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I've been so scattered I forgot of this Profile, my apologies

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About Me

Erestor - the embodiment of innocence
Me, Myself, and I
Lost to the cruel worlds of both Man and Nature, a child wondered the open plains searching for his home. Though he may never find it, his mind would brighten with his new found knowledge. Curious eyes turned, left right, left right, looking about for food. He suddenly smiled as he came across some insect life, working hard to provide food for their family. The memories of his own flowed to him.
Erestor is a nine year old human child who was thrust into a world of cruelty by the Oceans that took him away from his home, he was put into slavery and was the Slavers entertainment, over time he was slowly loosing hope and wished the men to leave him alone but they never did, and because of this he grew to dislike his own kind for being so cruel to him, fate allowed him escape his prison and now wonders the land searching for a way home, pursued by the ones who that caused so much pain.
His description.
Erestor is only small for a child, he has messy blond hair, has dark blue eyes which are slit like a cat or dragons, this was the dragons power magics doing, or was it? his skin is near pale for him being inside a cell for a at least eleven months, he had also grown skinny and poorly for not having decent food, meaning he has a very weak immune system, water isn't a problem since he can drink from lakes or streams but he is usually forced to eat insects or dead rodents. All this torture and the child continues to live on, how he doesn't know but deep inside he held a greatness, a greatness that would only be manifested if he embraced it and took his place among the stars above..
The pictures i have are the property of their makers, and Deviant art, photo bucket and Google, i do not claim that i made these pictures so no bragging please.

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Real Moments with Respawn Ep. 23

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  • Characters.

    //// Graylor. ////

    A Large emerald dragon, about two thirds of the size of the mad black giant Shruiken, Graylor found Erestor and brought him back to his cave, he agreed with his mate Lúethiana to raise the child as if they were his own, they couldn't bring themselves to abandon a baby, they were compelled to look after him, over the years he had taken Erestor outside the cave and shown the land to him, taught him the dragon tongue and of the history of the island, its only human inhabitants were a small group that made a large town in the middle of the forest, both species kept a piece but none sought for Erestor, no one knew of his existence till Graylor spoke of the child, this left questions linger in the air.

    //// Lúethiana. ////

    Graylor's mate, smaller than Graylor, she has blood ruby scales and accepted Erestor into their family when Graylor returned to their cave/next with him, she even gave him his name, after her own father, she fed him and cleaned him which he didn't enjoy all to well, her tongue was rough and usually used to peel flesh of a bone, but being a caring mother she did her best, but most of the time he requested to use the nearby river. On the day he disappeared both dragons wrought with worry, hunted from one end of the island to another, they even demanded if the humans knew anything about his disappearance in the village, they were obviously weren't aware of it but both dragons felt as though they were lying and they almost ruined the peace but they had to take their word, the bone chilling prospect was that Erestor had wondered too close to the neighbouring cliff side by their cave, waves that stretched thirty feet high crashed against the cliff daily and water had enough strength to wash away anyone that was close by, if that was what happened then the horrifying conclusion was that he was lost to the sea, the thought almost made both dragons break down mentally, they searched days, weeks and months, going as far as they dared to search among the ocean if Erestor was anywhere, they used scent and magic to try and track him down but his presence was nowhere to be found, where was he? they knew he was alive, he had to be.

    //// Rayquaza ////

    A serpent dragon manifested by Erestor himself, he is his soul and his inner strength and power, the youths Eldunari so to say, he is not a chatty creature and he is usually never seen by anyone unless Erestor was in danger he'd be called and he would do everything in his abilities to ensure the child's safety, but there were times that he could not be summoned due to some inner forced that urged them both to fuse in mind and body, thus a transformation is created, one of beauty, elegance but of pain and fear. Rayquaza's skin is smooth and green but patterned with red and yellow lines around the firm fins that protruded from his back, his ability of flight without any visible wings was a mystery but he was capable of much, much more.

    //// Stardust Dragon ////

    The god of the dragon island Gweyenlar, he oversaw and watched over all who lived on the island and for protection he kept a barrier that prevented any outsider from seeing or getting onto the island, the only way to ever enter the island was to be a dragon, however one day he felt alone in the celestial plains in the skies, he wanted friends, to grow relationships, he was all alone and seeked to be with the kin he helped create, he wanted to live and talk with the mortals of the world so he descended from the skies above but something tragic happened, something made his course a rough one, something struck him and he fell like a shooting star, landing on the island and transformed into a baby child in the forest, from there he was picked up by Graylor, unfortunately for the Stardust he lost his memory of ever being a god, he grew up to become Erestor, a gifted, innocent human child.

