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About Me

livє foя noтhing oя Diє foя Soмєтhing
Me, Myself, and I
When does a man die?

Namikaze Minato stared uncomprehendingly as the whisps of the shinigami's presence trailed like tendrils of chakra along his wife's cheek. It hurt to hear her body wracked with sobs as the blood poured down her chin.

Is it when he is shot through the heart with a pistol?

By the Yondaime’s decree, the tattered remnants and a handful of jonin pulled back to protect the civilians. There were no reinforcements left.


Minato looked down at the whimpering bundle ritualistically surrounded with the lines of shiki fujin's seals. He momentarily wondered if Jiraiya-sensei would be angry... but it was his son. He would die, everyone would die if their hokage failed.

When they are ravaged by an incurable disease?

Blood spurted from the wound and Namikaze gently stroked his wife's cheek as the Kyuubi roared in terror, its soul being torn apart.

No! It's when...they are forgotten!

With a gentle laugh, the Hokage died as he stood impaled upon the claw of the dying nine tailed fox. And nobody would forget the Yondaime Hokage.
The Other Half Of Me


Do we care what life we lead? Fuck no. The Student

Years Active
Rioshi, Creator of the Final War, Revolution of Souls, blah blah blah. I just love writing, I'm constantly active, and I'm ruthless in getting what I want.

Still Active, 2002-2013
Right of Conquest
Over a Decade. Years, not of experience, not of change... but of being the only one left. Always here for when my friends need me, watching hundreds of rp'ers come and go. . I keep fighting, and getting better so I don't shame the memory of those I've fought with.
Know Your Place
Fair warning, I change constantly. If there's a roleplay or character you'd like me to be, ask. You wouldn't be the first, and you won't be the last.
And Shut Your Face
No racial slurs. No derogatory comments. No arrogant dismissals, and treat my friends and I with the same respect we give you. Do that, and we're chill.
Who am I?
The Conqueror. Royalty; ruthless and radiant. Egotistically evil or generously good. But mostly amused and toy with people before utterly crushing their existence. Depends on my mood.

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    Okay, so: Bebo's looking like its going down, inactive, and frankly even having site problems while they go through bankruptcy. And really, I dont wanna just forget about you all.

    So Ive been researching, testing out TONS of sites from wattpad and a couple others, getting advice from those like my students and kinda doing a bit of activity checks by request for people like Flawed.

    Roleplayer.me was a bit inactive, but seemed to work. Tried advertising, but in the end...just not enough kick in it for my tastes. Considering my taste for killing and really, half of you already know what I can do... does that really seem like something you'd want? Clairvoyance didnt seem to approve, so I checked further.

    Ironically, it seemed the roleplay alternative for .me seemed to be worth the trouble. I can't say it looked terribly impressive at first compared to half the site designs we worked with, but really, did bebo look as impressive on their signup page.

    Not likely.

    So! Here's what Ive found that made it worth my time.

    Got over a hundred messages in my inbox there in under three days of joining, over fifty friends in just that duration, and if you code your own profiles you can get the novella/multiparagraph rp'ers-

    They even have genre searches, online searches, and roleplayer writing level searches- ex, the way to differentiate between one liner writers and paragraph hoarders. Even coded communities, groups you can make into their own websites, and complete control of coding to make your page appear the way you want.

    And if the coding is annoying, just let me know. I'll help you make your own if you can't figure it out.

    But! As it stands right now, its our best option, activity wise. And from what I've seen there are some great people there- writers who could give many of you a new, unbridled challenge.

    Give it a shot. And when you do, give me an add.
    The Magnificent Bastard

    Good examples of top tier roleplayers there:

    0 Comments 3 weeks

  • Setting the Stage

    A good roleplay is a stage.

    Come again?

    Yeah. You heard me right.

