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The one time I wake up early and it's for work.

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Business as usual.
Me, Myself, and I

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       "ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵈᶤᵉ˒ ᵒᵏᵃʸ﹖"

Let there be a tomorrow.
Yesterday and the present
are no longer an option.

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No right no wrong

       Formerly an assassin.

          No longer a killer.

    ++ Strategist
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         The son
        The brother
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        The protector

"I don't want to be THE Batman.
   ᶤᵗ'ˢ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᶰᵒᵗ ᵐᵉˑ

       Richard `Dick` Grayson
       The Flying Graysons

     "Killing is easy. Stopping yourself
     from landing that killing blow isn't easy."

    a reformed citizen
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The Other Half Of Me


Whelmed. Asterous. Traught. Need I say more?


Talon ᶰᵒ longer
little history lesson

After the tragic accident that took his parents,
Richard Dick Grayson was taken in by his 'uncle'.
He had learned then that it was all a ruse. A lie.
By then it was too late for the Owls had him.
They trained him into a assassin. A killer.
2 years as Talon, he had been rescued.

By Batman.

Redeeming himself was hard,
getting rid of that urge to kill even more so.
To protect the ones he loves though,
he would do anything to keep them safe.
Even become Talon again.
For now though, he is content with being Nightwing

Beware the Court of Owls
that watches all the time,
ruling Gotham from a shadow perched,
behind granite and lime.

They watch you at your hearth,
they watch you in your bed,
speak not a whispered word of them,
or they'll send The Talon for your head.

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[Young Justice] We Didn't Come For A Playdate

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  • { Talon-verse } Rescue

    It shouldn't have happened but it did.

    It should have been easy but it never was.

    All it could have taken was one little push, one little slip and he would have been gone. But that wouldn't have accomplished anything. Just more pain, more suffering.

    At least this proved something. That all of Bruce's training wasn't for nothing.

    It seems I am reformed, officially.

    Then why do I still feel so empty?

    Dick Grayson, still a lost child no matter his age or how grown up he seemed, was in a private lounge room, curled up in a comfy couch that hid him from sight.

    Blue eyes, so bright and luminous, stared sadly and lovingly up at a portrait. The portrait was of his parents, hugging each other with a smile on their faces. It was both comforting and saddening to see them like that. It was much better then seeing their broken, dead bodies on a hard floor. Falling to their death with only his name escaping from their lips over and over. Anything was better then that.

    The young teen felt his eyes slipping, tired beyond belief but the sound of the clock being opened up awoke the tired teen. He held his breath, not wanting to alert whoever it was that he was here. Hearing no footsteps heading his way, the teen peered aside the couch, wanting to know who it was that came up.

    It was Alfred, the butler to Bruce Wayne and occasionally something else to both residents in Wayne manor.

    He knew Bruce Wayne was Batman, the Owls made sure of that but he had thought Bruce - dad - was asleep. Then why was Alfred down there? Not to clean obviously. Could it be then that...Bruce was out on patrol?

    Dick furrowed his brows, Bruce usually told him if he was going out on patrol so he wouldn't be disappointed when his father didn't have time to do a father-son bonding thing.

    The young teen waited until Alfred was out of the room, out of earshot, before he moved from his spot and towards the old grandfather clock. He stood there for a moment, just staring at it before opening it up and entering the Batcave.

    He needed to know if Bruce really left. Had to find out why he lied to him.

    Why dad? Why lie to me now?


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  • { Talon-versed } Mental

    It's hard to believe that this was actually happening, that I have family again. It's true that Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth won't replace my parents but they are slowly becoming family to me still. To think something good happened to me, after everything.

    But that didn't mean I didn't suffer from this though.

    All good things come with the bad.

    "Again, Dick." Bruce - no, Batman actually - ordered. Demanded. The hero was teaching his son how to fight. How NOT to kill. It was hard but Batman didn't blame Dick for this, it was the Owls fault for teaching his son wrong. It was even harder to teach Dick to not kill his adversaries, only incapacitate them.

    Dick in the mean time did as ordered. He struck out with a high kick, forcing himself to not put enough power behind it as he aimed for the dummies head. Next he pulled off a multiple of punches meant for the abdomen and ribs, once again trying not to put any power behind it. Lastly Dick used the dummy to climb up until he came up to the shoulder where he perched himself up there and struck out punches meant for the face.

