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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i thought i could forgive you and i know you've changed as much as i wanna trust you i know it aint the same and its all because you lied...
i do not come on bebo no more its dead-out R.I.P :[
facebook me - rachel malcolm

17.03.09 - demi keisha porter
beautifull quatercast чounger ( L )  
The Other Half Of Me
Ryan F

Ryan F

been other halfs for ages(:


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    10 Favorites
    Drink: Juice & water
    Color: Bright colours & purple
    Mall: U
    Music: Bit of everything
    Fruit: Strawberrys & mango
    Smell: Weed
    Food: Pasta
    Season: Summer
    Day: Friday & saturday

    10 FACTS
    Birthplace: London
    Hometown: Reading
    School: Went Highdown
    Height: 5 foot something
    Shoe Size: 5
    Hair length: Shoulders
    Eye color: Brown
    Mood: Effing bored
    Sex: Female
    Sign: Cancer

    10 LOVE LIFE
    Have you ever been in love?: Think so
    Do you believe in love?: Supose
    Have you ever been heart broken?: Yeah
    Have you ever broken someones heart?: Doubt it
    Have you ever been told someone has loved you?: Yes
    Have you ever fallen for your best friend?: Nope
    Are you afraid of commitment?: Nope
    Are you in love right now?: No
    Do you believe in love at first sight?: Duna
    Love or money? BOTH (:

    10 THIS OR THAT?
    Love or sex?: Love(A)
    Hard liquor or beer: Liqour
    Hook-ups or relationships?: Relationships
    T.V. or internet: Both (:
    Pepsi or coke: Coke
    Wild night out or romantic night in?: Wild
    Saturday or Sunday?: Saturdayy
    Colored Or Black & White Pictures?: Dont mind
    Phone or in person?: Both
    blonde or brunette?: Brunette

    Have you ever been caught sneaking out?: At rays lol
    Have you ever bungee jumped?: No
    Have you ever been on a house boat?: Nope
    Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker?: Dont like them
    Have you ever wanted to be with someone so badly? No
    Have you ever stayed up all night 'til the sun came up?: Yeah
    Have you ever been caught by your parents with a hickey?: Yup
    Have you ever been caught by your parents doing anything more than making out? No
    Have you ever broke a promise?: Probs

    10 ARE YOU'S
    Are you missing someone right now?: No
    Are you in love with anyone?: Asked this
    Are you a virgin? No
    Are you happy?: Yeah
    Are you talking to anyone right now?: No
    Are you German?: Lol no
    Are you Indian?: No :S
    Are you Irish?: I think I have irish in me
    Are you Cool?: Course lol
    Are your parents still married?: Nope

    0 Comments 213 weeks

  • bored brudda.