    You are writing for yourself, and for your readers, a stage to showcase your roleplay. If you're gonna pull your magic, you gotta use misdirection to get things through against the readers who may not be thorough. In long term fights on the highest level, a single detail between pages and pages can be the difference from life and death. A hole or a wound getting through can kill.

    Second, you gotta have a cast. The npcs, the characters around you arent there for show. Interact with your audience and interact with the characters in your roleplay. Morale could rise them against your foes, and all it takes is one chef's knife, or a backstab from a friendly npc to take out a foe who is dedicated to fighting alone.

    Third, you gotta use your script. If you're planning on winning, don't just rely on a single attack. When you're giving someone the curtain call, make it doubtless exactly who won. Save up every sleight of hand, every tool of the trade, everything that could possibly kill them and unleash it all at once. They may dodge a fatal blow, but they can't dodge their environment, your allies, your weapons, and still come out unscathed. Really, you want to make sure it goes without doubt exactly who is the main character.

    After that, you got it in the bag. And don't get discouraged by the length of the play; the show must go on. They get wounded, their reaction time is going to be slower and every hit, every attack, every time they draw breath you're going to be one step closer to victory.

    That's about it, just sign the autographs and congratulate your opponent. One thing experience has taught me, regardless of the outcome you both write cause you love the rp. And no matter who wins or loses, there's always another story.

    Have fun, and try not to get killed!

    0 Comments 7 weeks

  • What You're Missing.

    So many people wonder. They gasp. They moan, they sob, they cry their little hearts out. And why, I wonder. Why are they so terribly sad, so mouthwateringly tempted to be here, when it is so... heartwrenchingly inactive for them? There are so many things they're never going to see!

    See, people leave thinking their friends lists are empty, or real life's coming in. But they get addicted to the quality of bebo you can't find anywhere else, and come back thinking other people have stuck around, or older generations have returned. So they disappear in a little bit, not realizing other people aren't there because they're doing the same thing!

    Honestly? You are missing out on the most unbelievable things! You may not realize it, during those moments you come on and off, like an addict saying 'oh just one more time', but... bebo's actually more active than ever. It's cool. And I can understand why you'd be skeptical. But these things you have to work for, and if you don't at least add new people... there's gonna be a whole world you've left behind.

    There's a lot you're missing. In the last couple of months I've bantered paragraphs with an axe crazy bunnygirl cannibal. I've traded pages and pages of mail with a paper angel. I've crossed swords with a Hydralisk named Ben, eaten a feast with Shakespeare and debated naughty lists with Santa. I've had the pleasure of seeing a madman compare his character to a virtually abusive husband he can't stop going back to, had tea with Alice in Wonderland, and frantically run for my life against a Tank and a Witch in a left for dead roleplay.

    I've clashed with Quincies, beat in a heroic spirit's skull with a bat, compared philosophies with Alucard, and gone to an Assassin's Creed style Masquerade in Venice! I've met people who I haven't seen in four years! I've contrasted pet names for Chaotic Gods, ripped apart an ancient cathedral demon, and seen those commanded entire legions and fleets to scour the universe!

    Roleplay... isn't a job. It's not a display case, nor is it a constant labor of Hercules. It's a fight, its a pleasure, its a script you write yourself for the most damn impressive show the world's seen! You are the actors, the surprise guests, the epic storyline of your life is out there, waiting for you to seize the moment and walk out on stage while the world trembles with awe! GET OUT THERE! Nobody's going to write your story for you, but they don't need to. You'd write it far better than anyone else- and the more you roleplay, the better it will get.

    Vincent will keep on shooting! Flawed will keep on cackling with laughter! Naoki will keep spinning rasengans! Misanthropy will plot! Clairvoyance will keep searching for one piece, Legacy will keep conquering worlds, and Rioshi... heh, Rioshi will just keep on doing what he does best! It is what we make of this world, this drawing board, this god damn universe of rp that truly makes us great!

    Its just what we do, what we write, the very story we tell! You just... gotta stick around and see for yourself!

