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The Plan

8 Months is the OW Tag Team record! "The Plan!" are on 6 1/2!

5/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

What is the Plan?
Me, Myself, and I
The Plan!

14th November a turning point in online wrestling, The Plan take their first stage to total domination, "The Plan!" revealed themsleves as one of the leading tag teams in this buisness today, and combined with some of the most deadly forces in the world, who can stop the team with the best Plan?

The Plan
Robert Stevens
Mike Pyralis
Aaron Destiny

On the 23rd of November, The Plan shocked the world when they pitted the return of Aaron Destiny. Who was entered into the Showtime title match as the mystery oppenent. The Plan also added Chris Edwards as the "slave" for a short period until he left UBW.

Let it come 'cause I've got a chance for a sweet sane life
I said I've got a dance and you'll do just fine
Well I've got a plan
look forward in my eyes
Let it come. Well I've got a chance for a sweet sane life
I said I've got a dance; it moves into the night
Well I've got a plan with forward in my eyes

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  • The Plan Factfile

    Championships Won

    1x UWW Tag Team Champion's (Pyralis & Xodus)


    I would continue with the record but we haven't updated it in ages. All you need to know about the plan is that when we have both or all promoed in a match we have never lost. We have three members which are Robert Stevens, Aaron Destiny and Mike Pyralis. In UBW we broke up for storyline purposes but still remain a team in every other federation we are in.
    Are main goal and ambitions are clear. We want to be the Undisputed tag team Champions in online wrestling.

    On the 6th December 2008 "The Plan!" captured their first ever tag team championship when the pairing of Mike Pyralis and the 'Forgotten Mystery' Dark Xodus won a tag team tournament on one episode of UWW Underworld beating Steve Nero and even "Plan!" member Aaron Destiny. Since then we made a pact we would hold the UWW Tag Team Titles for the longest, beating every record in the history books and have since successfully defended the belts every time UWW throws us a team. Xodus and Pyralis have proven to be solid tag team champions in UWW and are on a collision course with the eight month mark which would mean we would become the longest reigning tag team champions in online wrestling history. For the simple reason of Xodus and Pyralis being played on the higher card in UWW of recent we haven't defended them as much as we would like, but that's how the business rolls nowadays. "The Plan!" are in full control of UWW!

    The story of UBW was long lived. In november we promised to take over and use all the power we had in bad ways. Stevens and Destiny provided all the power and Pyralis made sure no one got near to us. On one episode of FnF in Febuary we took over the show and had Xodus on security, Durka and Constance doing backstage work, "Mudkip" Aaron Destiny as ring announce and "Gucci Stevens" and "Gucci Pyralis" on commentary. It was the perfect night for "The Plan!" dominating from head to toe and proving our dominacwe. But our ego's got the better of us. After New Years Evolution it appeared there was some power struggle within the group and it all started when Xodus said he would no longer play fiddle to Mike Pyralis and quit the group, then saying he will make Mike's life a living hell. Pyralis seeked for help from his team mates Stevens and Destiny who said they would stick by him but then it all came to a head at UBW War at The Rumble when not only Robert Stevens eliminate Mike Pyralis but then Aaron Destiny went on to win the 30 man match. His ego went high and Robert Stevens started having problems with Joey Harding and the "Rebellion". Xodus kept appearing making Mike Pyralis' life hell and did so, but then solidarity seemed the key as Stevens, Destiny & Pyralis was booked to face Damien Muir, Joey Harding & Bobby Hogan at Spring Fling, but the breakdown started before the match had even started. Joey Harding saw it his mission to take out Robert Stevens and did so, where as Aaron Destiny took out Bobby Hogan and Mike Pyralis before the match saying he showed no loyalty to the cause. With Pyralis and Stevens out of the match Destiny had to hope for the masked man Xodus to help, but it seemed they were to power hungry for their own good, conflicts between the two cost them the victory against Harding and Muir signalling the end of "The Plan!" in Ultimate Bebo Wrestling.

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  • James Mercston 10/1/09
  • Ultimate Bebo Wrestling.
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  • Robert Stevens
    Robert Stevens

    Who said it is Xodus' fed? It is mine...Robert Stevens!

  • Suicidal Memories
    Suicidal Memories

    Xodus, seriously what makes you think I want to become a member of this page? You're lucky enough to have me in your friends list...let alone your fed *Shifty* :L

  • Lord Damian Sty -Retired
    luv Lord Damian Sty -Retired

    Sperm :O i'm a fan :( i like the plan

  • - Xodus
    luv - Xodus

    I think that warrents another invite...

  • Robert Stevens
    luv Robert Stevens

    Excuse me Muir. I know for a fact everyone loved the episode of FnF we took over, and we own some of the most presigous belts in OW :)

  • Damien Muir
    Damien Muir

    You still suck :P

  • The Gate To Fate
    luv The Gate To Fate

    The Plan still going strong ;) UBW Undisputed Champion Destiny.

  • Cray

    The Plan, Alright... I guess. *shifty eyes & cough*

  • - Xodus
    luv - Xodus

    Never rocked? We are still going!

  • Underworld Wrestling

    I think you'll find I am the one with the real power in UWW

  • Lord Damian Sty -Retired
    Lord Damian Sty -Retired

    Match 7 Damian Sty, Craig Adams & Overkill DEFEAT. Dark Xodus & Mike Pyralis