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Eddie Smeaton

Eddie Smeaton

9/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 31
  • from milton keynes
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 976
  • Member since: November 2008
  • Last active: 3/16/11
  • www.bebo.com/Eddieee08
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yo it'z ed here if ya wanna be m8s im here lol x :)
Me, Myself, and I
. Eddiee Smeaton
Year 8
Scared Of
Happiest When
when ive got my eyes open lol x
add me on msn: eddiesmeaton08@live.co.uk
well i got one word 4 him he a ledge and he treatz me right i love him as family me and him are computer budd'z and me and him also love 2 get out instead of being stuck in constantly and me and him love pissing off people as in BEN lol we love 2 piss him off his reaction is so funny we gang up on him on the computer and we both stick up 4 each other lol u should see us but we can be complete cuntz towardz each other lol x

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  • soz i copyed this one coz i thought it would be good lol but girls only

    Yσσн Hανє A Cυтє ______.

    Yσσн Mαкє Mє ______.

    Yσσн Sнσυℓ∂ ______.

    Sσмє∂αу I Wιℓℓ ______.

    Yσσн + Mє = ______.

    Yσσн Dєѕєяνє ______.

    If I Sαω Yσσн Nαкє∂ Rιgнт Nσω I'∂ ______.

    I Nєνєя Wαииα Sєє Yσσн ______.

    I Wσυℓ∂ Bυιℓ∂ A ______ Jυѕт Fσя Yσσн.

    I Wσυℓ∂ ______ Jυѕт Tσ Mαкє Yσσн Hαρρу.

    Wнєи Yσυя Oℓ∂єя Yσσн Wιℓℓ ______.

    I Wσυℓ∂ Gєт Yσυя Nαмє Tαттσσє∂ Oи Mу ______.

    If I Cσυℓ∂ Sιиg Yσσн Aиу Sσиg Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.

    If Tнєяє Wαѕ Aиутнιи I Cσυℓ∂ Cнαиgє Aвσυт Yσσн
    Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.

    Wє Cσυℓ∂ _________ Uи∂єя Tнє Sтαяѕ.

    Mє Aи∂ Yσσн Sнσυℓ∂ Dєƒƒιηєтℓу ______ Sσмє Dαу.


    P.S. ______

    4 Comments 229 weeks

  • what would u do if i............

    Wat wud u do if i...
    Committed suicide?
    Said I love u?
    Kissed u?
    Lived next door?
    Was raped?
    Started doing drugs?
    How did we meet?
    What do u tink of me?
    Best memory of me?
    How long will we be friends?
    Do u love me?
    Have I hurt you?
    Wud u hug me?
    Kiss me?
    if i asked you out?
    Fuck me?
    Are we close?
    Scale of 1-10, hw safe am i?
    Am I loveable?
    How long have u known me?
    Describe me in 1 word?
    Have u ever been mad at me?
    What reminds u of me?
    Do u know me well?
    Are you going to put this in ur blog to see what i say bout u?

    5 Comments 230 weeks

  • everyone do my blog plz x

    go out wit me?
    giv me ur number?
    kiss me?
    let me kiss u?
    watch a movie wit me?
    hav a fling wit me
    have a relationship wit me?
    Dance wit me?
    Spank my ass?
    kiss me 2 death?
    Let me fuk u?
    Stick up 4 me if i was bein put down?
    Carress my body?
    Play strip poker wit me?
    Say yes if i asked u out?
    Get wasted wit me?
    Hang out wit me?

    write on it and ill write back to ya xx

    1 Comment 234 weeks

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What World Class Footballer are you?

Cesc Fabregas

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Where Will You Next Have Sex ? (Boys Andd Girls)

My result is: His/Her Bedroom

Not Vri Original
Make Sure You Have Everything Andd Boys Get Out Her Bedroom Before Her Dad Gets Back

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  • Dam'Dam Xx
    Dam'Dam Xx

    jur thought u were coz shez a matee . Dw

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Dam'Dam Xx
    Dam'Dam Xx

    R u related 2 taylor. Smeaton?

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Alex.

    hiiia babes 8) you okay then? miss you really quite a bit, hows your holidays? love you xxxxxxx

  • Dam'Dam Xx
    Dam'Dam Xx

    Fnxz 4 add nd nt 2 b rude buh hus dis wb

    8/10/09 via Mobile
  • Alex.

    hey (; is alright thanks, im constantly out + i owe jack like, 400 or something :) yeah, still in scotland. i miss shopping, + everyone realy/ acturly, im still ok, aslong as it sstarts being sunny again. loveyou xxxxxx

  • Abie
    luv Abie

    hello, thankyou for the add :) , xxx

  • Alex.
    luv Alex.

    lmao, very much owed lurrrrrrve :) + of course i love you dumbass (L) xxxxxx

  • Bebos Dead
    luv Bebos Dead

    :D x im giving you all my love because im umm GAY:) well im not butt yarrrnooo

  • Bebos Dead
    luv Bebos Dead

    eddieee your one funny motherfucker(:

  • Bebos Dead
    luv Bebos Dead


  • Alex.

    OK:) i owe everyone love, return some this year. :) lmao love you xxxxx

  • Alex.

    emily's amazing. :))

  • Lily

    thanks for the add but who are you? :)

  • AmyLouisemansell

    Hey, Thanks for the add But do i know you? :) x

  • 'Ayshy

    hey thaks for the add do i know you?:)

  • Gemmalina

    Heyyaa xx :) Thankss Forr The Add xx Doo I Know Youu xxx

  • Emilybabes.

    Hey so let me introduce myself then if you wanna know, im Emily, 13, Oakgrove im friends with alexandria, chloe, becky and loads of other people so thts why i added you bye :) x

  • Sunshine.

    lmao:L eddie is a jokerrr, and ive been up to nothing really. Partys, iceskating, hanging out, missing you;) how about you, done anything good lately? (: xxxxxxx