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Karen Frew

I just made my very first snow angel! *looks all proud* :D teehee

12/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Rasharkin/ Ballymena/ Galgorm lol
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Me, Myself, and I
Hiii. So yeh, i'm karen... *waves*

> Twenteen + 2 :D
> Open minded
> Addicted to hugs
> Affectionate
> Sociable
> Tells it like it is
> Takes random mood swings
> Indecisive
> Self conscious
> Can be a complete weirdo at times... but cant we all? Lol

Comments make me feel loved *hint hint* :P

Anything you wanna know? just ask :)


26/0709 Off work for 2 weeks, fuck yeahhh
27/07/09 Rain
01/08/09 Belfast pride
03/08/09 Blackpool
28/09/09 My birthday
02/12/09 Clubland live *raves*

All of the above = complete intoxication :D Woooo
Atm im lovin Zebrahead, Simple Plan, Go:Audio & Darren Styles. To see what else i listen to, go here: www.last.fm/user/riotgirl976
& add me if ya want :P
american pie [all], anchorman, baseketball, bee movie, borat, chicken run, dude wheres my car, fight club, FINDING NEMO, freddie got fingered, the hangover, horton hears a who, ice age, jackass, lilo & stitch, mean girls, pineapple express, resident evil, road trip, robots, school of rock, shark tale, SHREK, south park, stewie griffin: the untold story, st. trinians, TEAM AMERICA, nightmare before christmas, toy story
ALCOHOL, animals, BOYS IN EYELINER, boys kissing boys, cheese puffs, chocolate, comical moments, DANCING, drunk talk, eyeliner, FAMILY GUY, flashing lights, fluffy stuff, getting messages, getting paid, gigs, GLITTER, glowsticks, hair straighteners, holding hands, HUGS, ice-cream, internet, KISSES, kremlin, letters, looking at pictures & remembering the good times, PARTIES, pringles, rainbows, sherbet, singing, stars, STRIPEY SOCKS, sunshine, taking pictures, teddies, VODKA, white roses, wristbands
ANIMAL CRUELTY, backstabbers, being ill, being paranoid, being told what to do, bullies, chavs, FAKES, hangovers, having no money, homophobes, judgemental people, LIARS, most food, people cancelling on me at the last minute, people who love themselves, racists, TWO-FACEDNESS
☆Happiest When☆
DRUNK!! i shouldnt love alcohol so much but i do. im not an alco... yet! lol. if you're ever havin a few wee drinks anywhere invite meeeeee *does puppy dog eyes* :D ps. mines a double vodka & redbull thanks ;)
This girl is the most awesomest gorgeous amazing person in the world & the best thing EVER to come into my life... she makes me so happy & i dont know what i'd do without her... Even going one day without seeing her drives me mad! I actually love her to bits & i hope she stays in my life foreverrr <3 xoxox
☆A Tip from Russell Brand...☆
If, during a wank, you start to DIE... STOP WANKING! Don't think, "i've started this wank now... i'm committed to it!" If a tunnel of light appears with Christ at the end of it, STOP WANKING! =D
The Other Half Of Me


I wicker love this wang, shes a bit fit like :D xx

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  • Random quotes!

    Darrell- "You have no ears left!"

    Alan- "Thats quite an erection you have there, oh and its very prehensile i see!"

    Darrell- "I'm gettin felt up! laura touched my boob"
    Laura- "No i didnt! i touched your side!"
    Darrell- "Yeah... my side boob"

    Alan- "I'll fart right in your features!"

    Me- "Stop wankin your bellybutton!"
    Alan- "Would you say that to the president? stop wanking your bellybutton mr. president"

    Me- "You have a goat on your back!"
    Alan- "Yeah, well you have a goat on your FACE"
    Darrell- "Its called your nose"
    Me- "My nose is a goat?"
    Alan- "Really? Thats inconvenient..."

    Laura- "My brother farted in a cup and made me smell it"
    Alan- "Smells like brotherly love..."

    Alan- "Where's my lord of the rings?"
    Me- "Its in your crotchal area... your 'lord of the anal rings' that is"
    Alan- "Is there any other kind apart from like, gummy rings?"

    Laura- "My brother's a squid"

    Alan- "There was once a monkey and he had a bellybutton. i'm pretty sure it was located in his belly."
    Laura- "If it was anywhere else would it not be called the anywhere-else-button?"

    Alan- "That could have been either darrell or laurell ...Laurell? There's too many L's floatin about and not enough names!!"
    Laura- *hysterical laughter* "I'm gunna choke on my gum!"
    Alan- "...Shut up laurell."

    Darrell- "Get out of my house"
    Laura- "This isn't your house..."
    Darrell- "...Go to my house so i can tell you to get out"

    Alan- "Is that right?"
    Darrell- "No, its left..."
    Alan- "Is that SHUT YOUR WISE ASS MOUTH?"

    Tyler- "Furp"

    Me- "Goats are satanic?"
    Laura- "So's your face"
    Me- "Yeh, well so's your VAGINA."
    Alan- "SATANIC VAGINA!!"
    Me- "Tehe, lets make a band and call it that"

    Alan- "Would you like a banana, darrell?"
    Darrell- "I don't like fruit"
    Alan- "Would you like an orange, darrell?
    Darrell- "I don't like fruit"
    Alan- "Would you like an apple, darrell?"
    Darrell- "I don't like fruit..."
    Alan- "Would you like some grapes, darrell?"
    Darrell- "I don't like fruit!"
    Alan- "Would you like a pear, darrell?"
    Darrell- "I DON'T LIKE FRUIT!!"
    Alan- "Would you like some coal, darrell?"
    Darrell- "SHUT up."

