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7/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 143
  • from chcichester
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  • Last active: 7/15/09
  • www.bebo.com/I_LOVE_FAANNY
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About Me

Dundeal Peanuts, TUD, fry-up, DUT ! I ♥ the Andes !
Me, Myself, and I
i'm Lucy, 15
and go 2 Hurst !!
leave me a comment if u feel like it !

funny stuff!
WHEN FRAN GAVE SCOFFS A NOSE BLEED WHEN TRYIN 2 HUG HER ♥ RIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHT (SAZZLE)♥ Dr Baxter ♥ son of bear HAHA honor !! ♥ find a cheap markey sazzle ok i have one here 4 90 people it's £2000 ♥ Scoffs: I CANT TAKE ANOUTHER HOUR OF TEACHING YOU ♥ Gated ♥ mr leeper nd sarahs skirt ♥ DOM SMITHERS !! ♥ nd all that stuff was just last week ♥ when dr baxter through his pens across the room ♥
frankie !
i have made a box 4 u cause u meen sooo much 2 me !
Hurst would be crap without u !
u the one hu makes me laugh and without u mi life wouldn't b complet

BFF love u bbe !!
mmmmmmmm ...... i like all sports i guess MAN U R THE BEST THOU!!! YERRRRRR! ermm netball and football at the momen!!
Scared Of
NUTHIN haha [mabi spiders] [a bit] [a lot] !!
i ♥ nilly's willy bt i love her more dnt worri!!
were i live

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  • Ambro .
    Ambro .

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on RenaeTabackzkixa@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Fran
    luv Fran


  • Girl.

    LUCY BOY Lol how are you?? Ly x

  • Noushx
    luv Noushx

    LOve yu x

  • Miranda

    LUCY KINGS!! how r ur hols going..? XXX

  • Chloe.

    Thank you :D xx

  • Fran
    luv Fran

    is this a forwardd .. You Hot!!! You Have The Looks, The Personality And Boys Are Falling At Your Feet! Your Care ABout Ya Loved Ones Very Much And Always Like Going Out With Ya Gurl Mates And Having A Laugh!nyway yeh it is on the lbum where all my new pics are on inlcudin my profile pic so yeh have a loookk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loveu:D :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Fran

    hey fit asss!! look at my new added photo album and there are the 2 pics of u ad quilf coming bak from footabll in mud lol howa are u ?? xxxloveu:D :D you could come into briton 2 mro cat is alos going ? for tashas b day ?? xxxxxlvoeu:D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Noushx

    im board

  • Noushx
    luv Noushx

    ohh heyy babesss x yooh okaii x i cant cunm over thiss wekkwnd (busy) but i can slepp next saturday if yoohl like?? i love yuu x heres the love x

  • Noushx

    Helloo lucy YUu OKiii ?? I WAnna Cum Over Sonn I miSS yuuu ) : Maybee GO for a swim of play forrtie our useuall ...xxx Spalt bac x noush

  • Josie
    luv Josie

    DOM SMITHERS just added me on facebook :D my life is now complete... haaaaa ily xx

  • Fran
    luv Fran

    haah xx

  • Josie 4/26/08
  • Josie
    luv Josie

    HEY HOT STUFF i must say that you are looking ratherrr fetching in your grey jumpers & BRAND SPANKING NEW dance trousers :) i like you.. quite a lot :D PS i like your pic.. 2 hot girls & a chaplain :D we should do a re-make of it with miss sweeeeeny in the dining room. so that we can both enjoy her extreme beauty / rashes / tatoos / tie-dye headbands! haaaa xx

  • Noushx

    heyy lucyy hows yooh i aint benn to c u in yonks lol i love the pic on the big photo its lush lol write bk love yooh noush x

  • Fran

    dog walks ahah u ?? xxxly xxxxxxxxx