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Night Class

plz get you friends to join =]

10/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
The Night Class is run by Kaname Kuran. He worked with the Chairman to create the Night Class at Cross Academy and with his presence allows the Night Class to be kept in check despite Zero's distrust of him. Takuma Ichijo "the second strongest vampire in the night class" helps Kaname with the Night Class the other members of the night class are:

Hanabusa Aido - Nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class.

Akatsuki Kain - Aido's cousin and another one of "Kaname-sama's right hand".

Ruka Souen - A female vampire popular with the Day Class.

Senri Shiki -One of the youngest Night Class members.

Rima Touya- One of the youngest Night Class students.

Seiren- Kaname Kuran's unofficial bodyguard.

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  • Dante Kenshin Rinesparda -UkeSeme
    Dante Kenshin Rinesparda -UkeSeme

    he walks in on his own with his hands in his pockets. he nods his head to music that he playing into his ears by a pair of skull candy head phones. He hums the Song tonight tonight tonight as he walks towards the huge house that was right in front of him. he stops and looked confused for a second as he looked around "Im back!!!"

  • Kim. C
    luv Kim. C

    Takuma Ichijo :DD

  • Zephon Von Airen
    Zephon Von Airen

    Looks up at the iron gates and stares beyond them "so this is the school Kaien set up. Juuri said she wanted Kaname and Yuuki to come here when they were older..." Opens the gates and walks upto the building

  • Yuuki Kuran
    Yuuki Kuran

    If u accept me be ur member, please reply...

  • Yuuki Cross
    Yuuki Cross

    Like be ur member.... I want be ur member, can i...?

  • -Yuuki Cross-
    -Yuuki Cross-

    sleep in daylight, awaken at night:)

  • 9/18/09
  • luv Imperfect Ambrose Kioku

    im lookin for some rp friends... im a neko-vampire who cant talk to (and was raised by) animal spirits... oh and i can transform...

  • 5/28/09
  • -

    N i g h t C l a s s FTW <33

  • Imperfect Ambrose Kioku

    anyone wanna talk??

  • Jamie S
    Jamie S

    I am joining this group.I am so a vampire

  • Imperfect Ambrose Kioku

    *she turns to him and smiles* your welcome.... is there anything you want to talk bout?

  • Moved

    II~The blonde trouble maker known as Aidou turned to face the young girl as he replied to her~II im very well thank you...

  • Imperfect Ambrose Kioku

    im doing fine! thx for asking! how r u?

  • Moved

    good evening fellow night-class students... how are you all? II~The childish blonde walked into the classroom, smiling faintly as he greeted all~II

  • Imperfect Ambrose Kioku

    im a neko vampire... is it ok for me to go to school here??

  • ºº.Yüükï Kürån.ºº
    ºº.Yüükï Kürån.ºº

    She looks around the academy looking for Day Class student sneaking up Hmmm


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