    Sadly his punches were still powerful and he knew that if this were a real person, Dick would have most likely caved in that person's head. Stopping himself, Dick flipped off the dummy and glanced at Batman's direction. The young teen cringed at the disappointment he could read in his father's/mentor's body language.

    "...Sorry sir," Dick whispered. Though he wasn't with the Owls anymore, Dick couldn't help his body from tensing up. The Owls punished those who made mistakes and he knew that Batman - Bruce Wayne - wasn't like that but that sort of habit is hard to break out of. Especially if you had suffered for it for 2 years.

    Batman could only sigh but nodded his head to upstairs, "It's fine. We'll continue this tomorrow. Hit the shower, do your homework then head to bed."

    Dick only nodded and did as asked. Like a good soldier boy.

    Learning not to kill was a lot harder then people gave credit too. It's easy to kill, kind of like counting I'd guess but to stop? That's a whole different story.

    That didn't mean I actually killed again but it also meant that Batman - Bruce - didn't fully trust me to not do so. He had every right to be.

    His distrust though caused a lot of frustrations with me, a lot of hurt. A father should be able to trust his son and though we're not related by blood, I thought at least Batman would believe in me to not kill.

    To not revert back to Talon.

    I guess once an Owl always an Owl.

    It's not like I asked for that life.

    Dick was back in the Batcave, practicing again like he'd been doing ever since he moved into Wayne manor. That was 1 month ago. Enough time to remember what it was like to be human, to form a bond but not enough to stop being a Talon it seemed.

    No matter how much time he spent on that dummy, practicing his fighting skills, Dick always ended up putting too much strength in something and killing that dummy. The head, neck or ribs, one of those always end up with the killing blow.

    Batman was both frustrated and disappointed by this.

    Dick was hurt and frustrated.

    Another night of practice and Dick landed another killing blow. He didn't have to look at Batman's direction to see that same disappointed look he'd been giving Dick since that first practice and the times after that. This time though, enough was enough.

    "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" Dick shouted, lashing out at the dummy with a powerful, roundhouse kick as he emitted a hurt aura. This was the first time he'd ever shouted at his father. "Stop looking at me like that. Stop IT!" Dick punched the dummy in the chest, like he wanted to do the same to Batman.

    Batman's white lens widened at this display. This was the first time he'd seen Dick act out like this.

    "AHHHH!" Dick screamed, continuing to lash out at the dummy until the stand broke and the dummy fell to the floor. It still wasn't enough though,

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  • { Talon-verse } Reformed

    My name is Richard Grayson but I prefer it if people called me 'Dick'.

    I used to be part of a circus, Haley's Circus to be accurate but then something happened. A tragic accident. More like murder. You see, my family were pretty famous. We were known as 'The Flying Graysons' because of our death-defying performance. We were aerialist that performed without a net and were damn good at it.

    At least my parents were...

    I admit that I am the best but compared to them, they were more then the best. They were great. Awesome.

    You would have loved them, I still do.

    Anyways, after that accident - murder! - I was supposed to be taken in by Bruce Wayne as his ward but my 'uncle' was the one who swooped in and took me in instead. Strange that I had a uncle all of a sudden. Not so strange to find out he wasn't actually my uncle but by then it was too late.

    The Owls had me.

    They were ruthless in their training, merciless to the weak but in the end it actually paid off because I was made tougher. Stronger. That didn't make it right though.

    They made me into a killer, an assassin.

    I had become Talon by the time I turned 11 years old.

    That life only lasted about 2 years before HE rescued me.


    My hero, my savior.

    It wasn't long before I settled into a new life, living under the care of Bruce Wayne.

    It wasn't easy but it became better.

    Still doesn't mean I don't slip occasionally but the relapses are getting smaller thankfully. Soon though, I'll be reformed. Actually, I am reformed. It's just the little part of me that's Talon won't let go.

    Don't think I want to let that go.

    Not yet at least.

    After all, who am I if not Talon?

    Little Dick Grayson isn't it. He was naive and innocent before the accident.

    Not one of the Flying Graysons anymore for there is only one.

    Who am I?

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