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Heya Dudes

4/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 27, Luv 51
  • from Sherman Oaks Newyork atm
  • I am Seeing Someone
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  • Last active: 12/26/09
  • www.bebo.com/MaryFullerOlsen
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I was born in 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California to David Olsen (b. 1953) and Jarnette (Jarnie) Fuller (b. 1954).

In 1987, the twins started their acting careers on the television series Full House. They were hired at the age of six months and filming began when they were nine months old. The show was widely popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Ashley Olsen my sister played the same character, Michelle Tanner, taking turns during the tapings to do so, in order to comply with strict child labor laws regarding child actors. For the first year, Ashley would cry when she was brought on set to do a scene, so mary kate (me) had more screen time in the first season.

Because the producers did not want viewers to know that Michelle was played by us, we were originally credited as "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen", but in the last season and most of season one, they were credited as separate people.
By the way ive had atleast 7 other bebo acounts but they all got hacked by some people now they are claiming its there acount i promise you guys im the real mary-kate i had to make a new acount im going to add more pictures i need to update them feel free to add me as a friend and send comments i wont alow horrible comments. You Can send nicee comments on my pictures. ThankYou for reading this Goodbye and have Fun
Add me on msn olsensistersrule@hotmail.co.u
I have accounts on other networks as well, here :
send me it please also
add me as a friend

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  • Me and my covergirl magazine .x

    febuarby 11th

    i was cover girl for the March 2009 issue of Interview magazine and boy is it ever stunning. The photography is by Craig McDean my reminiscent of a futuristic ice queen.

    Febuarby 5th

    I was graces the March 2009 cover of Canadian magazine FASHION. My copy arrived today, so, of course, I immediately sat down to read it!
    The interview with me was very short. They chat about how busy i am, and about clothing lines with Ashley and how the pair of us work together to oversee.

    febuarby 2nd

    I think I might die of excitement. on March 2009 cover of Canadian fashion magazine FASHION. Being Canadian, this is huge. It’s especially nice because FASHION, while a decent magazine, rarely scores A-list celebrities for their covers. I don’t think much else could say “fashion cred” than by putting me

    0 Comments 223 weeks

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Kris Wrote at 05:04 pm on Apr 19
heyy supp i got ur comment
Mary-Kate Wrote at 08:17 am on Apr 19
Kris Wrote at 07:35 am on Apr 19
Kris Wrote at 07:31 am on Apr 19
Mary-Kate Wrote at 11:26 am on Apr 11
Heyah People Feel Free to send a comment <3

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  • Me & Ashley.x
    Me & Ashley.x

    Hey im mary-kate as you can see
    and i just felt like doing a little drawing
    im quite an artist haha not really

    Mary-Kate 0 Replies
  • Hiaa

    thank you people
    wannabe my friend
    im totally in love with fashion,
    cd's, movies, acting and make-up

    Mary-Kate 0 Replies

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  • Pakreece Kennedy
    Pakreece Kennedy

    my mums jewish.....

  • Bethybby
    luv Bethybby

    Hey you Long time hey how's ur msn lmoa I MADE it everone coz I'm the best did u have a NYC christmas doll tapp back clove j want it bk :p

    1/13/10 via Mobile
  • Beth.

    Heeeeey !! Yoou okeeey ?? happy new year :) xx

  • Chantal Feyt
    Chantal Feyt

    NNDB claim (Ashley Olsen is religion Christian-Anglican/Episcopalian). NNDB did not write Ashley's Jewish. They trust

  • Chantal Feyt
    luv Chantal Feyt

    I thought it was Ashley that send me the message. HA HA

  • Chantal Feyt
    luv Chantal Feyt

    How are you? :) I want to be friend Ashley? I live in Worcester, South Africa

  • Chantal Feyt
    Chantal Feyt

    Ashley become Jewish? It is true? I am religion Christian-AGS

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    ha ha.....thanks for being cool with us

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    & a marry drunckin christmas....

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    love shack.....! thanks darlin

  • Chantal Feyt
    luv Chantal Feyt

    Thanks for add me :)

  • luv Miss.Damika Mitchell

    I where in kirkwood

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    did you really....? i dont belive it....... but shore im fine my computer broke so i had to get a new one. so it took me a while......sorry but your doing well at fashion is good & be good to your lil sister for us whole lotta love.....!

  • luv Miss.Damika Mitchell

    Hi take your twin be my friend bebo ashley Olsen

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    oh my.....what a my goddess dus is der wonder buzz from de toy shop

  • Beth.

    goood (: yeahh im gr8 thanks hunie :D awh pkey dokey spek soon 8) xx

  • mary-kateandashleyonline.com 6/7/09
  • Beth.

    heyaaa :D you okeyy ..? x

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    so you guys are acting & fashion ambassadors....cool i draw & fix up art works for my dads shop in Sydney i just change the back ground color on most... its easy.....but fashion is heaps cooler that's for shure. but i didnt know uni has fashion degree's 3 years of beading & knitting......nice

  • Pakreece Kennedy
    luv Pakreece Kennedy

    you guys still in collage....? we call it uni in Australia...... but you make movies right.....?