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Pasa Tuua

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  • Last active: 1/11/12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

<<<<<<My brother Ricky, sister Lagi and myself at our mothers funeral service 21/02/10!!

My little nephew Psalms Masame jammin on his kit lol...he gonna be a lead singer FOR SURE, luv you Psalmzie!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Anything that make my hips SWING...make my hips SWING...yea coz MY HIPS DONT LIE LOL..lol
volleyball, rugby, league, touch, bball, cricket, badminton, soccer, tiggy, bullrush, bop down tiggy, katch n kiss.. anything..YOU NAME IT.. ILL PLAY IT.. lol
Scared Of
When Home alone or when Lils takes me for car rides to dark places and dares me to run to a certain spot then she goes and leaves me..-
Happiest When
My familys happy.
Saddest When
When my hair gets wet in the rain.. lol
I sulk when
I dont get things my way.. ITS MY WAY OR NO WAY..!! got that?

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  • Liliengi

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/UlKf8

  • Ella Meredith
    Ella Meredith

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on KandaceKlawitergvcus@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Ella Meredith
    Ella Meredith

    I profited $350 in a few hours doing simple tasks! I went to - http://bit.ly/aoXYW9 You owe me one!

  • Debra Tuuaga
    luv Debra Tuuaga

    hey aunty sa just came by to spread some lov on your paige hows is things well i guess i dont see much of you lately just came by to stick a hart for you and phils from dandelise the little monkeys on holiday with dan newais you were last active on the fifteen of sep newais check you paige im leaving a hart for you love dandelise

  • Johanne Schuster. Naea
    luv Johanne Schuster. Naea

    hi Aunty..i got my sandals finally!! lol well dey r little too big 4 me i totally forgot to tell u dat im size is 41-42..but no worries i like them..nice color too. Thank u so much, oh also for da chocolates..hope u guys r doing just fine..tk cea and hola bak wen u can..heres a hart 4 u..

  • Johanne Schuster. Naea
    luv Johanne Schuster. Naea

    hey Aunty Sa do u know wat time Torises cumin 2mrw? mum z shes cumin but dont knw wat time..dont wana ask da fambam cos dey myt get suspicious..u knw..lol.. much luv

  • Debra Tuuaga
    luv Debra Tuuaga

    hey aunt sa just came by to your paige to give you a hart how r u hows billy and ant still giving you a hard time newais we are fine over hea say hi to mister phillip hahaha love always Princess Dandelise

  • Johanne Schuster. Naea
    luv Johanne Schuster. Naea

    hey aunty Sa, sori my frend there didnt happen to cum lastweek, hes not gna cum to Samoa until the end of the yr cos one of his assignments got extended, also Ive just found out that Alice was cuming on Sunday wen we went to hv koogai at my house..but i wanted to buy u sum chips n kekesaiga..so sori about that but c if u can find any1 u knw huz cumin ova to give da parcel to pliz..so sori aunty mum n dad gave Alice ur kokosamoa hope u got them..anywys send our luv to eveyone..tk cea much luv..

  • Sfarao
    luv Sfarao

    hi SA :) oka fefe le mumu faasoloado mai o le moli a lau kigikiki :D :D . how are you? ia just drop by to say hello and share the . here you go Sa. mwah have a good night and sweet dreamz k :/ . see you @ church 2mrow dear. GOOD NIGHT :)

    6/19/10 via Mobile
  • Arsha

    HI SA soleh wad tym we gonna meet dea at uuur houze oooohh cn yuu guyz juz wait dea until im gedin onn mah wae dea pliz coz mah ziztah ther nt hia i fink ther will b hia soon

  • -ToEoaana-

    Malo sa ua mai oe.dz z tagi daugther.ia manu ia le po!

    5/12/10 via Mobile
  • Senira Apeni T
    luv Senira Apeni T

    faafetai lava le talia ina si nei aiga..suga oa mai oe dear fefe ole vave na tou matutua..o fea oi ai ia Lagi i know olea eiai uila iinei..ailoga oe manatuaina au ole leva ia ona ou adds atu ae le respond mai..ae faafetai lava mo le taliina o au..ia oa mai si tatou uarota pele o vaea nd ward hahhaha o ai lena o epikopo ai?? hey r you still in our ward mt roskill pe leai..oka se leva ou te lei toe asiasi atu hehehe ia fai ma tap tap mai okk love nira..fatu mo oe e faamanaia ai le po...

  • JAnikka
    luv JAnikka

    Hey Sa How r u doing??? U must miss lagi nd the kid'z it'z so good having them here nway'z yeah my dad'z 50th is on MAY 28th FRIDAE so yeah i'm really looking forward to it :)) . Family only :)) I didn't invite anyone 4rm chruch :L Well hope you and the kid'z are all good. Here'z a heart for u

  • Franky
    luv Franky

    heller, ?? hi aunty wat r u up to??? drop by to send sum luff

  • Nick Masame
    luv Nick Masame

    UTUBE cancled the clip so uploaded it again`sorry for late reply just saw your message like now.lol

  • - Coco.
    luv - Coco.

    heyy auntyy love for you

  • Franky
    luv Franky

    hi dere stranger, hahaha...hi aunty sa...howz life treating yooh guys????

  • JAnikka
    luv JAnikka

    HEY Aunty Sa Dat'z gud Lagi moving over here for gud. MY old man said to let him know when Lagi nd the kidz r cumin over. I fink he wantz to go to da AIRPORT lol when they cum. When i told him you bebo me nd told me dat! He was over the moon lol. Y? can't u move here too!!!! it would be nice to have the whole FAMILY here. DID u know dat MAY 28th is me OLD manz 50th B'DAE i'm perparing a BIG 50th PARTY for me old man. He doesn't know about it. Me nd my old LADY are doing it. LOL So i hope by then LAGI nd da kid'z are here IT'Z FAMILY ONLY lol. WE having it @ da restaurant da ONE dat we had me 21st B'dae @. It would be nice if u would cum to it. I know how much my old man love's u nd lagi so much nd he will be so happy it's up to u. Nway'z da whole family is going down da GOLD COAST for da EASTER break. IT'S gona be so much fun. See datz Y? u should move here lol OK i best be on my way now!! Take care co'z we care lol alot'z of alofa'z 4rm me nd my papa nd mama lol

  • Senira Apeni T
    Senira Apeni T

    Hey its me nira..its shocking for your mother..i just found out when i look at your page..well same as me may nena eseta passed away dec 26 2009 .buried jan..n then vaitupu .n i have met all your sisters n bothers dare..sooo gud to see them all..so how are you doing? say helo to everyone okkk love you nira..

  • JAnikka
    luv JAnikka

    Hey Dare Aunty Sa How r u,Lagi nd da kidz? Just thought i'll drop u a little note nd share the love with u. So when is the next trip back to Aussie Land lol.R u going to SAMOA in JUNE i think me and my mum & dad r going. well hope all is gud with everyone. Here'z a heart for u TAKE CARE Alotz of alofaz 4rm me to u !!!!