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Isshin Kurosaki


10/4/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Travelling so can't sey
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My Timeline

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"The Best dad their is"
Me, Myself, and I
My name is Isshin Kurosaki you most likely know me as Ichigo's great dad well thanks if you do i used to be a Captain way back in my day and i'm proud to be a father now instead i try to keep my children under control so forgive me if they miss behave being a single parent now shamefully fter my wifes death (sob) i live on an strong so my kids stay happy and i'm there when they need me.I'm always up for a challenge i keep my kids alert with new moves i create but they seem to be getting quick thats the Kurosaki way and i'm proud.
Good Job Kurosaki family
i Love these things
+My kids
+And annoying my family for fun.

Watch out Ichigo your training has only begun with me

My past
My wife was killed by a hollow during the time my boy was young risking her life to defend him she had been killed and from that day on i swore i would defend my children as much as possible
What i like doing
beating my son and teaching him to keep his guard up
Strength in close combat, agility, flexabilty, and smart most of all ^^
My overall goal
Making sure my family are at there best
Happiest When
Knowing i've taught my son and daughters the best things most o all
+Dad_Danger+ when OOC

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Tonight tonight tonight - Kurosaki Ishin

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  • Kurogane

    Well what can i sey about myself I'm Dark haired, Tall and Slender well built in masculinity and was first scene ontop of a building with my Fathers sword "The Silver Dragon" in my hands. It's my most prized possession and has to sacrifice it when i'm sent by my Keeper and Queen Princess Tomoyo to help Sakura get her thoughts back with Fai and Shauron. I'm what people sey a wise and quick person good with a sword and I will challenge anyone in a fight and not back down from the challenge I'm quick to annoy and temper but am still a kind hearted person.</b></i>

    I protects the others like a older brother and i shamefully always arguing with Fai for the silly comments Fai seys about me such as Kurgy poo and Big dog.. If you wanna talk i'm here to be spoken to wanna fight i'm up for it wanna be a wimp and just annoy me piss off

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    sure, if you could send me a starter in mail <3

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    Hello I'm Shiroka nice to meet you, if you want to roleplay I'll be happy to send the starter.

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  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel sighed softly as she looked towards the male. She would only attack if he was to attack her first but she knew the shinigami was her enemy. Well you are my enemy not unless you attack me i will attack you.

  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel sighed softly as she had heard the male say he was a shinigami. She had new something was up with his spirtual pressure but she never guessed he was a shinigami. Yes i heard you say you where a shinigami.

  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel blinked as she looked towards the male in slight surprise. She could sense something weird from the males spirtual pressure but she never thought that he could have been a shinigami. So your a Shinigami then?

  • -Lal Mirch

    She sighed softly as she would accept the offer on the drink. She nodded as she looked towards the male with her green eyes. A cold drink would be nice thanks.

  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel sighed as she didn't know what to do. She would have loved a break but she wasn't sure if she could trust this male or not. Its okay i'm fine.

  • Stagnation XD
    Stagnation XD

    I would love to role-play! ^^ Would you mind sending a starter though?? XD

  • -Lal Mirch

    Yes i noticed but i wasn't going to do anything i only attack people when i have to. She sighed as she wasn't going to do anything to him. Not unless he had attacked her then she would attack back. Harribel was the type to only fight if she had to.

  • Stagnation XD
    Stagnation XD

    Thanks for accepting me add!

  • 石田 雨竜- Ishida Uryū

    "And also the reason you're my only friend.."

  • luv '-Fox

    ╚►►FOX◄◄╝ thanks for the add (:

  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel could see there was an akward moment of silence between them. When she seen the male hold a garden rake in front on him for defense she rose her eyebrow slightly as she wondered why he was doing this. What are you doing?

  • 石田 雨竜- Ishida Uryū

    *he sighed, wondering why he even put up with Isshin, taking one and lighting it.*

    4/19/10 via Mobile
  • -Lal Mirch

    Harribel sighed softly as she still had her arms folded. She could see how cheesy this male was and it was kind of annoying her abit. I wasn't even going to ask you on a date.

  • 石田 雨竜- Ishida Uryū

    A vein pulsed in his forehead. "I am not moody! Anyway... Why are you here...?"

  • -Lal Mirch

    I sensed something about you thats why i came here. Harribel sighed softly as she looked towards the male as she still had her arms folded across her chest. She had came to this male as she could sense something strange about his spirtual power.

  • 石田 雨竜- Ishida Uryū

    "Wasn't it you who scared him away? If I'd opened the door to find you I'd slam it shut." Obviously irritated, he insulted back still acting calm.