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Missing Kids

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About Me

Have you forgotten me?
Me, Myself, and I
This page has been set up as our YSI project. We are doing our project about missing children in Ireland and also that are being trafficked.We are trying to raise awareness about this topic because not many know about it and it is such a fast growing buisness,destroying so many childrens lives.So PLEASE add our page and leave us a comment about wa u think or even if u have any ideas for us.

Child trafficking can be in the form of:

Child Soldiers
{Human mine detectors,Spies,Lookouts}

Sexual trafficking.

{Forced to work extremely long hours,with little or no pay,in dirty,hot,conditions}

Organ Trafficking
{Taken for the use of their organs,hearts selling at one point for as much as 50,000 dollars}

Drug Mules
{forced to smuggle drugs around the world}

Help Stop This Modern Day Slavery!
You can start by simply spreading the word!

48 children went missing from the eastern HSE region last year, and 40 are still missing! And these are only the ones that were reported! And in 2005 the HSE reported that at LEAST 20 children had been traffickes for sexual purposes. And between the years of 00-07 441 children went missing and only 35 have been found.
The director of childcare, Marian Quinn, said on the 13th of January 2007 she was unable to say how many of the children were still missing.
Irish Law
In Ireland a child has to have been missing for a minimum of 24 hours before a search party can be organised. Within thes time frame the trafficker/ kidnapper has the oppurtunity to remove the child from the country or even kill the child
Project Freeze Frame.
Patrick Street.
Wednesday 29th.
From 2pm.
Dublin RDS.
Wednesday 6th

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Blarney YSI 08/09 "Child Trafficking" Movie

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  • 19 women and children killed for ORGANS.

    Noida: No posters, banners, rallies or speeches. None of the usual poll humdrum is visible in Nithari village near here. Its residents say they are a forgotten lot but for the macabre killings of 19 children and women that keeps the place in the news. An urban slum on the outskirts of Delhi, Nithari is part of the Gautam Budh Nagar Lok Sabha seat, which is among the largest constituencies in Uttar Pradesh and will go to polls May 7. But most politicians are not coming here.

    Ram Kishan, who lost his son in the Nithari deaths, said no candidate had visited them to seek votes. "They only rushed here after the serial killings of our children and women were exposed," Ram Kishan said.

    "Every party and politician - Sonia Gandhi, L.K. Advani, Mayawati and Mulayam Singh - has cheated us with false assurances and promises. Sonia Gandhi promised us money, Mulayam promised us jobs but till date, nothing has happened," he said.

    "We have collectively decided to boycott the polls," he added.

    "Even during the assembly elections two years ago, we did not see any politicians reaching out to us. They basically confined themselves to urban areas in Noida, probably they did not want to face the anger of villagers over the Nithari killings," said Ashok Kumar, a villager.

    Nithari shot to notoriety when the remains of 19 women and children hailing from the village were found in a drain behind the Noida bungalow of businessman Moninder Singh Pandher in December 2006. They were found to have been sexually abused and murdered, with Pandher and his domestic help being the key accused.

    The families of victims say politicians don't bother about them as most of them are migrants from places like West Bengal, Bihar and other parts of Uttar Pradesh and therefore do not have voter cards.

    "No one approaches us as we don't have voter cards. So we do not matter to them," said Pappu Lal, the father of one of the deceased.

    The political fight in Gautam Budh Nagar is between Ramesh Chand Tomar of the Congress, Mahesh Sharma of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Surendra Singh Nagar of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and K.K. Sharma of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

    But for the nearly 2,500 voters in Nithari village, the main contest is between the BJP and BSP.

    "The village is mostly made up of Gujjars and Brahmins. Gujjars, some Brahmins and other castes are supporting the BSP's Nagar while the rest of the Brahmins are in favour of the BJP's Sharma, who is also the owner of Kailash hospital in Noida," said Satish Chander Mishra, a social activist living in Nithari.

    "People in the village give votes to those candidates who promise to protect their illegally encroached land. Law and order or better roads are not the issues here unlike in cities," Mishra added.

    According to the villages, so far no one has bothered to come and seek their votes except Nagar.

