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Gerry Wrenny Balls

the mau5!!!! legend

10/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

and what??
Me, Myself, and I
me and me baba:) I lawff thee!<3

yup d fuk rianer
keep it up o'connor
start me belly
i love you twara
shut up david
ur gay pady
will ya ride me aoife?
whats the FUCKIN story
any yokes
thats all i say all day every day
The Other Half Of Me
'Tara O'Connor

'Tara O'Connor

i lawf her (: xxxxxxxxxx

tiesto, calvin harris, david guetta, faithless, prodigy, dead
 mau5 freddie corsten alex kidd benny bennasi
dumb and dumber
AoiFe RoChe
This girls is only the maddest bastard goin she loves me shes in deniel and im (having none of it;) ) ehh so much ta say..SuPa FLy cHicK <Pussy Pallace2k6> geeeeeerrrrr stooooooooppppp:) she was only bukeled at daraghs party fukin lap dance nal i got:) ..she hates me 1 minit loves me the next??? ciaran mc riandhall still thinks shes me g/f!!...ehhh how about next halloween;) ??.... love ya bud XXXXXX
jessica mc donnel
Casper, jennifer. wat eva d fuk ur call urself...she was me first crush!! hahah..box a milk trays in 3rd class anal she got...(wa can i say i was a charmer den still am nw:P )...d last time i met her she had a whoper long and hard tounge 3rd worst meet ever.. hahaha bu neva d less i love her:P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mizz oconnor
My beautifuil girlfriend, I love her wi all me heart, shes the best thing that ever happened te me, she is the most annoyinist person ever bu ya havta love er.. i love you twara :L xxxxxx
daragh belly:)
no this cunt fukin years love d prick:P ....
chillin here wit um nw sipin ona bud light (haha)he made me say dat....
his mas an animal ye gta love er:) ....
susan <respect>.....

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So's your face

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