    Laura- "A dictaphone?"
    Alan- "What did you call me?!"

    Alan- "I'm gunna chin her"
    Me- "Who are you gunna chin? dont chin me please. you can bum me though."
    Alan- "...Giggity"

    Alan- "You shake like a dildo"
    Darrell- "Screw you"
    Alan- "What, with your dildo powers?"

    Gareth- "What in the name of satan's pyjamas just happened?"


    On the way home from indiana land,
    As we stop outside mcdonalds...

    Chris (to busdriver)- "Would you like anything?"
    Busdriver- "No, i'm fine"
    Chris- "You sure?"
    Busdriver- "No i dont want anything, thanks"
    Darrell- "......oral sex?"


    Paul McC- "I'm like michael j fox in Back To The Future... i dunno whats goin on!"


    Debbie- "Would you please wank before getting into my car... i want to be able to change the gears!!"

    *Exhaust rattles*
    Debbie- "Listen to the exhaust... my car's talking to me!"
    *Fan belt squeals*
    "Ohhhhh even the fan belts gettin a wee word in!"

    Alan- "Fanbelt says relax"


    Paul's mum (to alan)- "Your wee muscle's lovely, son"

    Darrell- "I could bungee jump from my nipple hair!"

    Grace- "Supposedly vaginas are like a wet piece of lettuce"

    Debbie- "Here... nature is natural!"


    Chontelle (about parrots)- "Aye but thats not a bird, its a mammal!"

    William- "Oooo kremlin's next month... you might get a big dyke if ur lucky"


    Jono- "Do you sell toasters? Have a TREE!"

    Alan- "Im puttin my foot down... As from this moment noone spunks in my eyes!"

    Alan- "Fuck off"
    Jono- "Your

    10 Comments 338 weeks

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    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and how did we meet?
    4. Do you have a crush on me?
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?
    6. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    7. Describe me in 1 word:
    8. What was your first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10. What reminds you of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do you know me?
    13. When was the last time you saw me?
    14. Ever wanted to tell me something that you couldn't?
    15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

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    I _______ Karen.
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    I want Karen to ________ me.
    If I were alone in a room with Karen, I would _______.
    I think Karen should _____.
    Karen needs ______.
    I want to ____________ Karen.
    Karen can _______ my ________.
    Without Karen ________.
    My memories of Karen are ________.
    The worst thing about Karen is ________.
    The best thing about Karen is _________.
    I am ______ with Karen.
    One thing i would like to know about Karen is _________.
    Together me & Karen =______.
    I hope Karen never ______.
    I _____ Karen because______________.

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  • :)

    simple pure artistic geniouis ryt there mate :D LOL
    LOVE U


    Nikki 0 Replies
  • yup

    Bang... u sexy thinnnnngggggggg!!!!
    ._...|..____________________, ,
    ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = D
    .....), ---.(_(__) /
    ....// (..) ), ----"

    Bang Bang

    You have been shot by the sexy gun...

    Anna 0 Replies
  • xXx lovelovelove
    xXx lovelovelove

    hehe <3 speaks for itself :D :D

    Nikki 0 Replies

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  • Lauren Scott
    luv Lauren Scott

    LOVE YOU FREW! <3 xoxoxoxoxox

    11/4/11 via Mobile
  • Christine

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on MaryaliceOrmistonduccz@hotmail.com  , its her msn messenger name

  • Christine

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  • Brian Houston
    Brian Houston

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  • Xx -B Xx

    Okies will do :)) Oxoxox

  • Xx -B Xx

    Yea jades been askin if im havin a party soo guess il hve to to keep them all happy :L , i want to party wiiv Karen!! :DD Oxoxox

  • Xx -B Xx

    ino :O and its my 18th and i dnt even know wat i want for it :( ahh well sure ill think o sumiin :L , wat u doin for yurs??? xxxxxxxx

  • Xx -B Xx

    @_@ no big brother is crap :DD thank yu :) so is urs ;o :L Oxoxox

  • Xx -B Xx

    AWWW Karen how lovely of you :D nope jus makin edits :DD you?? Oxoxoxox

  • Darren McDowell
    Darren McDowell

    hey thanks for acceptin me hows u xo

  • Xx -B Xx

    hello my gorjuz karen :DD u'll prob never be on bebo to get this :L but sure ill leave ya a wee comment to remind u tht we still love yhu :DD aneways gimme a wee shout bak wen yer on again !! byes !!! :* xxxxxx

  • Xx -B Xx

    OMG!!! u just reminded me lol yea i do tha cleavland show starts too :DD lol yea i did say ur name!!! :L was all i cud fink of!!! :DD x I x I x

  • Xx -B Xx

    Karen!!!!!! xxxx xxx xx x :DD

  • Carlo
    luv Carlo

    wots up wit u karen i didnt walk by u lately lol

  • luv Xx -B Xx

    Awk thanx <2010> finally xxxx xxxx

  • Xx -B Xx

    awww bless!!! I lov da snow tho i havnt buried ali yet so my lyf ambition is not yet complete lol xxxxx

  • luv Xx -B Xx

    Anoo ragin lol Yes darling i have lol its snowin lol!!!! xxx

  • Xx -B Xx

    Dude iv gone black!!! xxxxx

  • luv Linzi.

    Ooh thanks for the wee bitta red stuff :D ha yea just remember your older lol :P Ooh I do believe we passed with flying colours haha :D everyone can breathe now lol :) xox

    12/17/09 via Mobile
  • luv Xx -B Xx

    Yeah!!! they ma lil formal pics haha. Today was da worst day ever!!!!!!!! lol xxxx Love x