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Daniel Bate


10/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 246
  • from Chasetown
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,774
  • Member since: November 2008
  • Last active: Mar 23
  • www.bebo.com/DanielB3282
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

█▒░* ITzGx_II_BATE@hotmail.com*░▒█


DO MY FUKIN BLOG!!! please

Batey batey batey, you are a good matey who i met up the skatey. Daniel daniel daniel, i like Cocker Spaniels. i also like pie, when it flys high in the sky.


looove looooooove looooooooooove <3


Wipe that Golden tear from your mother dear, and raise whats left of the flag for me!

α∂∂ мє ση //● ITzGx_II_BATE@hotmail.co.uk ●\\

10 Reasons To Date A Skater:...
1. We know how to take pain
2. We know lots of "tricks"
3. We love to be on top
4. We have great balance and stabability
5. We dont mind gettin dirty
6. We are dedicated
7. We prefer to stay standing
8. you can ride whats under us
9. We like it frontside and backside
10. We can do it for hours at a time
!Skatey Lot!
Be bored shitless without them all TBH!
Jack + Nath
Best mates ;)
Max +Dale + Donna
Legands :P
Campin buddys
Funny as Fuck :L
Kelly Gamble
Met through a window and now she like my best mayte in the whole world.(Even iff she is a nerd cuz she collects grass in tubs) :D :* but i dont know wat i wud do wiv out her tbh:D
Epic Buddies
Funniest train journy's ever! the toilet lmao :L
skatin there is mint with you lot cuz ur always doin new stuff which i can film:D
and u also film me cuz im ausome :D :D :D
Cant wait till we next go i want to go to Caspian pizza agen lmao!
and me and luke and the old man at the courner shop lmao dirty peedo lol

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    Ma Heroo:- Jack
    Ma Shoulder 2 Cry on:- lucy
    Ma Dirty Dancer:- Jack
    Partner In Crime:- Jack
    My Biatch:- Jess H
    My Gangsta:- George
    My Stoner:- Max

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yeah i stole it from aggressive mall lol

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    • Beth Loves Leon
      Beth Loves Leon

      Awww Babes Soz iiF We Ay Tlkin Much am iin Scotland doin modelin btw hope you okaa?? && hope you av a dam gud xmas btw whtcha gna do?? tb x x x

    • -Giggless. 12/19/09
    • Beth Loves Leon
      Beth Loves Leon

      Heya!! Uu Okaa? x x x x

    • Lucyy'
      luv Lucyy'

      Elloooo babe ... You ok ... Love returned, love you x

      10/23/09 via Mobile
    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      bcause i felt generous:) larrvu x

    • Lucyy'

      Elloooo dan ... You ok, loveyouu xxx

      10/22/09 via Mobile
    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.


    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      have a love loveyou

    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      its alright, i had a good time aswell :) loveyou xxx

    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      :) loveyou x

    • Lucyy'
      luv Lucyy'

      Lmao ... Sorry, went hyper ... You ok ly x

      10/10/09 via Mobile
    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      last love. i think you deserve it :) bcausee im nicee :D loveyou x

    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      love you xxx

    • Lucyy'

      Daniel joel bate; iloveyou

      10/9/09 via Mobile
    • Lucyy'
      luv Lucyy'

      Told you id give you a fat hug lol ... You oka ly x

      10/7/09 via Mobile
    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      be nice about it thenn :L x

    • Lucyy'

      YAY ... Im happy now lol ... Ill give you a fat hug 2moz now lol ... Im good thanks love ya xxx

      10/6/09 via Mobile
    • Lucyy'

      Elloooo babe ... You ok, you feelin any better ... Love you xxxxxxxxx

      10/6/09 via Mobile
    • Lucyy'

      Dan ... Get well soon babe ... Ly x

      10/5/09 via Mobile
    • -Giggless.
      luv -Giggless.

      have a love youu bumface:) ly xx