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Right...... rps anyone?

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  • ѕιη

    Good sticking around to see if roleplay will actually pick up. How are you?

    Jul 19
  • ѕιη

    Hey there

    Jul 17
  • º-我風但那

    Ah! Okay! :D

    Jul 15
  • º-我風但那
    luv º-我風但那

    Are you gonna come back or have you moved passed the whole bebo fetish? Haha!

    Jul 15
  • º-我風但那
    luv º-我風但那

    I miss you, chica...

    Jul 12
  • ℓιттℓє ωιηg
    luv ℓιттℓє ωιηg


    Jun 14
  • αηѕωєяєя

    ”Indeed, it does feel like that.”

    || General Answerer looked back towards the radiating crystal before crossing arms across his chest. He wondered what information this object held within its unknown confines. He had many questions he wanted to ask her and so he started asking. ||

    ”What secrets does it hold?”

    Jun 6
  • αηѕωєяєя
    luv αηѕωєяєя

    Answerer stood at the threshold of the crystal chamber. He stepped in behind Allaya and continued to walk by her without taking his eye off the crystal. He raised his hands whilst looking at them feeling the warm radiant glow the crystal was giving. He quickly looked back towards Allaya and smiled with wide eyes.

    "This is the crystal you speak of? But how did it manifest? The Celestials must have placed it here, the makers of this"

    Jun 3
  • αηѕωєяєя

    Max sighed as he listened to her speak. He had moved to his knees, his black Hakama draped around him as his top was tightly fitted to his body. He had rolled up his sleeves over his muscular fore arms. He had slung his pony tail down in front of him, listening was all he could do till she was finished.

    ”And so this crystal granted you its abilities and protects you? Fascinating, is there any possibility I am able to see it? Of course with your permission only.”

    May 29
  • Lord Strages
    Lord Strages

    rp meow! but on justices account

    May 28
  • Project Haruhi Code Name Alice May 28 via Mobile
  • Larua Halliwell

    Hi. I'm Larua.

    May 26
  • αηѕωєяєя

    What higher purpose was she talking about? How can a crystal grant a being incorruptible power? The scientific side of Maximilian was coming out now as he thought about it more. The Jedi General walked over to a cushioned seat and sat down with his back never touching. His calculating eyes watched Allaya for a few moments before speaking.

    ”And for my defense, your holocron activated itself before sensing I wasn’t you.”

    May 23
  • αηѕωєяєя

    The newly promoted Jedi General stepped out from the shadows inside her home. His electric blue eyes stared her down as he crossed his overly muscular arms across his wide chest. He had a very stern expression upon his face, and his tensed jaw line showed he wasn’t here on happy intentions.

    ”I have stumbled across some information about a unique crystal. It looks something like this.”

    Max drew a glass tablet from his side and placed his finger on the center of the glass pane. A clear holographic image formed from the center of the pane. It was a rotating crystal that was from the holocron that belonged to Allaya. Letters began to stream down the side of the crystal, expressing information that the General had recalled when he saw the holocron activate.

    ”It says there is a larger one down below, Allaya. Incorruptible, how exactly did you manage that.”

    May 23
  • αηѕωєяєя

    ”Generating encryption.” The words softly escaped the pale lips of the Jedi Commander. He was in one of the main Vaults on board the Immaculate Eternal locking away the Codex of Tython holocron. His hands swiftly moved across the three dimensional hologram circles as he encrypted the lock security. As the rainbow colored beauty slipped away into a black cube sealed with a Faraday cage he turned around and began to work on Allayas.
    The purely white holocron that was owned by her was handled carefully by his hands. He placed the glowing holocron in its miniature vault but something else happened. Beams of white light began to form an image of a crystal. Information began to pour out about making Allaya incorruptible and given abilities that no known Force user can obtain but suddenly the holocron turned an awful red and blasted the Jedi Commander with an incredible push before turning off.


    May 22
  • αηѕωєяєя

    Max flew across the immense interior of the Vault and landed on his side and slid across the floor. What had he see? What was inside that holocron? What was Allaya hiding? The Jedi Commander stood up onto his feet and raced over to finish sealing it away inside its own miniature cube vault.
    The next day he spent it pondering about what he saw, trying to draw out the crystal from memory and recite the text he had seen. He knew the only way to gather the information he would have to confront her, and confront her shall.

    II - End

    May 22
  • αηѕωєяєя

    Hey you alright?


    May 19
  • αηѕωєяєя
    luv αηѕωєяєя

    ”Let us go; we have much that needs to be done.”

    Max walked away from the large viewing window that loomed over the tree tops revealing the view of the planet. He led Allaya out of the chamber and to a special location housing a small pod that would take them to the hangar bays. The trip didn’t take long as they flew through the different paths at high speeds due to the magnetic accelerators. When they arrived they both walked out onto the steel floor of the large hangar.

    ”We’ll be transporting everything here and from here everything will be taken to the vaults. You and I have two important things we need to get from Ossus. The Codex of Tython and your own holocrons.”

    Ships inside the hangar were already going through the blue thin barrier that kept the hangar area safe. Max was heading for his personal drop ship, a wing shaped vessel that was moving around being prepped for take off.

    May 15
  • αηѕωєяєя
    luv αηѕωєяєя

    ”Indeed, I have gone through every precaution of keeping our vessel hidden away from Sith power. Emperor Archaos army has been silent for years now, we have done many jumps to his outer rims and his ships remain dormant. “

    He continued to massage her hands before flipping them over and look at them. He was pondering on what these hands could do or what they have done before they had met. He also wanted to know what secrets she kept locked deep in her mind like a diamond vault. His curiosity only grew tenfold but he had self-control and knew when he was pushing too much.
    The Immaculate Eternal suddenly made a slight near unnoticeable jerk just as it exited hyperspace. Max stood up and peered out through the large viewing window and saw the planet of Ossus. They had finally arrived and the Jedi Master turned back to Allaya with a large smile and wide eyes.

    ”We’re here.”

    May 14
  • αηѕωєяєя
    luv αηѕωєяєя

    ”Knowledge that is critical to our Order. Even though the Sith have made no notion of their existence, like usual, it doesn’t mean we can’t protect our most vital assets.”

    Steel watched her sit upon the grass, he appreciates her beauty and wisdom as well her rare purity. He knew he was only a Jedi Master who served under her but he couldn’t help but feel closer to her in spirit. The bodacious master sat down upon the grass as well, he adjusted his loose Hakama upon his wide muscular legs. He sat Indian style before her but slowly he reached out and grabbed her soft hands into his own.

    ”Is it true that your purity is incorruptible?”

    His thumbs rubbed the tops of her hands slowly in soft circles. His bright blue eyes kept looking into her own, he was obviously admiring her for all that she is and being in her presence was peaceful.

    May 13