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Man had succeeded in destroying the earth, but war? War never changes.

10/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Your house.
  • I am It's Complicated
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About Me

Hey man, nice shot!
Me, Myself, and I
I am me, you are probably not.

The name is Josh.

The game is life.

The winner is Josh.

The tree is hiding in the corner.

The mexican is holding an AK47.

The AK47 is holding a mexican.

It turns straight men into gays, and it turns gays into mexicans.

Fast cars, fast scars.
You will never take me down.
Blood is leaving as I watch you go.
When tomorow comes you'll be one of them! :o Lol.
If a man does his best, what else is there?
When your gone, will you be able to say you left a mark on this world you live in? Or will you just be another soul passing through on a never-ending highway of brutality?
I feel like writing things still.

Its not going away.

"Cain was the first man ever to strike down another and when the Lord came to him and said 'What have you done?', Cain could not hide his crime. For the voice of his brother's blood cried out from the very ground." "The world has been your battlefield, everywhere you go. The blood of brothers and sons screams out against you. Perhaps you cannot yet hear it, because the soil is not your own but you will.... you will.
-I'm so ninja I just ate your cake-
Four letters
Four letters times two with a touch of one.
This you will never know the answer to, but I will.
You may see it, but you'll never know it.
I just felt like writing something long-ish, and this was the first subject to come to my mind.
I am amongst the few, who experience true living.
You are but a shadow of the past.
I am the way of the future.

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  • An expansion of sorts.

    Four letters, so many combinations.

    From love to hate, from cute to ugly.

    So many things from so little.

    Such a small thing.

    So many truths.

    So many lies.

    This is me.

    I am Josh.

    Four letters.

    Thats all I am.

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  • I am your destroyer.

    I am the destroyer of many, destroyer of cities, of countries, of worlds.
    I am the shadow in the dark alley, I am the ghost who haunts you.
    Many before you have tried and fallen, many shall do so after you.
    Your no different to any of the others, what makes you think you can stop me?

    I am an idea, a concept, a dream, a reality.
    You cannot destroy an idea, for it is intangible.
    Your attempts to destroy me only increase my strength, and decrease your will to fight.

    I am the last thing you will ever see.
    The last thing you ever hear.
    The last thing you ever scream.
    I am your destroyer.

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  • Just because question 18 was so important to you lol

    1.Whats Your Name?
    2.Are We Close?
    3.What Do You Think 0f Me?
    4.Do You Have A Crush on Me?
    5.W0uld You Kiss Me?
    6.Are We Mates ?
    7.Describe Me In 3 Words?
    8.If You Had Me For 30 Mins What Would You Do?
    9.What Was Y0ur First Impressi0n of Me?
    10.Do You Still Think Im The Same?
    11.What Reminds You 0f Me?
    12.If You Could Give Me Anything What Would It Be?
    13.How Well Do You Know Me?
    14.What Do You Like Best About Me?
    15.Ever Wanted Too Tell Me Something You Could'nt?
    16.Could You Ever Love Me?
    17.Give Me A Nickname And Explain Why?
    18.Are You Gunna Put This 0n Your Blog And See What ii Say About You?
    19.Anything Too Say Before You Go?

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    erm lovin' the skin

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    what are you doinnnn

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    josh mou havent been on this in a yr!! lmao lol heres sum love hehe

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    hehhe my name is wrong. (: Its PJ not Cassiee. :P

  • Invader Zim
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    you fell aleep again. (: so cute

  • Invader Zim
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    josh... i have been spending the last 44 minutes trying to get on to your new Dp and OWN IT!! *sigh* you look cute in it and i want to own it. ): i will teach you my ninja/T-rex/robot ways? _________________________________ Ok its been another something something minutes, and we talked about this.. 1 hour is 3 days in Cassiee time, and yeah... im soooo bored.. and i miss you.... a lot *pouts* Grr Just be Tomor- wait it is? anyways -row!

  • Invader Zim
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    LOVE!! haha told you im weird... and a Twat! xoxox (:


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