( naaaa just stayingg wheree i liveee and get pissed i sposeee:L hahaha <3 xxxx

  • SluttBuckett'

    itsss coool :') yeahh sposeee couldnt get any worse could it :L ! yeahh im thankyouu wbuuuurselfff? <3xx

  • Aoife'Baby

    Its Kool :) Yeah Im Good.. Wbu .? x

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Yeahh im good. Are you? i know. Has been years! haha well i duno about that. You still owe me that drinking competition, where im going to kick your ass :P Yeahh work is same old. Yours? Love you lots like vodka shots :) xxx

  • Gemma 5/13/09
  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Sorry Taken Yearrrs To Write Back. Im Good Thanks. You? Yup Job Is Great Thanks. Yours? Just Been In All Weekend :( Been Ill. You? Haha Your Guna Lose Mayte! Wb xx Lots A Love xx

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Hey Sorry For The Late Reply. Never Go On Here Anymore. Im Pretty Danm Good. You? Yeah Work Is Just The Usual. Up? Just Been Working And Getting Off My Face :L You? Aww Hope Your Feeling Better. I Hate The Doctors. I Never Go. Pop A Few Paracetamol. They Do The Job =] I Know. Will Have To Do It Sooooooon. Haha Your The One Thats Going To Be Losing Mate! :L Im Too Much Of A Piss Head. Love You Lots You Beaut xxx

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Aww Dont Get Embarrassed :D Well I Told You That From The Start. Im Good Thanks. Weekend Was Shit. You? Haha, See You Just Cant Handle It! Im hardcore. Oh The Gym Eh. Okay Baby :D Love You Lots Like Vodka Shots :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx

  • Lyd
    luv Lyd

    Round 23? Love you x

  • Lyd
    luv Lyd

    Hello stranger ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Babes Your Gawjus, Check Out That Body :P :P I Would Lol Im Gunna Kick Your Ass To Be Fair.. And You Know It Really. Not Alot. Just Finished Work, Well Late Tonight. Was Not Impressed >:( Love You Fiite :P xxxxxxx

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    Your Fit :P Love You Still Owe Me A Drinkin Comp :D xx

  • Nayy Summers
    Nayy Summers

    ergh too far theo.. too far x