    About Me:
    1. Full Name: Rachel Katrina Malcolm.
    2. Nicknames: RayRay.
    3. Birthday: 2Oth July.
    4. Place of Birth: London.
    5. Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
    6. Male or female: Female.
    7. School: Went Highdown.
    8. Residence: Junction.
    9. MSN: Ask For It.
    1O. Hair Colour: Mystical Violet.
    11. Hair Length: Shoulder Length.
    12. Eye colour: Brown.
    13. Height: 5ft Something.
    14. Braces: Nope.
    15. Piercings: Nose & Ears Twice.
    16. Tattoos: Nope.
    17. Righty or Lefty: Righty.
    18. First Best Friend: Serena & Kiran.
    19. First Award: Swimming.
    2O. First Sport You Joined : Swimming.
    21. First Pet: Cat.
    22. First Real Vacation: Australia.
    23. First Play: Noddy Lol.
    24. First Love: Not Telling.
    25. Movie: Save The Last Dance, Honey & Madagascars.
    26. TV programme: 'Enders, Corry & Waterloo road.
    27. Colour: Bright Colours.
    28. Flower: Rose.
    29. Music group: Pretty Ricky.
    30. Song: Beyonce's SongS & Got More To.
    32. Sweet: Not A Big Fan Of Sweets.
    33. Sport: I Love Walking.
    34. Restaurant: Nandos.
    35. Favourite Brand: Not Sure.
    36. Store: H&M, Primarni, New Look & Top Shop.
    37. School Subject: It Was Games: The Gym.
    38. Animal: Dogs: Staffs & Pitbulls.
    39. Book: Dont Have One.
    4O. Magazine: Dont Have One.
    41. Shoes: Pumps.
    42. Feeling: Bored.
    43. Single or Taken: Single.
    44. Have a crush: Maybe.
    45. Eating: Nothing.
    46. Drinking: Nothing.
    47. Typing: This.
    48. Online: Yes.
    49. Listening To: Music Channel.
    5O. Thinking About: The Answers To This.
    51. Watching: Laptop Screen & T.v.
    52. Wearing: Pjamas.
    53. Want Kids: Yes Two Or Three.
    54. Want to be married: Duno.
    55. Careers In Mind: Not To Sure.
    56. Where do you want to live: Reading Still.
    57. Car: A Ford Fiesta.
    Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex:
    58. Hair colour: Brown Or Black.
    59. Hair length: Dont Mind.
    6O. Eye colour: Any.
    61. Height: Taller Than Me.
    62. Cute or Sexy: Sexy.
    63. Lips or Eyes: LIPS(L)
    64. Hugs or Kisses: Both.
    65. Easygoing or Serious: Both But Not To Serious.
    66. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both.
    67. Quiet Or Loud: InBetween.
    68. Sensitive or Loud: Both.
    69. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship.
    7O. Sweet or Caring: Both.
    Have You Ever:
    71. Kissed a Stranger: Nope.
    72. Had Alcohol: Yeah.
    73. Cheated On Someone: Previously, But Never Again.
    74. Ran Away From Home: Nope.
    75. Broken a bone: Nope.
    76. Got an X-ray: Yeah.
    77. Been with someone: Yeah.
    78. Broken Someone’s Heart: Probably Not.
    79. Broke Up With Someone: Yeah.
    8O. Cried When Someone Died: Yes.
    81. Two Timed Someone: Yeah.
    82. First School: St Johns Primary School.
    83. Best Friends When Little: Serena & Kiran.
    84. Childhood Pets: I've Had Rabbits, Guineapig, Hamsters & Budgies.
    85. Neighbours: Paha Dont Make Me Start.
    86. Summer Memories: All Nighters & Field(L)
    87: First School Teacher: Dont Remember.
    89: Last Primary School Teacher: Mrs Jacks.
    9O: First Friend: Tia, Grace & Keri.
    91: First Uniform: Green Dress, Blue Skirt White Polo Top.
    92: Family Member: They All Live In London.
    93: Friend:
    94. Crushes:
    Final Question:
    95. Why Are You Doing This: Because Im Bored.

    0 Comments 218 weeks

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"Showing off your talents to impress someone special may make you look desperate. Let your creative skills unfold slowly as you get to know someone as opposed to one night full of back-to-back revelations. This is a date, not the circus."

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  • CHantelle.
    luv CHantelle.

    you may aswell have another for old time shake xxxx

    2/6/12 via Mobile
  • CHantelle.
    luv CHantelle.

    hey nuff love xx

    2/6/12 via Mobile
  • Kelly Simone
    Kelly Simone

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/XQWs5

  • Fiona.
    luv Fiona.

    you liar :P . excuses ;) x

  • Fiona.
    luv Fiona.

    you can talk :P

    2/26/10 via Mobile
  • -SB

    hello babes you okay ?x i love you x

  • PUnk

    lool thanx =]x

  • Fiona.

    i am lucky, :D

  • PUnk

    yrhh i noo propa......xwerz ma love dohh...x

  • Fiona.

    LOOL i don't even get those emails anymore "/

  • PUnk

    i no b...i jus dnt go owt on road dat much its long and dead=]aliee? wel that bless den yehh in finee....x

  • Fiona.

    lool yoiu was its dead but yet your still on it LOOL

  • Daniikaa

    i know LOL we propper use to love it off now we neverr gooo onn itt gawdddd x

  • Daniikaa
    luv Daniikaa

    have some love girl as iimm on thisssss xxx

  • Fiona.
    luv Fiona.

    obviously ;) . its the booom o_O

  • PUnk
    luv PUnk

    hi babe ent spok ta youu in a long time how you doin ??? lovee >>> i want it bak x

  • I Am
    I Am

    oo lol yeahh it does get boring. LOL i dont care im celebratingg haha loveyou x

  • Paige H
    luv Paige H

    love youu Rayyrayy 39 days yey !!! (L)

  • I Am
    luv I Am

    (N) But you havent been out for ages have you? umm nothing just getting ready to go back to school Grr. Friday night bubz we gotta rave it upp because... ITS BEYONCE'S BIRTHDAY LOL" so we have to have funn (Y) iloveyouu x

  • I Am
    I Am

    Rayyrayy long time girl what youu been up too babbyy :D needa see youu soon (: loveyou x