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Air Gear

Agito/Akito is the man!!!

5/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

We are not open
Me, Myself, and I
The First Air Gear Roleplay Site

As Roleplaying is evolving we only thought that we might bring something new to the table, Although it will take some time and a lot of work I and maybe a few will create Roleplay for Air Gear Fans and soon to be avalible professional Air Gear Race`s and Matches.

-We will be under going several improvements and we will work hard to create something that might put a new tide in Roleplay. Hold on as this is going to get Advance.

-Soon there will be crew`s and a Date Base on who is who once we get enough Air Trek riders flowing with us. Air Gear is never going to be the same on bebo.

Looking for Members and Creating the Basic Area...

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  • The Teams

    Perfect by Perfect
    The teams here have signed up and joined in the Ladder. No chance of only sticking to the Teams in the Actual Manga/Anime, here you can have a mixture of Riders to fully have fun...

    Team Seto
    - Ratio
    - Static
    - Garth
    - Shante

    More are to be added once we start...
    0 Replies 217 weeks

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  • Parts War; Battle Rules


    A-class: "Balloon" - 5-man teams fight it out to reach the balloon first
    B-class: "Disk" - disk keeper must try to score points by advancing into the opposing side's goal while the opposing side defends and attempts to capture the disk
    C-class: "Air" - contending teams try to knock off each other while standing atop poles
    D-class: "Cube" - pitted one-on-one fights in separate areas
    E-class: "Hurdle" - jumping over objects or buildings
    F-class: "Dash" - a race against opponents

    - Different rules will apply to you depending on what rank you are
    -The speed and techniques all determine on the character you are using.


    Speed Limit:
    A T`s no matter what design have a Max speed of 85Km, Temporary speed boost like going down hill and such only increase gradually and start to slow down to go back to the regular of 85Kms when you are on a flat surface.

    Note Extra`s
    -Time/Space Actions(Such as Kazu ETC) which will make Rider temporarily invisible is nothing than bending light in a small room, Or in a open area will only increase your speed to a point which will make the Rider invisible, I will call this move Boost and you all must call this as shown the rider pushes pressure upon his toes which will charge the Max Speed and temporarily boost you to 250Km for about 3 seconds and then you rapidly slow down to become visible...

    Beginner Riders [F-Class + E-Class]
    ● F and E Class riders can only perform basic AT moves.
    ● Beginners cannot perform Air tricks or long jumps

    Average Riders [D-Class + C-Class]
    ● D and C class riders are able to indistinctly perform more advances AT moves then Beginner riders but their moves are lower then B and A class.
    ● Average riders are allowed to perform Air tricks and are capable of longer and higher jumps

    Experience Riders [B-Class + A-Class]
    ● B and A class riders are capable of performing advance AT moves

    ● Kings are able to perform highly advance AT moves.
    ● Over use of regalia will lead to major leg injuries (if you are the Thunder king then you’ll suffer more then leg damage)

    {More rules will be added in time}

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Air Gear AMV - Breathing

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  • Tyler L
    Tyler L

    cool page

  • Jonalynn Smiley
    Jonalynn Smiley

    hi new here So wat do we do here?

  • - Kiyomi
    luv - Kiyomi

    seems like this group is put on hold once again.

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    -I hereby drop my name out of this group. I am finally doing what I told everyone I was doing. Retiring.

  • 6/1/09
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    -When I was ignored the way I was; I'd rather not.

  • Perfect

    "Aw man...." -[Hoping out of the fountain as his pride and confidence washed away with the first of the pure liquid made contact with his pale skin. His wet At`s wet he would land on the solid concrete land moving slowly back towards the building as the water in his At`s started to sizzle as his blades Regalia came into fold.]- "Alright.....(Cunt face)" -[Saying under his breath thinking he was quite far awat from the shark, His school uniform soaked and his beanie soaking up a liter of water. Placing his fingers upon his beanie he would pull it off his head and throw it upon the ground. Kazuma has several of those beanie`s.]-

  • - Kiyomi
    - Kiyomi

    > The Fang kind remained standing in his position, leaning on the wall as he watched Kazu plunge into the water he created a massive splash and Agito closed his eye then released an annoyed sigh “ a fucken idiot” that is what Agito thought about Kazu at the time an idiot to have slipped and fallen into the water that was only waist high. He opened his eye and looked over at Kazu standing in the fountain < “Fuck. you got to be kidding me!! Get back up there and do that again” > Agito spoke with anger towards Kazu, he had became annoyed seeing as how he tends to have a very short temper compared to Akito. Agito looked over at Sora and smirked as his eye brows narrowed. The fang king spoke once again < “How the fuck should I know where that stupid crow is”

  • Perfect

    -[Hurling and spinning he would indeed be in some trouble as he was heading towards a fountain, Biting his teeth he would accepting his childish ambitions and would land face first in the water fountain. He would plummet making water fly the only part not in water was his feet.]- -[Opening his eye`s under water he would see he was alive, But his next problem was he didn't have any air noting as he slurped in a mouth full of water. Kicking about he would raise from the water now only waist deep in it spitting out the water.]- "Well....That sure was close....Right Agito."

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    - -

    The ‘world’ the two though they were in, was not truly that. They were in the virtual world again. In a place that looked more like what they have in their backyard. How were they to notice the difference though.. As soon as Agito spoken out, a spark flew from a building near by, as someone jumped down, and skidded across the ground causing the sparks to fly in all directions. This person stopped, and it was finally clear to make out who it was. Sora, the Wind King, but it was not the form they have seen in the real world. It was his former form. When they could finally identify him, his lips parted softly, as he began to ask them something, “Where would your little ‘Ikki’ be at this time..?”

  • - Kiyomi
    luv - Kiyomi

    >On the firm ground leaning against the wall of the building Kazu jumped off was the Fang king, Agito. He stood there with arms crossed and a smirk upon his lips, his head tilted slightly as his eye was watching the boy make his jump and the attempt to grab onto the pole. Agito knew that his attempt would fail but he decided to watch what the outcome would be and see if his prediction was right, for a slight moment Agito thought that Kazu has succeeded but it was just a false alarm. Agito lowered his head for a moment before raising it to look at Kazu, the smirk remained to his lips as they parted and he spoke < “What the Fuck was that”

  • Perfect

    -[Atop the roof top a shady figure would emerge like a jet plane and would soar though the air his arms spreed like a plane and keeping his form in a streamline position, A grin was upon Kazu`s face as he was intending to grab the pole he was moving and decending to.]- "C'mon...C'mon...I can do it if Ikki can......." -[Extending his arm as he was drifting to the side his hand would latch on but un-expectedly his hand slipped as he put to much speed and velocity into the jump making him flick of it like a match stick falling of the side of a desk.]- "Shit!!!...."

  • - Kiyomi 5/23/09
  • - Kiyomi
    - Kiyomi

    Lol easier said then done :L :L have you done the mapping??

  • Perfect

    Sure lets do it buddy.

  • - Kiyomi
    - Kiyomi

    well we need to find more Air Gear Role players. so we can start building up the teams

  • Perfect

    Yes...Now lets see what we should do...

  • - Kiyomi 5/22/09
  • - Kiyomi
    - Kiyomi

    woo we have Ikki back xD