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Tycho P

Easyer said then done, easyer thought then said. When the inevatable happens are we all prepaired

9/30/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Pluto
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About Me

Never Been happier
Me, Myself, and I
I am me, This might not interest some of you but that just shows how little you know about me. You may think of me as evil or mean or both, truth be told these are all perspectives noone can acutally be good and evil cause there is no good and evil only perseptions. Just think about that before you want to judge me
Escape the fate, The used, Alestorm, Dead By april, I Am Ghost
I love Pirates of the Caribiean, Simpsons Movie
Any New Zealand team but always the Aussie Cricket Team
Scared Of
Loosing the one
Happiest When
Drinking Rockstar
11 Months
hippy Layla steph Liam Micheal Brandon Melinda and everyone elses names who i cant be bothered to type

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  • Holidays

    I must say that holidays seem to the most boring time ever, there is nothing to do. Its 4 days till Christmas and I'm stuck at home because the realestate is doing an 'inspection' of the house at some point. Havent Eaten yet, as that will mess up the kitchen.

    To make it even more fun i have to wait ages for Cuborre, althought thats also a good thing in someways. As I am building up my collection of camping equiptment.

    Further more to anyone who can actually be bothered to read this off my profile.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

    0 Comments 135 weeks

  • Life

    Well Its been awhile since i wrote a blog on bebo XP
    But i will write one just for the fun of it

    Life is much better now, I have started working things
    out and from here everything can only get better i

    I love all my friends and hope your all going well
    Exept for michael who i am angry at for his little
    "stunt" but i will get sweet sweet revenge for that =)
    any way thats about it


    1 Comment 170 weeks

  • weatther

    it is tooo fkn hot we should all just move to antarctica

    0 Comments 236 weeks

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  • luv Serenity

    Allo <3

  • luv Serenity

    Wooooooooooooooo~ XD

  • luv Serenity

    You too Teeko, you too ^^ <3

  • luv Serenity


  • luv Serenity

    Hope you are too <3 miss you

  • luv Serenity

    Lol you better XD cause you're not getting the killing back until you do lol

  • luv Serenity

    It's cool ^^ I need next one XD

  • luv Serenity

    Woo~ nope not long at all XD

  • luv Serenity

    Wait....so that was four right XD I can't remember....XD thank you for books~ and hopefully you did/will XD :)

  • luv Serenity

    Lol finished the CHERUB book ^^ Happy 6 months. Love you heaps. Best 6 months ever. Sorry I'm not there. I'll give you BIG hug on Monday ^^ promise~

  • luv Serenity

    Almost finished the CHERUB book ^^

  • luv Serenity

    ^_________________________^ yes I do! You know what good timing is?! XD Happy birthday <3

  • luv Serenity

    So what if it is XD maybe I lost track of this conversation XD

  • 8/20/10
  • luv Serenity

    That's cause I have you to do that XD

  • luv Serenity

    XD poor, poor Teeko XD

  • luv Serenity

    Talking is very good~ eww coconut song......gives me an EVIL idea XD

  • luv Serenity

    Na na na na na~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • luv Serenity

    Please don't be sad :( I'm sorry she's so mean to you. I wish that she'd get off your back and leave us alone. I'm so sorry :( please smile, I don't want Teeko to be sad~

  • luv Serenity

    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~


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