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Lil Green Patch

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  • App created: January 2009
  • www.bebo.com/app-greentrees
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About This App
By planting fruit with your friends you can help us all make the world a greener place! As well, we'll shortly be launching some fun gaming features to constantly keep you entertained while doing good!

Our sponsors contribute money to save the Rainforests as you use this application. After expenses we will donate revenue to funding a portfolio of reforestation projects. Thanks for joining us in this mission! We hope you have fun!

The most recent donation was made in December, 2008 to the Adopt An Acre program of the Nature Conservancy. To learn more about this program, please visit the following address: http://www.nature.org/joinanddonate/...

The (Lil) Green Patch community, working together, was able to save 96,124,167 Sq ft of Rainforest so far! We are very excited about our progress and are confident we can make an even larger impact in the future!

See the donation here:

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  • by MaEbbelle awwwsome ;)
  • .K.K.P. by .K.K.P. lol
  • XxnicholaxX by XxnicholaxX this is fun
  • Rebekbok Kendall by Rebekbok Kendall Its boring to play!
  • sillylindsey97 by sillylindsey97 i love it i guess...........
  • by Defying Gravity Love it! Fun and eco friendly
  • by XxLauraxx it's ....
  • Michael by Michael hehe
  • Lizzie Cornelder by Lizzie Cornelder keep getting an error..gonna remove it shortly
  • Addie by Addie it looks hott
  • by Hollister i love this app. but you cant see the plants, && now it wont let you on it. wtf?!?! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • by Andrew hey my names andrew and i really like this app alot .and sometimes i view it over and over again.when im on bebo i jest review because i like alot.some timews i gorget to reveiw which i finnaly reviewed.plus i like the gx of bebo and other things like that.the color green iz my faver color so i jest might look at again.if you can view it urself then do that pleas or give me luv please.i really like luv for for my page cause looks real nice.when ever you wqann a give me luv jess go write on ahead olike my moma use to say or do.aswell u can view my page or give a commet.this is o special because its my favrite colors.the coolor green suits me best sometimes hwenerver i need the color greeen the most.thats my review.
  • Zoe XxX by Zoe XxX Dont know why!!!
  • Breeanna by Breeanna I <3 the Earth!!!
  • Siopekakuoiaa by Siopekakuoiaa its a good thing
  • by Pam This is a wonderful way to save the forest xoxox BUT WHERE ARE THE PLANTS my garden looks very sad without the lovely plants all its got is the gifts from everyone. Thanks friends for sending me gifts to make my garden happy
  • Super Star by Super Star this is awesome thanks 4 this app!!!!!!!!!!
  • by XxShivvyy Luvs Hardcoree Xx Awesome
  • MOney Over War Mi Say by MOney Over War Mi Say hi_b
  • Holdolpol' by Holdolpol' bobopip

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  • Betty Crossan
    Betty Crossan

    betty can you answer my Q thanks.

  • Betty Crossan
    Betty Crossan

    same question it is not coming on my page y

  • Betty Crossan
    Betty Crossan

    lil green patch is not coming up un my page why?

  • Luella
    luv Luella

    hello my frieind out there dose any one want to help try and stop global warming to save human rights amd save the children and animals too

  • Achol
    luv Achol

    watup hw yo doin :)

  • Lucas A
    luv Lucas A

    wow still not fixed this has been broken for ages

  • Mark Jr. Holland
    Mark Jr. Holland

    still not workin . should i remove it or r they goin to fix it ?

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson

    is it just me or can any 1 get this 2 work on bebo works fine on facebook shame cause its a real fun app

  • Change The World
    Change The World

    I like youre site and message i hope you like mine too plz join my group (:

  • Harriet Dallaway
    Harriet Dallaway

    it dosent work any more and i used to luv going on it fix it now please

  • Waxer


  • PollyMitchell-

    im deleting. its been too long. im all for saving the rain-forest but this app is a waste of time.bye'#x

  • Linda

    this app doesn't even work any more.... used to use it all the time now ill just have to delete it as its gone to hell

  • Debbie

    Why can't you make this app work?? >:(

  • Summer Bubba
    Summer Bubba

    This app doesn't work here on bebo guys. but it does work on FACEBOOK!!! LOL Sorry guys...yeah...:P Its a great app on facebook and works fine there. :D

  • Midnight

    sorry your app is been deleted off my page as it not worked for months now good bye

  • Susie

    THAT IT YOUR DELETED .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!! I really enjoyed this appt. but it has not worked for wks..... Save the rain forest, I think not :( :(

  • Jazlyn M
    Jazlyn M

    my keeps telling me to try again....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  r................ I am on the verge of deleting it! Please FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca Lambe
    Rebecca Lambe

    im saying this 4 EVERY1 now... sort out the app... do it quick... cos we r all getting REALLY annoyed by this... do it now...