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storm of ice and rain of fire a twilight basic rpg

welcome to my role play group i like role play in my own way so i hope you all can stead it.

12/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

come see what go to happened in town for forks
Me, Myself, and I
this group is a twilight basic role play after all for books
you can play your own chars or the one of the books.
come and join

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  • char list

    char of the books or your own so just email me what your char i will post it here.

    Karone is play edward cullen

    Kendrix morgan is play bella swan

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  • role play place

    Salem Adrian Blaze by Salem Adrian Blaze
    the town of forks is the rain town in the usa.

    we all know bella and edward story . now it time for new story to come in to the world of the little town.
    we start about a year after the end of the book.

    one life well start a new story pulling in other and make a little town of forks a little more crazy .

    a new vamp family move in but they just like the culllers. and alot more human more to fork being pull long by unseen line.

    this story on a rain day of cosue and it the first day school of the new year at forks hight school.

    new boy sat in the back of long black car. the car pull up in front of the high school. the boy got out slowly he his hood fall off his long black hair fall down his back. he wear all black but nice clother. he get his class list and go look for his locker. he tan skin stood out becuse alll the black and gary day. he light greenish blue look at the other kids in the hallway . the girls just stare at him. they thoguth he good looking .
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  • hello all

    Salem Adrian Blaze by Salem Adrian Blaze
    im sorry about my spelling head of time.

    well i have some idea for plot but it have to do with my char a lot. but if you have little idea go head and send them to me and i look over them.

    my char this a human who have bad lucky my char is male bella in away
    i call him salem

    he have long black hair and tan skin and ligth greenish blue eyes.
    he is 16 year old and live with his mother and he have along and weird past befor he move to forks.

    we rp play here.

    just emall me who you like to play and post it up and when we have like 6 people who are play char i will start it up. if you want to be edited just email if you hate bad spell words and want to hlep me out.
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