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It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world -

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now with 20% more unicorns
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Breeze,. I'm 5ft somert I like to be random and crazy most of the time. I love Japan. I like taking many pictures and I truely love photo comments so leave a bunch of them. I live in england. I love hanging with my friends. I got so many hobbies and I'm quite interesting once you get to know me. All of the people who have come here to talk trash, I once again say and I mean this in the nicest way, get the fuck off my page :) Thanks.
Mighty Boosh???
The walls are full of cracks, the cracks are full of strangers -trying to guess my weight

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  • sonngg by julian

    I'm a real gangster - See this hand is a gun?
    And I got a camera in my other one
    "What's the camera for?" - Shut up Doris
    It's a secret you dumb wench I will tell you in the chorus
    I'll shoot you day or night - Shoot anything in sight
    Shoot your whole body or I may just aim and focus tight
    Action means run - Cut means you're done

    I'm gonna shoot you with a camera, a camera not a gun

    It's a really good pun - It's a camera, it's not a gun
    Don't eat a hotdog bun - It's a camera, it's not a gun

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  • Dave

    :)) = Dave

    nice :]

    0 Comments 195 weeks

  • To do list:

    Go to alton towers
    watch everything is illuminated
    ride the pepsi max
    Get a bbycks t-shirt
    have a go at surfing :]
    make a tree house
    frolick in a cornfield (;

    4 Comments 201 weeks

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She is very 'normal'
wait thats not right. She is very not normal. ah I see.
She like's stuff
She doesnt give ben a hug :/ she's scared of him

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Louis Spence - Pineapple Dance Studios Montage

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  • Nobody.
    luv Nobody.


    a chav gives you love bro.

  • Ady Bro Xx

    OMGG this webbsiite is messing up right this seconnd and givingg out iipaaadsss 2 to every1 for FREEE, i just got one delivred yesterday!!! quick look here http://apps.facebook.com/listofprodd...

    6/6/11 via Mobile
  • Jade
    luv Jade

    Breeeeeeze I'm great(; you? long timeee ;3 xxxxxxx

  • luv .

    im ok bored of bebo just a little bit

  • luv Owl.

    'ello i do NOT look like harkat! OMG grubbs gets lycanthropy OMG OMG!!! who does dervish kill? i want to know. and you already told me that grubbs kills bill-e. anyway, i figured out that HARKAT MULDS spells out to be KURDA SMALT!!! i found that out when i was reading lake of souls and they found the teeth of the panther with harkat's name on it. DUN DUN DUN!!! O: besides, you look like arra sails goodbye dead vampire (: xxxxx

  • Owl.

    hello. nyaa ^_^. Janne here telling you what to do incase of fire, theft, robery or too much sugar in your tea! ^^l Strawberrys are an excelent sorce of red fruity goodness.. ^^o and coconuts taste like drain cleaner.. I have no idea of what I do or why I do it, just that baked beans rule my world with a wierd beany fist or tastyness! Zugo .. its my secret name, a cat called Puss gave it to me, he's 11, purple and has one eye! I watch fuzzy duck shaped clouds in my spare time. And count the days until my dog eats them ^^) bye, bye Beaa >:]

  • luv Owl.

    Happy chinese new year

  • Owl.

    lol! In reply to: "Someone totally just drove through the Burger King drive-thru and ordered a Krabby Patty. Epic lulz were had." by Nyaa .

  • luv Owl.

    happy valentines day Bea! :P PERCY JACKSON! MY NEW BAG

  • Chloee. 2/13/10
  • Owl.

    I second that! In reply to: "today was awesome" by Nyaa .

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    howz za monkeys stranger happy valentines day xd

  • Olliver.


  • Jade


  • Chloee.
    luv Chloee.

    Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! hi :D how are you? x loveyouuu!xx

  • luv Owl.

    hello m'dear. how are you on this fine, yet suspicious day? why is this day suspicious? every day is suspicious. haven't you ever realized? :P weird convasation. now you give your half of it, pwease. plus i'll give you love if you give me it back. :D bye then m'dear? :o

  • Chloee.

    i'm good.x

    12/20/09 via Mobile
  • Chloee.
    luv Chloee.

    hey, how are youu?x

    12/20/09 via Mobile
  • Chloee.
    luv Chloee.

    thankyouu..x loveeyou

  • Facebookerxx 12/19/09