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- Lovees Anthonyy

wtf. bebo is so shit ! :L haha

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About Me

ie LOVEEE himm like craaazy , nawt being wth hmm is TORTURE
Me, Myself, and I
← |♥| i Love Anthony Sengchansavang

|♥|`he's my husband ,
       my hunny ,
        my life ,   
          my everything .
           my entire world & being
             i love him dearly ,
  by miracle he loves me too , nw and frever my one love <3 - uo find th one in timee bt hw du uo noe if he is THE ONE ? .. - uo dnt . Bt uo tke a chancee n pray he is & baby i dnt need prayers (yn)


|♥|whr tu beginn , SHANE bouuy me n uo is cool likee thad , whr sdil bsdiess aa heart yeaahs ? uo sdill mean alot tu me no mattr wht we go thru uor always thr fr me , love uo bouuyy ;) !


8) ANTHONY SENGCHANSAVANG uor my hunny nd ie lovee uo , soo much . im glad uo came into my lifee nd happy to say thad were sdil gnna try nd mke ths lonq distnce wrk . babyy its only 2months (: i lovee uo long timee my darling

The Other Half Of Me
NA-B Eighteen C Seven

NA-B Eighteen C Seven

he stole my virginity .. but i labelled it as RAPE

Anthony Sengchansavang
i love you hun haha we finally hit 1month i love being with you and i love spending every moment with you...idk wht to do when your gone and with owt your company your fun to be and around with hun

TAGGED ON DA 14/2/2010 :)
|♥| an me babyy . :* thads al my life is fr , me n uo til th end , wht els culd ie ask fr ? .
   hunny uor a RANGAA buh uor my ranga :P :P .
   uo lovee eht no denial .
    tel uo wht tho ? . ie noe hw muhj uo love ths bats . uo noe    ALLL TH KINDS of bats ayy hunn ;) il get uo wun coz uo jst love thm ,
      cnt frgt th poles eithr ;)
♫ Miss Shon Teeassiiee uo bidchh gousz ! lol . dw hoe il se uo soon
       i sure LMFAOO !
Bsdiee !  |♥|
♫  Ling Ling is MINEE ! sh's suhj a rebel nw i swearr !
       buh sh lovee th op'Cays n DANNGG
  uo shuld see hw mny bouuys shs gt baarkn up hr tree ;)
WOOF WOOF ! aii Chii WAWA !
Buddy ! |♥|
♫   Ajayy Niqqa ! il get uor FORCES soon , if nawt il hit uo upp wth thad $50 lmfaoo .  
eh ? |♥|
♫   Someoness gt thaa LOY ?  8) - kool kid
   Zalaa Suckaa ! - black Afrikaa !
      Gurl uo soo BOOTY-ful
ie Lovee uo |♥|
  ♥Mahal Kita ♥Nere Maitea
♥Te Arohanui


close My Best Friends

- Lingg Lingg

. LING LING MAN ! Yuoo get wsted easy ass gurliee ! Needs tu GROW SOME BOLOS ! . Naa waay .. dnt go LADY GAGA ON ME ! DDDD:

. imock him OVERLY tuu much .. buh hey .. wht can i say ? lmfaooo . he loves the attentionn . bouuy dnt get a big head ayy asian ! lol
Mr. sengchansavang ! .. ( did i spell eht right ? )
hes hektik mad and has ONE connection ! lol . ahuh i went thr ! lmfaoo . shot fr th MOVIES !

`·.¸.Anthony Sengchansavang ♥
lovee youu

. the best cousin EVER ! sh can sinq like a superstar ! && DAMNN SHES TH SEXY BITCH ! DAMMNN GURL !

. Black Bitch bouuys . shes my BLACK BABY ! i love her soo MUCH ! .. and thats a WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN

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  • .P R I I
    luv .P R I I

    hi kiss kiss how are you sorry no time no talk :( so are you coming to nz anytime soon.............?

  • NA-B Eighteen C Seven
    luv NA-B Eighteen C Seven

    aww baby i love you heaps...ill do whtever eht takes just to be with you :D love you

  • Cle
    luv Cle

    For my niece xo wad a yous upto hows fams?

    11/15/10 via Mobile
  • Cle
    luv Cle

    Love you you beautifull aunty lovesu :*

    11/8/10 via Mobile
  • Cle

    Hey girl. dont no if we cooming up. but we so wanna come over for a holiday. but hope we do come over dec.. please! haha Miss nd love you all

    10/13/10 via Mobile
  • Teri Zealandia Eruera
    luv Teri Zealandia Eruera

    hey necie misn ue hurry uhp and cum down love ue

  • Teri Zealandia Eruera
    luv Teri Zealandia Eruera

    aww wish ue were hea tell me all about ehtxox miss ue heaps

  • .SkewL.Boy.
    luv .SkewL.Boy.

    sup my cuz miss u man just do u and ur mum ae man just keep moving and moving all the time man just really sick of it ae say hi to ur mum and little sis for us miss cuz

  • Cle
    luv Cle

    Hey niecee, how are you? Havnt been on this in ages. Miss nd love yous all. Hows things going? Love sugar x

    9/15/10 via Mobile
  • .SkewL.Boy.

    hey cuz fetch cuz a heart

  • Teri Zealandia Eruera
    luv Teri Zealandia Eruera

    Xo_0277753060 Thank you are you coming down for christmas.guess wat we have our disco ting tonight wish you were here.lol miss you_xo

    9/2/10 via Mobile
  • Freelykabutterfly
    luv Freelykabutterfly

    Heloo darliqn mss u mj wen u gna km bk my nece watz ur diqitz privt msg t 2me k luv u my darlinq

    8/31/10 via Mobile
  • Teri Zealandia Eruera
    luv Teri Zealandia Eruera

    hey necie miss ue to bits i wish ue were here. Hurry up and come back.guess wat me and da girls went to wellington.

    8/30/10 via Mobile
  • Freelykabutterfly

    Hi my darln nece hw u n mani n mum? Im dwn souf in motueka thtz by nelsn cm dwn hea 2c my godawta styn hea 4 3wkz unkl solo aht hm in wely tho luv u darln nece mssn u hepz 2

    8/28/10 via Mobile
  • .SkewL.Boy.
    luv .SkewL.Boy.

    shot cuz me got nathin 4 my birthday but ill feel better now. mizz u heaz a heart

  • Freelykabutterfly

    Aw helo my darlng nece luv u 2 mss u hae wts ur landlyn il gv u a kal 2mrw fm myn im on da phn nw

    8/18/10 via Mobile
  • Inspire

    hy hu ths x

  • Shontel Latoya Browne
    Shontel Latoya Browne

    :) wassssup couuus ? hooows life ? :D

    8/18/10 via Mobile
  • .SkewL.Boy.

    hey cuzy mizz u and say hi to the rest of the famz got a face book

  • Purple Bannqer
    Purple Bannqer

    heeey?? cousin wat chu ub too??