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Marni Fobister

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  • Female, Luv 283
  • from Fya
  • I am Single
  • Member since: November 2008
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Sometimes it's just best to forget and move on rather than sit around and rot like hell inside, emotionally
Me, Myself, and I
ρaige fobister


"...the sight of you, my knees are weak"
I crave it like an addict, I cannot give in...
Love for you all, forevermore. ♥
If you want to find out about me just ask, & don't bother talking smack about me in order to think you actually know me. It doesn't even help anybody speaking nonsense.
Scared Of
Being unhappy...FOREVER
Happiest When
I'm dead...soon.

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  • 19th in 4 1/2 days.

    Welp, I'm soon to be considered an actual adult... But why is it that I want to give up now? Damn. Been battling these feelings for so long... A very, very long time.

    I'm to deal with these myself also, no one understands. But by the time they do, it'll most likely be too late. I'd feel sorry and regretful... My younger family members. But I do not want to suffer loss, rejection, and all the suffering thas been racing through my mind. I'm not so sure of myself anymore... I'm not sure of anything to be honest, nothing seems to make any sense.

    Too much drugs and alcohol for me, too much painful unforgettable memories, too much suffering, too much thoughts, too much words being said, too much of everything that I don't need.

    So... yeah. Love my family. Love only for my family. I never really had any friends so yeah. Just my family...

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  • 01-14-09

    I don't know what I'm doing now. I feel like I'm "Stuck."
    I'm not able to move forward without looking back, I'm not able to think of the past while trying to move forward.

    I'm not able to handle these things anymore, more and more... they come and they go. But every time it keeps getting worse. I'm not going to keep forgiving and forgetting anymore. I'm so awfully close to slipping.

    Ooof yees, I'm not going to leave you here to suffer with them anymore. I'm promising you that you'll be with me, whenever you're ready to move also. ^_^

    I'm not proud of my mistakes I've made last year & so much for trying to start a new year, freshly...

    Anyways, NVM. (A)

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  • 12-18-08

    So "Christmas" is coming up... though I know it seems stupid to you, but I hate it. I honestly just plain-out damn hate it. I never get what I've been wanting for years. & No, it's not something selfish like a cellphone, or a new game system, clothes, whatever... I always wanted my family with me. I'm not going to be the Grinch though. I'm just going to smile, cuz it's the next best thing.
    I'm surely considering, taking a break... from everything, and all it's stresses. Totally can't wait.
    Ooh, Today I went to the Christmas Concert... even so I was to go to an appointment, but I wanted to go see JMF on the stage instead, oh how much I cherish him...

    I'm sticking to family values & smiling. :]

    - xxx

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  • Marni Fobister
    Marni Fobister

    Yep, my friends were right

    Feb 24
  • RottenChild
    luv RottenChild

    Sending my Love Back @ ya :D

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    Just thought I'd give ya one.....

  • Michael Fobister
    luv Michael Fobister

    Assistants these days hey i rememberd my password

  • luv Caity Sheen

    Marni. ;)

  • Leo
    luv Leo

    here ya go been long time since i checked out bebo lol... ant here is sum news when i have time to come n visit i'll send ya a messege or sumtin thur beautiful sis have a heart luv for ya n many more for ya eh but yeah have a awesome summer eh as im tryin to have tha gods of me have to much fun lol jk seeya later sista's take care eh in the greatness of funtimes lol :P

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    here ya go lol, been while since I last been on this lol

  • Ty
    luv Ty

    :) !

  • Ty
    luv Ty


  • Ty
    luv Ty

    Might as well, Have all of them =)

  • Ty
    luv Ty

    Haha wow, I never thought i'd find you still going on bebo. lol yeah heres a heart.

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    Here ya go :) Ride The New Lightning!

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    Here ya go >:)

  • Vlad Swain 12/6/10
  • Vlad Swain
    luv Vlad Swain

    sorry 4 not talking to u and being asshole 2 u i still think about u and miss u here some luv 4 u will see ya later

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    Good, im living on my own now, yeah thats about it......here ya go again haha, and sorry for snappin at ya that day on here haha later :p

  • Alex Bird
    luv Alex Bird

    guess ill give ya one........ Ride The New Lightning!

  • Kim
    luv Kim

    OMG aye.lol Damn I hardly go on here.You have me on FB! lol Have some love,from me nd regan

  • Vlad Swain
    luv Vlad Swain

    i am sorry mb cockameat still luv u and MISSING u em

  • Vlad Swain 8/3/10