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...When It Rainz It Pourz...

1/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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"Your In The Presence Of Greatness"
Me, Myself, and I
   Yusuf Orfali


Ever wonder...... Why a nun can be covered from head to toe and shes respected for devoting herself to God... and when a MUSLIM does that, she is oppressed! Why a Jew can grow a beard and he's just practicing his faith... and when a MUSLIM does that, he's an extremist! When a western woman stays at home to look after the house and kids shes sacrificing herself and doing good for the household... but when a MUSLIM does that, she needs to be liberated! Why is that when a child dedicates herself to subject, she has potential... and when a child dedicates herself to ISLAM, she is hopeless! When a christian or Jew kills someone, religion is not mentioned... but when a MUSLIM is charged with a CRIME, it is that ISLAM goes to trial? But then again, why is it after all that... ISLAM IS STILL THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD???
The Other Half Of Me
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- Magic -

Monge da Ugliest Man Alive ;)

Why Yu Should Date A Soccer Player
*~*Top Reasons To Date a Soccer Player*~*
1. We have the right touch.
2. We are used to scoring.
3. We can go in soft or hard.
4. We will make you scream for more.
5. Sweating is no problem.
6. Skill is definite.
7. We will play anywhere and anytime.
8. We can go for 90 minutes in at least 11 different positions.
9. We have tremendous stamina & endurance.
10. We always are on the top.
11. We are not afraid to get down and dirty.
12. We have good ball skills.
13. We play the field until we score.
14. We know how to take it down the middle.
Wanna Know Sumthin?
SEX Is A Sensation Caused By TempTation Wen A Guy Sticks His Location In A Gals Destination 2 Increase Da Population Of Da Nxt Generation Do u Understand My Explanation Or Will u Need A DEMONSTRATION
I hate haterz ..fakers, emos and discrimanterz...

 .backbiters.snobby bitches(snobs)and most off all >>> people that talk shiiiiit!!!
Thanx for being here for my Ase..ill always be by Ur side
Dead discussion, you will not win Cause I will not lose
Dont walk in front οf me саυѕe im not a follower, don't walk behind me саυѕe im not a leader, walk beside me саυѕε we are ѕοldiers οf !!ALLAH!!

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  • Michelle Giarraputo
    Michelle Giarraputo

    heyyy whats up water, etc. Heracleitus of Ephesus maintained tha

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  • Trae Darryl Edward M
    Trae Darryl Edward M

    hey yusuf how ya been the familys all good

  • Trae Darryl Edward M 1/9/10
  • Asee Babby
    Asee Babby

    LOve yOuh bOyy.. !

  • Joannaa.
    luv Joannaa.

    :P there u go

  • SxC Boy
    SxC Boy

    yusuf kuuzzz add me adel_lebo_93@hotmail.com yalla bye

  • Epic'
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    why thank you ;)

  • Jessika
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    .... xx

  • FAtshizzproduktionz

    heyy ORFASLI !! lol C U AT WRK !! L8AZ ...MWAHZ..x0x0

  • Epic'
    luv Epic'

    huh what you mean ?

  • Christine.Fili

    YUSUF .?yew bitch hav yew grown up or watt yah sexy kaaant.!:L bet cha hav no klue hu it is aye.?dikk head.!:L its meeh CHRISTINE FILI.?we went tew rosemeadow public school tewgether.?memba miss reeves.?n d bois use tew luk at her g string.!ewww yusuf yem tew.!:L :L jokes gee.!nehu hit bk k.!gta katch up man.! tke kre uso.! xo.! .CliiCk.CliiCk.

  • Epic'
    luv Epic'

    hello ;)

  • Latina Babii
    Latina Babii

    Y U S E F howz yuu been doinn ayy ? howz yurr holidayzz have yuu been a gudd boii lmfaoo ? well take care loserr haha xO!

  • Jessika
    luv Jessika


  • Jessika
    luv Jessika