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  • Murtagh And Thorn
    luv Murtagh And Thorn

    I am having trouble recalling if we had a direction for this story any more, or if it was just sort of floating about aimlessly...

    Apr 23
  • Murtagh And Thorn
    luv Murtagh And Thorn

    {{ It has been a long while and I wasn't sure whether you wanted me to try replying to the -nearly forgotten- story. }}

    Apr 13
  • Murtagh And Thorn
    luv Murtagh And Thorn

    This is just a quick visit... But I will try to come back next week and do a few replies.

    I've missed the fun, but life is full, so I'm not complaining.


    Apr 10
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    How about both?

    Wanna do two?^^

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    Which character would you like?

  • Mistress Of FantasyGoddess Of Dreams 8/3/12
  • Ïnümë Hïgüräshï And Destiny Dexair
    luv Ïnümë Hïgüräshï And Destiny Dexair

    Not as well, but I am alive and moving *smiles softly and rubs your arm lightly* you've lost your RP Passion?

    8/1/12 via Mobile
  • Ïnümë Hïgüräshï And Destiny Dexair
    luv Ïnümë Hïgüräshï And Destiny Dexair

    hi hi! ^w^ its good to see your name brought to life again x3 how are you??

    8/1/12 via Mobile
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  • 'ᴬ ᴸ ᴱ ᴱ
    luv 'ᴬ ᴸ ᴱ ᴱ

    <3 I've missed you

    7/10/12 via Mobile
  • The Paranormal
    The Paranormal

    I am ever so sorry for being inactive.

    I have missed our Roleplays.


  • The Paranormal
    luv The Paranormal

    Some more love for you, sweetie.

  • The Paranormal
    The Paranormal

    I sent the reply through mail, hope that's alright? My replies are just too long for comments :L

  • The Paranormal
    The Paranormal

    Thank you for your patience with me, my friend. I shall reply sometime soon I hope.

    And how have you been?

  • ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ
    luv ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ

    Carefully she slipped the water into his drained body, the slithering fluid ran smoothly down his throat and tended to his thirst immediately. As the small orb was guided into his mouth she demanded another small amount of water to her palm and allowed it to swirl about her hand in a graceful manner.

    "Are you still thirsty?"

    Her voice was a bundle of care and strength, the very teenager that held him in her welcoming arms was the Avatar, saviour and keeper of the planet's balance.

  • Morgra

    She crawled low beside a large rock, keeping still and holding her breath; she could sense Lera. A wild animal. In time, she recognised it as a rabbit. They were scatty little creatures, usually hard to catch. But Morgra felt stronger, more faster at night. She leapt out, and begun the chase, the Rabbit knew she was after it. But it didn't last long, soon she had it at her throat, blood spewing from the arteries into her mouth. So sweet it seemed to taste. She was satisfied, and hoped it would be enough for the child, but she stayed awhile, chewing on her half of the meat.

  • Morgra
    luv Morgra

    It seemed only a few hours passed when her eyes flickered open, shining a brilliant yellow in the cold darkness. The moon was at it's half, giving little light upon the forest. But it was still enough for her to disguise herself.
    She stood up and crawled slowly out of the cave, looking back quickly the check the young boy. He should be safe there, no one came here.
    The she bounded off down the steep, camouflaging herself upon the tall grass and shaded bark. The nocturnals would be out now, she would be able to catch some good game perhaps.

  • ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ
    luv ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ


    - - Korra instantly slipped from her saddle and ran towards the collapsed boy, her figure towered over him before she leaned down to easily cup him in her arms. Naga already knew what Korra wanted and lowered to her knees allowing for Korra and the boy to mount her.

    "Naga, lead us to water.."

    - - Her strong nose raised to the air and sniffed curiously until she caught wind of the delicate smell of water. Without warning she bolted forward easily bounding over the rough terrene until finally coming to a slow halt. Her large body lowered again and Korra slipped from her seat along with the young boy. With the wave of her hand she commanded a small orb of water to float towards his mouth.

    "Hey.. open your mouth.. I have some water for you."