    3 Comments 30 weeks

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  • Naruto Custom & My Disappearance

    After years of being pestered about this, since I had some downtime- let's face it, I was fairly depressed. After hours of writing, and suddenly everyone in the Pirate's Festival was either giving up, or like Clairvoyance-boyo, had become disinterested or disheartened in continuing.

    So, after...

    Rioshí 8 Replies
  • Killing Time and Heroes (1hr challenge)

    So, challenge this time was to take a character I haven't roleplayed before and defeat it's archrival. The one chosen was Link, for me to kill in one hour (ten minutes extension allowed for settling any death or escape scenes during defeat) after making the character. I made it, and meh, went ab...

    Rioshí 3 Replies

    Look. Love the Usual Roles. Really. A sakura/alucard/ichigo! Ooooh a Batman: Joker! Gasp! MINATO?!?! Gee Wilikers, Batman! I mean, it could only get less varied from he- Oh my gosh, is that a ... Sasuke? Hinata? NARUTO ROLEPLAYER?!?!?! WOW! D:

    But when you get another every....day....o...

    Rioshí 5 Replies

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    what consoles do you own?

    I have been fine busy at work and getting back into Doctor Who

    Jun 27
  • . Sozo-Elephvnt
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    - Something like that. Keeping at it as long as I can. People are saying this place is on it's final legs which saddens me deeply. I love this place so much.

    - Sounds like you've been having fun. Which sounds lovely. Aha.

    Jun 27
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    YO, Ol' Buddy ol Pal. Where the hell is a place that I can get my roleplay fix that isn't dead?

    Jun 26
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    yohay, hello! I wanna tell you something!

    Jun 26 via Mobile
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    Jun 26
  • Naoki
    luv Naoki

    Ahh well i guess this site cant exactly be running at a profit lol, considering its basically just us RP'ers left on here & idk about you but ive never exactly donated towards improving bebo xD Well i know you wont make one but my Face book is Damon mc Dougall, other than bebo & fb im basically a ghost online, should of seen how fucked off some gang members were when they were looking for me, changed my fb to flareon & just like that Damon disappears xD uhm ill make some sort of new email hotmail etc etc account just incase they do delete bebo

    Jun 26
  • ' Façade
    luv ' Façade

    No idea.
    I will wait until bebo stops being a pain.

    Jun 25
  • Tomomi Nishizawa
    luv Tomomi Nishizawa

    thats good to hear

    Jun 25
  • '- Vᴀsᴛᴏ Lᴏʀᴅᴇ
    '- Vᴀsᴛᴏ Lᴏʀᴅᴇ

    Why would I even suggest tumblr as an RP medium? It's just as bad as roleplayer.me using myspace as a base.

    I'm sure I'll find somewhere at somepoint.

    Jun 25
  • Naoki

    Wait what? They are shutting down bebo? Like for real this time? Ill write it up when im on a pc & link ya.

    Jun 25 via Mobile
  • Naoki
    luv Naoki

    What can i say, you just missed us :D

    A blog? Whats this nonsense about moi construction a blog??

    Jun 24
  • ᴅᴇsᴄᴇɴsᴜs ᴄʜʀɪsᴛɪ ᴀᴅ ɪɴғᴇʀᴏs
    luv ᴅᴇsᴄᴇɴsᴜs ᴄʜʀɪsᴛɪ ᴀᴅ ɪɴғᴇʀᴏs

    I tried to add you a long time ago. Still waiting on that acceptance.

    Jun 24
  • '- Vᴀsᴛᴏ Lᴏʀᴅᴇ
    '- Vᴀsᴛᴏ Lᴏʀᴅᴇ

    Rocky talking? Check the Video Box. Roleplayer.me isn't that great a site. Been there for short few months, nothing happens there either, just some idiots frolicking around looking for some cyber.

    Jun 24
  • Tomomi Nishizawa
    Tomomi Nishizawa

    Hi there how are you doing?

    Jun 24

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