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be what you wanna be, not what others wanna see.

7/25/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

● friends.
● hugs&kisses.
● parties.
● laughs&smiles.
● adventures.
● photography.

19th march!
^ remember that bitches!- i want a card through my door.

when the earphones are in the music goes wild8) .
contact me?-
msn- crazypwincess@hotmail.co.uk
facebook- chelsea mogg
bbm - 22705D82
Hacked By The Bestest ♥
right.. you!
i'm guuna keep it short.. but we do have some good times.. and some bad times.. like when we were younger i can remember no one would do anything but just say something to you and then you'd run in and try and get us told off :L that was funny bleess ;) but now i am like your biggest bestest sister :) and i am always here for you chels through thick and thin no matter what..
need a chat always here..
have great memories together and that's all i'm guuna say because got soo many :)
love you chelsi ♥
from lovely laurenie :DD

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  • Loves , Likes + Dislikes

    1. i love him.
    2. obsessed with Relentless.
    3. love football.
    4. obsessed with vans.
    5. love my laptop.
    6. love jodie cordner.
    7. love kayleigh parker.
    8. love girls.
    9. love boys.
    10.love drpepper.
    11.obsessed with movies.
    12.doesn't like teasing.
    13.doesn't like players.
    14.love friends.
    15.doesn't like girls that try to be something they're not.
    16.doesn't like people who say they're fat when they're not.
    17.hates stuck up bitches.
    18.likes being happy.
    19.doesn't like being upset.
    20.doesn't like being angry.
    21.loves her bed.

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  • Chelseamogg.

    be who you wanna be, not what others wanna see<3

  • Kayleigh Parker
    luv Kayleigh Parker

    hello my beautiful bestfriend;) now your sitting opposite me but oh well;) yes your erm too cool:/ nah i joke:3 yes your arse is amazing;) loveyouuu<3

  • 'Lauren.
    luv 'Lauren.

    i have only just realised there is a little bit about me on your bebo, and the hack i did like AGES ago. LOL. good times, good times. loveyou.

  • Lucie
    luv Lucie

    hello sexual im fine and yourself i know aint be on it ages ae :L ILOVEYOU:D ! <3 (luv) <3

  • 'Lauren.
    luv 'Lauren.

    Well I am sorry for not seeing this. Thank you very much, you can have some of mine back. :) x

  • 'Lauren.

    heey good. lol i think i know what you mean :L

  • 'Lauren.

    hello chelsi i am ok thanks you? nothing much you? xx

  • 'Lauren.

    oh right ok lol x

  • 'Lauren.

    chelsi. you say you havent seen daaaani in ages. but you were with her yesterday?!? lol x

  • Georgiaa
    luv Georgiaa

    Heyyahh I Gott Youur Commenntt Thankss Babbee I Finkk Wee Relatedd Distantlyy ,, Mee N Shara Aree Cousinss Soo I Thinkk Wee Aree Andd Wee Bfflls ! Forevvaa Noo matterr Whatt ILOVESHARA! WOOOOOO :p Havee Sommeee LOvvee

  • -Sophiee.
    luv -Sophiee.

    awww that picturee is really preetyyy :B i knoww i haventt been doing muchh mums ill, soo am i :Z but dads off for 2 weeks so hopefully wee'l go out. im not at sads tonightt so i wont see you there :( havee anotherr redd bloob [rednose] hiiiiiiiiiiiiii <- from ian :D byer x

  • Chicks Before Pricks
    Chicks Before Pricks

    hiya do i still rememberwat i dnt have a clue wat you are talkin about bbe nout much havin a laugh you love yazz

  • -Sophiee.
    luv -Sophiee.

    hello chelsii cheese puff :D imm booredd asweel sorry if i thought it wasnt u last night, but youre not normally typing likee thaa. neverrminedd. howw aree youu, wubu2. havee a red blobb aswell. [rednose] tapp backk

  • -Sophiee.
    luv -Sophiee.

    helloo wuu2? im sooo boredd can't wait till tonightt and saturdayy 8)

  • 'Lauren.

    yeah i know now lol.

  • Lucie

    Helloo Babes Im Having a Great Tym In Greece Im On Their Computer Right Now Lol Couldn't resist

  • 'Lauren.

    and still, i am living in sutton!

  • 'Lauren.

    chelsi i aint moving that far away :L

  • E
    luv E

    Heyy thankz for all the photo coments (: sorry for the late reply lol its been a busy week!! how did you bikini thing in suttton go? love you hunny x love returned x Ellie x