    "Nagar along with some party activists came only at the invitation of our village head. He was here for a brief while, met some people and left," said Ashok Kumar.

    Villagers believe there is another reason why politicians do not come visiting. Said one, "Prominent as well as local leaders think this is a jinxed village." (IANS)

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    Slave traders are trafficking boys ranging from the age of 12 to 16 from their home countries and are selling them to cocoa farmers in Cote d'Ivoire. They work on small farms across the country, harvesting the cocoa beans day and night, under inhumane conditions. Most of the boys come from neighboring Mali, where agents hang around bus stations looking for children that are alone or are begging for food. They lure the kids to travel to Cote d'Ivoire with them, and then the traffickers sell the children to farmers in need of cheap labor (Raghavan, "Lured...").

    The horrendous conditions under which children must toil on the cocoa farms of the Cote d'Ivoire are even more jarring when the facts are juxtaposed with the idea that much of this cocoa will ultimately end up producing something that most people associate with happiness and pleasure: chocolate. The connection serves to illustrate that the existence of misery in one part of the world and joy in another part are no longer divorced as nations are connected together in a globalized web of trade. Thus, the pleasure that people from various nations around the world are deriving from these chocolate confections could possibly be at the expense of child slaves in Africa. The problem of child slavery then is not simply a faraway abstraction with no immediate implications for anybody else except those who are directly affected, but rather it is an issue that everybody around the world should be concerned about and demand action to eradicate.

    Although news of child labor abuse in Cote d'Ivoire has only recently garnered public attention, these situations did not arise suddenly. Many interlocking factors have contributed to both creating and perpetuating conditions that have led to this form of modern slavery. In order to better understand the situation, this case study will explore the different aspects of Ivorian child labor and the cocoa trade. The case study will begin by providing an overall review of the problem. Afterwards, the case will examine some of the causes and effects of the situation, as well as efforts developed as a response to the abuse.

    Human Trafficking and Slavery in General

    In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly defined human trafficking as "the illegal and clandestine movement of persons across national and international borders. . . With the end goal of forcing women and children into. . .Economically oppressive and exploitative situations for profit…"(UNICEF). Although most people may not be aware that in the 21st century slavery still exists, reports declare that the number of slaves at present is the highest it has ever been (Free the Slaves). Presently, about 700,000 children and women are trafficked around the world annually. The UN says that profits for this trafficking amount to approximately $7 billion a year (Anti-Slavery International).

    Slavery, the Cote d'Ivoire, and the Rest of West Africa

    A UNICEF study reports that 200,000 children are trafficked yearly in West and Central Africa. The trafficking occurs across many countries including Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana. Some countries are mere transit points, while others are either the suppliers or receivers of the children (Salah, p. 3).

    In addition to the nations mentioned previously, two countries that are especially implicated in child trafficking in the cocoa trade are Cote d'Ivoire which is the receiving country, and Mali which serves as the supplier. Cocoa farms in the Cote d'Ivoire are violating children's human rights in two ways: they are involved in trafficking the children and are also the site of forced labor (Save the Children Canada).

    There are about 600,000 cocoa farms in Cote d'Ivoire (Child Labor Coalition). Estimates of the number of children forced to work as slaves on these farms are as high as 15,000 (Save the Children Canada). In addition to the very illegality of trafficking and hiring children workers, the implicated cocoa farme

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  • Child Trafficking

    The sexual exploitation of children is a horrible crime and violation of their human rights. Sexual exploitation can be non-commercial or commercial:

    Non- commercial
    eg: in-family abuse, rape, pedophilia and forced marriages.

    eg: prostitution, sex tourism and pornography.

    An estimated two million children are currently enslaved in the global commercial sex trade. An untold number of others are sexually abused non-commercially. Most cases are not reported or prosecuted.

    Sexually exploited children are severely wounded physically and emotionally. Many acquire diseases including HIV/AIDS, and experience rejection by their families and communities in addition to fear, shame and despair.

    Thailand, Cambodia, India and Brazil have some of the highest rates of commercial sexual exploitation of children. But it happens in all countries.

    Childwise estimates that 25% of sex tourists worldwide are Americans, including U.S. military personnel overseas.

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