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Dante Kenshin Rinesparda -UkeSeme

Herro herro herro! How is everyone is fine hot day/night?

Jul 14 | me too! | Reply

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Let's Rock!!!!!!! And eat pizza.. mmmm pizza
Me, Myself, and I
Name: Dante
Age: 21
Sex: male
Race: Nephilim

{{Brown hair with slight tints of white. denim black long coat with white shirt and jeans.}}

Playing as three charicters. Dante 'ダンテ', Lea/Axel 'リア/アクセル' and Edward Elric 'ドワード・エルリック'
███] 30% Scotish
███] 30% German
█████] 40% English
██████████████████]100% Awesomeness
█████████]50% Forgiving
██]20% Evil
██████████████████]100% loving
██████████████████]100% Uke or Seme
My real bro Verg!!!!!
Verg(il) is Dante's twin brother. Verg did seeks to undo the seal of Sparda inside the Tabadabadabada and claim the entirety of my father's power for his own (because he was a greedie basterd. what does that mean im a baster? Vergil!! Was mum and dad married??) but that in the past, so is my pizza that i stole from him. Any how hes good now, i think...... He still hadnt forgiven me about the north pole...........Teehehehee
<u><b>Character bass</u>:
This is Axel but its not. The history of his nobodie is plain and cleanish. he was a member of the organization XIII but left once Roxas did, he returned looking for reinploance and found it. these days he hovers between life with his brothers dante and Vergil and the castle.
Kenshinsanto's past story:
Kenshinsanto's past story:
“Hay, names Kenshinsanto. Unfortunately I cant remember anything from my past as the famous demon hunter, I was found on the streets by the leader of the Linesparda's , 'Ocean' at the age of 15. Apparently I was like a zombie, covered in blood holdin' my sword 'rebellion' against my chest. I was taken to the home of the Line and Rinesparda's and there in meet my brother Kyo also as well as the other family members I also found love and me and that person had a child 'Daniel'. Unfortunately that love turned out to be a lie and I turned gay. After a few months I fell into love again with a man. His name was Roxas[Rick]. we sheared something awesome I thought as somehow we had a child 'Roxel and we were about to be wed when he left. His love was also a lie towards me. After that I gave up and when on into hunting the last of the demon scum tat were trying to destroy this world and those who I hold close. On my hunter trip I found some one that called my her father, in my last life I must have had a daughter but I cant remember. so now she is known as my daughter even though I am younger then her. Now I'm mostly resting or searching for a master. somehow being used has brought me into reality, and am now offering my into the slave business .
Dante's swords
My fateful swords’-
Rebellion (i made with help for Dear dad)
Force edge (Dad sword)
Yamato (collected from the 4 game from Nero)
Sword of Sparda (nicked from dad)
Alastor (I collected very painfully e.g. impaled)
Vendetta (i found it)
Dante's awesome guns
Ebony and ivory (Made by your truly)
Lusy and ombra (created b Dad)
Shotgun (i fund it, very helpfully)
Nightmare-Beta (From a demon)
Other awesome weapons
- Pandora’s box (froggy gave i to me)
- ceberus
- Lucifer Weapon
- Nevan
- spiral
- Agni & Rudra
- Chakrams, named Eternal Flame <---- Epicly!!
Dante: "石を許可する!"

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  • Cronen S
    Cronen S

    Hahaha! Two oblivious RPers oh the fun! :'D ]]

    "Mm, guess you're right." Cronen replied. He had to admit, if he had the money he would gladly shout a friend lunch or lend some money. Sometimes it's just hard saying no in general though. "Do you come here often?" The male asked in order to start up a conversation. When he saw another person with such a confident aura about them, it made him nervous and shy away. But today he'd try and be more open.

    5 days ago
  • Sairia Nightstar
    luv Sairia Nightstar

    has a luuuuuv *huggles*

    6 days ago
  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    Yeah, so far it had been. Just need a job and I will be set.

    Jul 20 via Mobile
  • IV

    I'm alright. Just fine actually. Thanks for asking.

    Jul 15 via Mobile
  • Sairia Nightstar
    luv Sairia Nightstar

    yaaaaaaaays!!! has another ones

    Jul 15
  • IV

    So how are you?

    Jul 15 via Mobile
  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    I know what you mean. Life has been alright on my end ~ how about yours?

    Jul 15 via Mobile
  • Sairia Nightstar
    luv Sairia Nightstar

    has a luvs :D

    Jul 15
  • Cronen S
    luv Cronen S

    Haha. It's fine, I haven't been on in a very very very long time too. I've been busy with stupid Highschool shit. I can't remember what was happening in our RP, I'll just go with the flow. : P]]

    "Hm, thank you very much. I'm not used to being bought stuff and uh. Yeah." Cronen replied awkwardly.
    "Awesome, uh I'll just get..." The male took a moment to look through the menu, he wasn't familiar with the food at this place. "I'll just get a beef burger. Yeah, that'll do. Seriously though, you're the best." He commented kindly with a charming smile.

    Jun 4
  • IV

    Thanks. And thanks for accepting my add.

    Jan 30 via Mobile
  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    Oh its okay ^-^ Ive been fine, a bit busy though

    1/10/13 via Mobile
  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice 1/9/13
  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    No problem, howve you been??

