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Jan 25 | me too! | Reply

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I want the D.
Me, Myself, and I

Herlerh. Ehrm Ershlehr, ernh wehrlcehrm tehr mehr behrbehr.



I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone just how amazing Tommy is and that everyone should go and add him on facebook and listen to every word he says cause he's just Awesome like :') he's a babe.
The Other Half Of Me
Anything that tommy listens to is good :)
Definitely not that Skrillex shite.. :S and any dubstep really.. its not even music tbf..
Anything Tommy wants you to watch, his opinions are always the best.
Walkin round town with Tommy..
Scared Of
Not being with Tommy... :/ Not even being able to text him is pretty scary too :S like when he runs out of credit and cant reply to me im like "omg i really hope he still wants to talk and i havent said anything to put him off talking to me :S"..
Happiest When
With Tommy O'Neill, when texting tommy, when drunkenly confessing my undying love to Tommy :') we so coote.
Tommy Muthafuckin ONeill
Awh lord...what to say about this bif ole manly man....
He is fuckin Ah! Mazing for one thing like :D
He is one Sexayyy muthafucka loike...its scary tbh :/
I dont know if I could actually live without him tbh.. :/ he's influenced me in so many ways like... I mean...he avenged my death like :L
Awh, we go wayyyyy back...to like 2 years ago...that first time I ever laid eyes on him in Fuel that time...I knew he was the one like...
The way he was sitting there...with his beautiful long purple hair...sitting with Baldo and Matty...getting ready for a long day up in bundoran...I knew that he was the one...that I wanted to write all this about :L
OMG i just love him soo much like...i even sit in asda sometimes talking to Nunu about how amazing i think he is with him standing right there...he's such a retard like...and he's black...but i dont discriminate and i love him none the less like..
So there it is...I thought i would just confess my undying love for Tommy O'Neill..
Even though all of that was wrote 2 years ago... its still all true :')
Tommy O'Neill
Tommy is beautiful and everyone should adore him as much as i do :) he's so cool i hope he see's this and tells me he likes it. tehe :3

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  • NuNu's hack

            so yeaah..
      i was told to do scuzzes bebo.
         so here goes..

    Long Long Ago, in the year of 1996. Far Far Away In The Land Of Enniskillen. A Young Hobo was Born. Its Name Was Ashley. She Was A Smelly Child Who Grew up in A Chav Infested Town. But it was OK Because that likkle hobo Lived With a Giant. And she had been fighting With this Giant and buit up Muscel. So this Likkle Mofo Really Knew How to Frikkin Punch. O.O . So She Grew Up and Atteneded a School Were they Dressed Like Christmas Trees and Were Taught by People that Simply wanted to put thier devil in you. Ehh Meghan? Anyways.. She Met this other Hobo. Her name was Nunu. Hair as hawt as a fire [aha ginger] and skin as spoty as a dalmation. And she fell in Love with this girl. and They got Married on Ashleys 13th Birthday. And had two Children Bob& Boob. And they Lived Happily Ever After in the Bins Outside Asda!
    THE END.

    0 Comments 178 weeks

  • From the love of your life, Sour puss.

    hay y'all
    Tis sourpuss here, just hacking her girlfriend as per usual
    Hmm, what to write ehh.
    Ashlabear is awesome :]
    we have fun times in town.
    We made up this thing with jay, :L we call it.. *drumroll*
    STRAW. hehe.
    "jesus christ, your such a straw!!" :)
    Hmm, when I was at ashlabears house we slept in her living room and ate sweeties :D
    we then woke up to watching some t.v program. I can't remember what it was D:
    But we sat there eating pringles. :)
    Then we went into town, and ashlabears mum gave josh a lift in too. :D
    And in the car Mark(the bitch) was getting a little angry about his hair not sitting right ahaha, pour soul. :']
    hmm, me and ashlabear got chocolate milkshake in M&S yesterday. :) It was nice, Then we were being romantic (as we do) and shared :D .. with jay.
    Auhh. ^_^ I love my ashlabear. [:

    Best gfs forever!
    ..Scuzz. :]

    0 Comments 178 weeks

  • and more hackings :L

    Lozza Was Here
    On New Years Eve 2009
    I Love You Scuzz


    Hacking bebos is fun :} but when you and michael got to mine LMAO Weasels? Yeah i guess theyre cool alright.. (Y) Listen up KIDS i Love ashley :} She's cool =D Dont you wish you were cool with knobs on like mee Dont chaa (8 ) you ashla-bear twas a crap piece of hacking but worth it xoxoxo Frum.... theee awesomest *drumroll*Louise

    Hacked :] By Lauren :]
    Playing In The Park Like Wee Kids Was Epic
    [Back At The Caravan]
    Sitting In The Living Room, Listening To Bring Me The Horizon's Album Suicide Season.
    Later - (Lauren Puts A Quilt Over Her Head)
    Lauren - Wawoo I Have A Brilliant Imagination
    Ashley - Oh My God Are You In Narnia
    Lauren - No Im In FUEL
    Ashley - Can I Come
    Lauren - Sure.. Why Not
    I Love You Ashley - Bear xoxoxoxo

    0 Comments 184 weeks

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  • Alanahh. 8/25/12
  • Mark Robinson
    luv Mark Robinson

    well this is awkward

  • Nunu.
    luv Nunu.

    well ashley all i can say is.. that lasange must have been good. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay;D happy birthday! + anniversery

  • Dickhead
    luv Dickhead

    Jesus. Love ye too like. But no need to bless the world with your thoughts like :/

  • Kelly.

    ashley bbe :)) miss you!:( <3

  • Paranoid Android
    luv Paranoid Android

    whos in tomorrow ashley i wana gooooooooo!

  • Rachael'

    :B Hows you?

  • Rachael'

    Heyyyyyyy B abeeee :)

  • Stacey.
    luv Stacey.

    Hey gf :D it's been awhile.. :o Seeya in town some time =] xx

  • Kelly.

    iiLOveYOuuSuperLOads ;) :* h3h3;;x

  • Paranoid Android
    luv Paranoid Android

    you took so long to reply i dony know whats going on ...............oh wait the sore teeth poor old ashley :L the other part is still a mystery but si is everything o_O o_O hey you and packy coming to the gig on the 24th?!

  • luv JDee


  • Paranoid Android
    luv Paranoid Android

    he he you big five year old waaaaaaaaaaaa my teeeef hurt. poor ashley well ok im still going in tomorrow for food FOOD SHOPPING definitly the best kind .hey when do you lot finish school for summer? paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacky wheres he hiding :L

  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android

    hey mexican amigo anything going on in enniskillen tomorrow im bored of culchie town ! and potatoes dam them all to hell! eeeehhhhhhhhh lets seeeeee neaaar XD i just went cross eyed sorry

  • Stacey.
    luv Stacey.

    Gf :] i love you tooo.

  • -Tasha Øx
    luv -Tasha Øx

    Hello There :DD How're you?! xoxox

  • Laura Wants Lisa.
    Laura Wants Lisa.

    i lovee yew ashley :DD

  • luv Mark Leonard

    Aww. Poor lil' Ashley. :( Sorry for all these late replies btw. I'm hardly on bebo anymore lol :L

    5/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Mark Leonard

    I shall miss it too. :( Hey hey hey laddd. :L I'm good thanks. You? :) Xo

    5/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Mark Leonard

    Hey lawd. :) Have fun at karaoke? :D


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