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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

      Charlotte Katie Binns ♥
         Cant think of a better way...
            ...I love you is that okay?


      your a wanker...and dont you know it (Y)

       ...I ♥ Lauren Ward :)


The Other Half Of Me
Yasmin Benjamin











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  • me :)

    - Im Charlotte Binns
    - Im 17
    - My Birthday Is Febuary the 7th
    - I live in Doncaster, Armthorpe to be precise!
    - For Twelve or Thirteen years I Lived in Sheffield
    - On a Street called Atlantic Way in Lowedges
    - I used to go to Lowedges Primary school ;)
    - I Used to go on holiday in a caravan Every christmas!
    - It was aceeee :)
    - I Left Lowedges in year 6 and moved to Doncaster
    - My Life would be so different if I stayed in Sheffield
    - Now I go to Armthorpe Comp
    - Im In Year 12
    - I Study Psychology, Health & Social and Sociology
    - I enjoy Fridays at school
    - I love my family & friends
    - I have loads of randomers added on msn
    - I Hate people touching my back
    & when my mum calls me Charlotte Katie
    - I love snow but hate cold weather
    - Hot days in the garden are mint
    - When you can sit drinking wine and eat ice lollies :D
    - I like Boyzone & Westlife, and i'm not ashamed to admit it!
    - I think James Morrison is a GENIOUS
    - I like Ketchup on everything
    - I have cold feet almost all of the time
    - I love my Ipod it's purple :D
    - Gavin Degraw's music is ace
    - Green is my favourite colour
    I got Good GCSEs and didn't revise at all ;)
    - My Camera is red :D
    - Ive been to see Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Richard Fleeshman, Matt Willis Live!
    - Ive Met Richard Fleeshman
    - My Sister always buys me the best birthday presents
    - I have three alarms to wake me in a morning, none of them ever do :)
    - I do not like small spaces
    - I am scared of Clowns and people in costumes
    - because they could grope you, like a man in a goofy costume did to a girl in America
    - I am bad at doing coursework, cause I always get distracted
    - so I end up rushing it the night before its due in
    - My phone is a bag of crap
    - I can't save money, at all!
    - I am going to see James Morrison on April the 6th ;)
    - I Still travel to sheffield for my haircut and
    - In my hairdressers theres a very fit boy!
    - And the man who cuts my hair happens to be very fit too ;)
    - I still have my calender on July cause I like the picture
    - I Have a Huuuuuuuge poster of the Jonas Brothers on my wall
    - and a Matt Willis one :D
    - I know I can live by myself cause i have done for a week
    - Im in love with tropical juice!
    - I love Skins ::D
    - In my house there is;
    - 3 fish
    - 3 Newts
    - 2 turtles
    and a ferret in the garage, cause it stinks!
    - I like tea and coffee with looots of milk in!
    - i have a new found love of David Archuleta (runner up from American Idol!)
    - I bake a meaan cake
    - I Have watched hairspray a lot, and i know most of the songs word for word :D
    - Shameless Is aceee!
    - My Mum called me charlotte so she could call me Charlie, cause of the BOY in willy wonka and the chocolate factory (Charlie Bucket)
    - I want to call my child Spencer if its a boy
    - Tia or Teagan if its a girl
    - I Like watching The Bill :D
    - Me and Charlotte Marshall always had the best times in Science, Specially In Mr. Uttings class :D
    - Mine and Claire's Water fight in year 11 was mint :D
    - Justin Timberlake is fit! ;)
    - I Misss Charlotte Marshall at school...awwww!
    - theres one in the living room riiight now!
    - so Im refusing to sit in there till its gone :D
    - I paint my nails a different colour like every week (Y)
    - I Love my Silkie...It might me scraggy but its beaut :)
    - I have about 900 pillows on my bed :D
    - & 2 quilts
    - I met Go:Audiooo, The Yeah You's, Will and the People, The Magic Numbers...and more at Donny Livee :) :D
    - Thanks to Megan Brood that is :D
    - The Yeah You's remembered me from the day before at Tramlines!
    - At Tramlines I met The FITTEST person from the fittest band in the world :)
    - I need to stop saying Oi!
    - and Wheyoooo :L

    4 Comments 233 weeks

  • 23rd January 2009 - Me and Becci :D

    Me: I wonder what year I will be 100
    becci: hmmm i dno
    me: I'll work it out, itll be 91 days from now.
    becci: if im gunna be 100 in 91 days then im quite upset, my life has flashed before my eyes
    me: laughes for about 1 hour

    Me: my bottles formal
    Becci: Whhaaaat
    me: its got a shirt on
    becci: fine mines naked
    me:mines a boy
    becci: you can see mines penis, if you move its towel
    me: me mines a boy cause it wears a shirt
    becci: so only boys can wear shirts can they, so what do you wear to school
    me: i wear a blousssse
    becci: what the bloody hells a blousssse
    me: its actually a blouse, not a bloussse
    becci: laughed for about 3 years
    me: its just a shirt really :D

    Mateeee byeee x

    0 Comments 235 weeks

  • Mine && Staci's Quotes :D

    1. Staci: My Water Smells Funny Out Of My Tap.
    Charlotte: DRINK IT!...Then I Can Put You In The Recovery Position!

    2. Schwag!!

    3. Staci: Charlotte Shall We Go To Ibeatzzzaaa?
    Charlotte: No But We Can Go To Ibiza!

    4. "QUOTE BOOK!"

    5. "It's cowboy time!"

    6. "Fuck first aid - I'll just do Nigel!"

    7. Sugarmonkey!!

    8. Hold That For us......Im Off For A SLASH

    9. Innniiiiiiittttttt Or Summmeeeeettttt

    10. Sorry Just Went For A Tiddle.

    11. Sup
    Suck Mi Dick
    I Said Sup!

    12. I Cant Believe He Has More Grey Hair Than My Grandma...And Shes 86

    More Coming Soon Cant Remember None :D

    0 Comments 269 weeks

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  • Marv

    haha lol:L okay hopfuly speak soon love ya<3xox

  • Marv

    hahaha:L im sure its only when its needed thou!!! nd you dont go out your way to be a bitch!!:L <3xo

  • Marv

    haha:L i think theres birchs in like every school like and everywhere you go!:( (N) <3xo

  • Marv

    haha lol:L i so dont miss school at all!!!:D just the ppl in it... well some of then alot of them are just stupid bitchs!!:L :D <3xo

  • Marv

    i wud be in 6th yeah but i left and im in collage now doing art:D <3xo

  • Marv

    aww how nice of youu?:$:D what yeah you in?:D xox

  • Marv

    i know iv talked to you im like forever:O o_O !! collage reali:D <3xox

  • Marv

    omg heyy!!!:D im great ta:D youu? you been doing much? <3xox

  • - LW
    - LW

    :( anyway, i am going now. laurenzoo is off to bed very soon because i am very very tired :/ lol goodnight, love you xxxx

  • - LW
    - LW

    he doesnt know that i am there though, he just sits there looking down and he doesnt look up so he doesnt see me! :( :O your missing schoool, i wouldnt be! :L its been shit this week (N) and good good :) lol loveyouu xxx

  • - LW
    - LW

    :( me too, but its like asking for a miracle tbh. i cannot wait till you get back to school, i am missing you :( :L loveyou too baby ;) xx