    10/13/12 via Mobile
  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice 10/12/12 via Mobile
  • Cronen S
    luv Cronen S

    "Thanks, I'll have to make it up to you then." He smiled happily; he didn't really get out much so he was happy to be eating out. "W-What are you going to eat?"

  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    Aah I see lol :L well they may I say "Welcome back"

    8/28/12 via Mobile
  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice 8/28/12
  • XSolitary TysonXx
    XSolitary TysonXx

    Wow 2 years? Where did you go?

    8/28/12 via Mobile
  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice
    Project Haruhi Code Name Alice

    okie but please can you start

  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice
    Project Haruhi Code Name Alice

    sure but i'm not really good


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  • new new new new new rper

    Name: Dante Anthonie Sparda
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Race: half blood demon/ human
    Job: demon hunter but locked in guvi
    (appirace:::Fetchers- black emo styled hair, deep red eyes, very pale skin and a scar on the left side of the lip.
    clothing normal be found in a plain white shirt, a red short leather jacket and a pair of plan black tight jeans. as for shoes he had a pair of black vans
    other iteams e.g. weapons, piercing, tattoos, charm- his main weapon is a elasticated sword [rather like dagger tale] and lucy and ombara, he has no tattoos and can be found wearing a bead necklace arpund his neck. if you want to find him on a cool clear night look to the roof for someone smoking)

    Name: Cloud Strife
    Age: 22
    Sex: male
    Species: Human solider
    Appearance: Blonde spiky hair blue eyes, mostly be found in his soldiers black outfit but can be found in normal cloths
    Job: {man whore xP} to protect the world from darkness and held out turks
    ?Main info?
    This could isn?t like other you might know. His attitude is not depressive [as I cant do depressive as I get too into it in real] so he is a happy go lucky version on Cloud that will do crazy things but will also fight or bow to his master.
    His main attitude towards people can be flirtiest towards males but if he gets involved in a Yaoi he does prefer to be the uke

    Name: Vergil
    info: Vergil is the elder twin of Dante hes fantasy is for more power. his attitude is more quiet and calmer attitude. he proffers to read then have loud music. his fighting styles are more tactical then run in guns blazing. even tho he is evil teamed up with him bother they are unstoppable dew to Dante's force and Vergil's cunning skills. His appearance: will mostly be made from a long blue coat with black waist coat covering his chest, a pair of brown trousers and a pair of knee knight cream boots. at his side he will have his fateful Yamato and when teamed with Dante he prefers to hold ebony the rapid shot then having to aim long

    0 Comments 133 weeks

  • The crow infos

    Name: Eric Draven
    Age: 29
    Sex: male
    Death: Throw through a window once seeing his wife to be being murdered
    Brought back: for revenge on those who murdered shelly and himself
    {{The protagonist of the original comic book. Eric becomes the Crow when he and his fiancée Shelley Webster are murdered by a group of street thugs. He is reborn one year later and systematically hunts down and kills his murderers before returning to the afterlife.}}

    Name: Ashe Corven
    Age: 29
    Sex: male
    Death: drowned
    Brought back: for revenge on those who killed his son
    {{Ashe Corven is resurrected by the magical crow to avenge the death of his son, who was killed along with him in a gang hit. Like his predecessor, Ashe successfully kills each of the gang members until he meets the crime boss who ordered his death. The crime boss, Judah Earl wishes to obtain Ashe's powers for himself, and will do his worst to gain them. In his endeavors, Ashe is assisted by Sarah.}}

    0 Comments 135 weeks

  • Fight arena

    anyone wana fight with anyone please come here quote who ya wana fight and tada!
    anything u want to be here can be here anything can brake but chu cant die got it

    5 Comments 136 weeks

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Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: chicken
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: being alone for a long time to think
Your Fears: things in the dark
Your Weaknesses: my sensitive spots
Ambition in life: to become a someone
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: Tired!
Your bedtime: 4 in the moring
Your most missed memory: i dont have any
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: oke
McDonald: McDonalds
Single or Group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: none
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: hot coffee
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: nope
Have a current crush: yesh
Think you: nope
Want to get married: nope
Believe in yourself: nope
Think you: nope
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: yesh
Gone to the mall: nope
Eaten Sushi: shorta
Gone skating: nope
Dyed your hair: Yesh got sprayed red
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: yesh
Gotten beaten up: sorta the other guy cam out worse though
Changed who you were to fit in: nope
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: never
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: ice blue or green
Best Hair Color: blonde, red or brown
Short or Long Hair: mid hair
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: doing this quiz! >.<
1 Hour Ago: driving
1 Day Ago: at a car show in the rain
1 Year Ago: cant remeber
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: Pizza
I Feel: confused...
I Hate: being used
I Hide: in the shadows with heatless for companie
I Miss: going crazy with friends
I Need: a drink.

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You being most like Eevee probably means you also have a Naive nature, being playful, energetic, and loyal to all your friends. You haven't quite figured out what you want to grow up to be yet. Either that, or you just haven't gotten to that enviroment, where you will 'transform' accordingly. This isn't hard to imagine, since you have a lot of choices.

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