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The Original Ginger Ninja

Has her very own, rather nice oliver :)

7/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from keswick
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About Me

Dance into the fire
Me, Myself, and I
I have Carrot features,they are rather mint.

my plan is to enjoy everything and generally be greatful for life,
It gets you down at times...but really at the end of the day once you hit rock bottom the only way is back up, step by step.
no matter how bad the situation is ...someone else is always worse off.
sometimes i need to remind myself of that fact

one last thing.....
success doesn't care what age you are!

OH and also..Olliverrr is totally the shizz xx and he has the sexiest jacket that is so totally warm xxx and he snores when he is drunk...

The Other Half Of Me
Ollie Killiner

Ollie Killiner

just wow :) <3

Metal and lots of it =]
i HATE it when people blow smoke in my face, and it annoys me when people don't tell you the truth...even if it will upset you ..i personally would prefer to know.
ms of n
Loveage to ...
Eve, Islay, Olliver, Magicman, Swedis
 h chick, KIrito! and anyone else who makes me happy
Happiest When
Im Happy alot of the time really, when i have achieved something. Happy just lying on the grass chilling with a few cans and good banter.

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    Let me feel loved! leev me a MEMORY :D :D * 102 days ago

    Memories stay in ur mind forever, even if they're good or if they are bad.
    Leave one memory of you and me together... It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bulletin on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you..! xxx

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  • life

    These hypocrites wth ther stereotypical views, they cn laugh, they cn stare but deep down they too feel th pain o death nd rejection.
    No matter wt shape,colour,race r label u r given ,every one is human nd has th right t live.
    Beauty int black r white,beauty cmes frm th person beneath th exterior. Th world is full o shallow bastards hu cnt see th real prson nd cnt be bothrd to even try looking fr thm,bt as long as th person hanging off their arm looks good they r happy.
    People sit ther in their fucked up realities, wasting ther lives away day by day,thy cnt see th good things in their lives. Thnk o th glass as bin half full not half empty, u hav ur friends,family nd even ur pet.So stop being a selfish bastard, wake up nd realise how lucky you r t have those things.
    You need ot find the right sort of people in life,not the ones that look good or judge you ,not the ones you have to hide the real you from. Th 1s u feel free wit,u cn trust,rely on nd most importantly be urself in frnt o them. these r the ppl u should spend ur days with.

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  • Hash
    luv Hash

    BOO!! :) xxx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    oh i luff u !

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    WHAT?! x

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    OMFG IVE BENN REPLACED :O :O :O im not your NUMBER ONE naymore :( :| HUMPF [angry love]

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    HAHA one dus mek me lauffage! xxx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    URH omg check out nude blob *pukes* wiggai, almosty nude blob xxx

  • Ollie Killiner
    luv Ollie Killiner

    hahahaha, oh well if bebo says it then u gotta believe its truuue :P and iam sure i can get u 2 think i am, with the great mind power i have over u haha;) much loveage xxxxx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    i think this thing is weird this new bebo thing is weird this is & have fun 2mz lik lik lik i shall ok? xxx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    WELL i wanna show u summit else (; ring me plse x

  • Louu

    welll im trying to find out whos going tehn im just going to tag along lol...yerh it was and your day?x

  • Louu
    luv Louu

    good yep lifes treating me goood lol nah i didnt go last year but i really wanna go this year you? xx

  • Ollie Killiner
    luv Ollie Killiner

    haha ooh deffo elephant juice haha :D :D :D xxx

  • Louu

    Hey Rachel You Ok? xx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    u rubber duck duck! xxx & 4 x :D dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  o

  • Ollie Killiner
    luv Ollie Killiner

    oooh ok then, but only 4 u :P i need a ruddy landrover 2 get up n down u bloody lane haha. omg y not its well tasty haha. oh oh have fun at work with ur lil shoes 4 dogs hahaha much loverage :) xxx

  • Ollie Killiner
    luv Ollie Killiner

    hahahahaha well i aint from yorkshire so i cant have them lol. u aint had ur newcastle brown ale yet :P xxx

  • Eeeve
    luv Eeeve

    Catz Catz Catz arrrrrrrrrhhhh!

  • Ollie Killiner
    luv Ollie Killiner

    ellooooo poppet, dogs done?? lol. mmmm soup :P good lucky with exam 2moz not that u need it!!!!! gonna pass it easy :) :) much loverage xxxx