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I Shmell Lemonz

A Toaster, The Only Thing You Stare At Knowing Your Gonna Shit Yourself Any Second.

1/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from mars
  • I am Single
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About Me

HI :)
Me, Myself, and I
My msn is yesbutnobut1@hotmail.co.uk

Feel free to add, am not really bothered lol

I've had a confusing life that some people still don't understand.

I was born in St Annes and lived there till I was around 2/3.

I moved to my nans for a while till we got a house in Arnold and I started Pinewood Infants.
At year 3 I moved a site down to Killisick Junior.

Shortly after my parents split ad I lived with my dad and step mum till year 5.

After that I moved to Manchester with my mum and her new husband and started at Hilton Lane Primary.

I moved up into year 7 at Harrop Fold which I attended for a week before moving back to Nottz.
I lived in Hyson Green and started at Djanogly City Academy and stayed there till the beginning of year 9. My mum and her Husband split up

I now live in Eastwood and attend Eastwood comp where :L
Perfect :)
You know what I listen to, call it what you want. Awesome, chav shit I don't care, just because I don't listen to rocky stuff like most people doesn't mean you have the right to call my stuff
connor loves me :P
umm sexy bum connor :P , connor ur amazin dude ily xxxx
even though u suck at french :P
connor likes bra lol and thts wat he will get for his bady,
connor i love u loads hannah and connor bum chums for life
love u boi
Ice Skating!
Scared Of
Needles! And the veiny sides of wrists :(
Happiest When
Sleeping, eating and playing ^_^
 LATE NUTS....anything nuts = PUKE :(

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  • Thingymabob

    Full Name:Connor Lee Jeffery
    Birthday: 27th April
    Birthplace: Nottingham
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Right handed or Left handed? Right
    My Worst Habit: Being An Ass?
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Innie or Outie? Innie
    The Shoes You Wore Today: Nike + Bauers
    Your Fears: Needles And Wrists
    Your Perfect Pizza: Summet With No Veg :D
    First Thoughts When Waking Up: Need More Sleep Plis
    Your Bedtime: 11 On Schools 11+ On Weekends

    My Favourites...
    Favorite colour? Blew
    Food? Sweeties
    Sport? Ice Skating
    Animal? Snake
    Ice Cream? Stawberry
    Candy? Most Things Sweet
    Store? -
    Salad Dressing? EWW SALAD >:(
    Actor? Jim Carrey
    Singers? -
    Letter? S
    Number? 7
    Name? Kai :D
    Holiday? Dominican Republic :D
    Season? Winter
    Body part on the opposite sex? Hmm...

    Friends and Life...
    What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Scientist
    How Do You Want To Die? Painlessly
    Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You? -
    Who's The Loudest? Oh Gawd
    Who Makes You Laugh The Most? Alex
    Who Have You Known The Longest? Damn Moving Schools >:(
    When Have You Cried The Most? That One Christmas
    Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up? Somewhere Exotic Plox
    Have You Ever Been In Love? Ye
    Ran Away From Home? No
    Skipped School? Maybe >_>
    Thought About Suicide? Who Wants To Know?
    Slept Outside? Yes :D
    Laughed So Hard You Cried? Mhmm
    Cried In School? Yeah
    Thrown Up In School? Not That I Remember?
    Wanted To Be a Model?.... I'm Not Gay?
    Cheated On Someone? No
    Been On Drugs? I Don't Need That Shit
    Been On Stage? Yep >:(
    Gone Skinny Dipping? No
    Shoplifted? No
    Been Beaten Up? Naw Not Properly

    Do You...?
    Sing Well? Like I Let People LIsten >_>
    Shower Daily? Yes
    Want To Go To College? Yes
    Want To Get Married? Yes
    Believe In Yourself? Sometimes
    Like Thunderstorms? They Awesome :D
    Play An Instrument? My iTouch? XD
    Pray? No
    Go To Church? Nope
    Dance In The Rain? Naw
    Sing In The Shower? Sometimes

    This Or That...
    Pepsi or Coke? Coke
    McDonald's or Burger King? McDonald's
    Single or Group Dates? Single
    Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
    Strawberries or Blueberries? Strawberries
    Meat or Veggies? Meat
    TV or Movie? Movie
    Guitar or Drums? Drums
    Adidas or Nike? Nike
    Chinese or Mexican? Chinese
    Cheerios or Corn Flakes? Corn Flakes
    Cake or Pie? Cake
    MTV or VH1? MTV

    Can You...?
    Write With Both Hands? NO >:|
    Whistle? Yes
    Blow A Bubble? Ys
    Roll Your Tongue In A Circle? Yes
    Cross Your Eyes? Nope
    Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose? No
    Dance? -.-
    Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry? Whats The Point In Eating If You Have To Worry?

    Who was the last person...
    You Talked To On The Phone: Umm.... My Nan?
    You Instant Messaged: Alicia
    You Hugged: Aunty Becky
    You Yelled At: Don't Remember
    You kissed: O_o

    When/what's the last...
    Time You Laughed? When I Stole This Off Alex's Bebo XD
    Time You Cried? Can't Remember
    Movie You Watched? Dunno
    Song You've Sung? Dunno

    Right At This Moment...
    Where Are You? Bedroom :D

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  • Cheeseboy

    Happy Birthday 2 U Happy Birthday 2 U Happy Birthday Dear CONNOR Happy Birthday 2 U Hav A Nyc Day Now =]

  • Cheeseboy


  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    heyyy im good ty xxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    aww look at u on ur dp lol he was fit mate :P so how r u? love hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Littlebeth

    ayuup youu okay? writteee bak :) x

  • Growll.

    yh i said it was annoying me i didnt need u clingin on to it 247 lol so wat u doing over the weekend ? tap back soon love hannah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.

    connor dude :) u rock my socks :P u proper hert my back todai in future get ur own bra :P so how r u soz i cant come skating i will another week end promise :) tap back soon love hannah xxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    heyyy cant belive i ant spoke to in ages lol french on mondai :P funny week but i bin ill since fridai :( but how are u cant wait to see u at skl mondai tap back soon love hannah xxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    heyy ur coat want broken cause u wore it todai:P so wubu2? tap back soon love hannah xxxxxxx oh and ty for the snow ball it was very cold :(

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    i knew u would lol how could u not lol hows the black coat lol tap back son love hannah xxxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    awww i cant belive ur goin down escape its dead good i want to go :P text me when ur there and ill come spy on ya lol so wat u doin untill thn tap back soon lov hannah xxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    u bum u forgot ur jacket but i cant ignore u :P im out of cred to :P so wubu2?? tap back soon love hannah xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    u bum i added someone with yhbutnobut1 :P u strange person so how r u anyways remember ur black jaket tomoz lots of love hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Growll.
    luv Growll.

    heyy my french buddie wa u bin up too i seen u tonight lol we didnt get home till about 6 45 lol give me ur msn plz lots of love hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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