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Chasing Pink Elephants

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4/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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Paeroa New Zealand
"Weird Al" Yankovic, The Lonely Island, Flight Of The Conchords, Throwing Toasters, Raymond And Scum, Possible Oscar, The Beatles, Queen, jonathan coulton, hank green,
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About Me

can you please put some clothes on.
Me, Myself, and I
Daniel was a boy with a dream. but his dream was undreamable were he lived. Daniel was going to have to be an I.T guy for Microsoft, But Daniel didnt let this get in the way, Daniels dream to become a firstruck would become true! A yyear later daniel relized it was impossible to become a firetruck, so he had another dream: create a comedy band! so he did!
The first member was Michael, a young boy who grained corn for a living, and filked out on his guitar at night, He was told he had to become a grain corner for a living, but his passion for guitar playing was still inside him, later a weary traveller named Daniel approched the poor grainer and offered him to play his guitar in his new band, Michael accepted and joined the weary traveller as he continued onward.The third and final member keegan was a young girl who lived in the town of forks, and was in love with a young vampire, for legal reasons he pecame a man and he loved girls again, he then joined Chasing Pink Elephants.

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Communizm - Chasing Pink Elephants (Music Video)

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  • who the funk are forsaken street gravy?

    A bit of BIG news now, we have changed our band name! for all the reasons why and all the details visit our NEW official web site:


    that site will have links to our new you tube page, and myspace, plus it will have FREE song downloads and videos and a blog, soon having this bebo....will be pointless!

    thats all for now!

    0 Comments 216 weeks

  • forty hour moth flippen famin....IS ON!!

    Yes you heard correct!

    tommory at eight! we have ominichords and bongs? need we say more!

    roll over to our youtube, http://www.youtube.com/chasingpinkel... and subscribe, and watch us loose sleep and starve, while trying to make 40 brand new songs!


    0 Comments 218 weeks

  • Where just two guys, and where giving an update.

    Well actually just one guy. me.

    Anywhoom, here are some random updates im sure you really dont give a shit about:

    40 hour famine:
    we have reached a bit of a hick up on this (gasp) and may have to postpone it a week back!
    but it is deffently on! ill comment if it is going to be on this weekend or not....

    Up-and-comming Preformances:
    Well we have a couple, one in Waihi, so watch out! and yet another one at Paeroa, ill put the info in "up and comming gigs" when i know about it. All i know so far is that its part of a joint concert thing with waihi and paeroa so there shall be heaps of talent, and incase your wondering, they asked US not the other way round. so there.

    wheres some friggen songs?:
    well HOPEFULLY we will have 40 new songs avalible for download after the 40 hour famaine, and we'll put the best ones on our bebo!

    thats all for now, bye.

    1 Comment 219 weeks

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  • Rasisum in our nationisum Download
  • Communizm - Chasing Pink Elephants Download
  • Listerine - Chasing Pink Elephants Download
  • Next To Ooh - Chasing Pink Elephants Download
  • Harpoon in my heart - Chasing Pink Elephants Download
  • Your Imaginary - Chasing Pink Elephants Download
  • The Blame The Government - Chasing Pink Elephants Download

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  • luv MiSsy

    omg u weird peplz lol

  • Say Days Ago
    luv Say Days Ago

    loving the fire truck song!!!!

  • Laurie Ruttersmith
    Laurie Ruttersmith

    Aaah yes! A great band indeed!! ...shit i'm out of love.


    next week on the show we get up close and personal, we continue the WWE coverage, and talk to former heavyweight Champion, turned TV Presenter GOLDBERG, more tickets to the Fight of the Century to get rid ov, ever wanted to be on TV? I got your chance, and its super dooper easy too! and, what the heck is this HYPEYOURSELFTOUR?? I have all the answers on Tuesday aiite? all that plus the usuals, Triple H, What you know that you didnt before, and Superstar Status from 3pm in the afternoon yo! yezirrr, blllat ! xx

  • Torz.

    hey guyz!! have yahz changed yah name??

  • Raarrg
    luv Raarrg

    40 hour famine tonight! whoot!

  • Raarrg
    luv Raarrg

    we are preforming live a paeroa college at 7pm 2moro (thursday) we will have a video of the live preformance teh next day, make it if you can, it only costs four bucks!

  • Raarrg
    luv Raarrg

    you should totally become a fan. yes im talking to you. but not your friend there. hes a knobb. oh, and add the band members too! because were cool. honest. would I lie??? exactly.

  • luv BeingHurt By I Dont Know

    MEAN!!! We got 37 veiws on communism!!! and twenty on the subscribe to us movie!!!! And i spread the word to a mate from TKD who goes to waihi and hes allowed to show music vids during his music classes at school so hes guna spread the words to all his school and shit!! This is mean. 37 veiws in three days is sweet!! i mean we havnt even been sprading it round that much =]

  • Torz.

    awesum pix! ??????????????? :L

  • Amerah

    Fantastic Communizm song.

  • Amy

    I think you should put me on your top fans too.... just an idea =)

  • Amy
    luv Amy

    haha hey Daniel and michael! or course i remember your band! and yea ill become a fan.. and tell my lady friends about it haha. So anyways hows life in Paeroa going? Aucklands still crappy lol.. just in case you were wondering =) has there been another GAT camp? or is there going to be one? wb bye bye =) share the love

  • Awhi

    COCK ! I have ! IM THE THIRD FAN !!!!

  • luv BeingHurt By I Dont Know

    That website u m ade looks really bad. Ill get round to making u guys a way better one lol. Afta ive finished all my other outstanding projects. Latres. Nd u guys better add me as a moderator on this!!!!! lol

  • luv BeingHurt By I Dont Know

    Hey u guys rock!! Whos that guy with the awesome voice that make the whole song sound perfect in communizm *cough* lol Love

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams

    You're fantastic! :D