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1/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 163
  • from Boneykelly
  • Profile views: 347
  • Member since: November 2008
  • Last active: Feb 21
  • www.bebo.com/Ray_Gill
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About Me

every body loves raymond
Me, Myself, and I
:L Awarded best hair style 2009 :L

me in the middle

Raymond 308 up, 143 down
A male that is wanted by every women who has ever seen him. Gets boned very often and has a VERY large penis. He's extremely good looking and one of the funniest kids in the USA. He has the most gorgeos eyes in the world and has been told on more than one occasion that he should try out for playgirl when he reaches the age of 18. Total playa and pimp. Completely loaded with cash and gives money to all if they ask and are his friend.


:) Best mate del monte (leannee) :)
pendulm-blink 182-The killers-Kasabian-Fall out boy
an fit evr
Scared Of
Happiest When
not being abused
Never without
Avaitor glasses, board shorts

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The closest thing we Brits really got to a muscle car, the Capri was 'the car you always promised yourself'. It looks awesome and the higher spec models are pretty quick. Until you get to a corner. Or the arse falls out of it. It has also been immortalised in TV shows like Minder and The Professionals. A head turning classic, if you don't mind bein a junkie magnet.
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  • Danny P
    luv Danny P

    am sstg yeh bt i went t north star 1st n got an interview in aberdeen sstg is kent tho

  • luv Jamie Shewan

    Ray .... rise against your comin with me im gonna show you some proper music by making you watch john mayer and phonics you can come prodigy im gonna own you in a mosh pit sound good?;)

  • Duncan Brown
    luv Duncan Brown

    since ur shit at cod and put my accuracy down :O

  • luv Jamie Shewan

    :L my bad You Fuckin suck! No nae yet im lookin though;)

  • Leannee.

    my family is now a bunch of pineapple chunks? :L :L yeh xmas was goood how about youu? xxx

  • luv Jamie Shewan

    Did he fuck hes a dick:L Yeah;) spinin the beats to school on the 30th en ray;)

  • Leannee.

    i looked at a can of pineapple chunks the other day and guess what it sed on it ? :O :O :O delmonte!!! :D :D :D smiles all round eh rayy ! :) how you doing?? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Leannee.
    luv Leannee.

    well i am affa sneaky ! Delmonte is not selfish and tends to share what she has. priviledged? u have to be cause im kinda cool eh ? for an mexican! :D xxx

  • luv Jamie Shewan

    Aye mine we need taxi numbers and stuff:L

  • Leannee.
    luv Leannee.

    oh.. forgot ! heres your red stuff ;) :P haaa xxx

  • Leannee.

    :L :L it breifly left ..:O you may have it .. last time i saw u was wizard! i had it then ;) HA! delmonte :L u funny chappy.! Hows School ? :D :D meet soon :O xxx

  • Darren Wonder
    Darren Wonder

    nae much yourself? Long weekend at fucking last...needed it after 3 days of school this week haha

  • Jamie Shewan

    och nae much ray ursel? oh aye fukin mental:L weel get a mosh;)

  • luv Jamie Shewan

    Raymond do we have a train yet?:L

  • Leannee.

    Ray! :) i miss my best friend! :( the flu's back :O xxxxx

  • Darren Wonder
    Darren Wonder

    oh well like. Stevies a big boy, he can stand up for himself:L

  • Darren Wonder
    luv Darren Wonder

    Superstition-Stevie Wonder......We Love you STEVIE!!

  • Duncan Brown
    luv Duncan Brown

    u must be cold sitting in ur house so here's some love to warm u up :)

  • Darren Wonder
    Darren Wonder

    my name is dedicated to Stevie.....we love you Stevie!

  • Jamie Shewan

    ray your a dumbass....cause you forget when your in maths...jokin;)