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Kane Ward

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  • Male, 22, Luv 58
  • from wexford
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: Jun 24
  • www.bebo.com/ekKane
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About Me

"JDM not just a culture,its a way of lyfe 無限"
Me, Myself, and I
How ya gettin on?? Kane here better known te sum as Fred!! 4m a little place is in the middle of no where called Tintern!! Im inta rallyin and all that type of thing, any thing te do wit a honda cnt beat d ould vtec... lyk goin out n d quad wit d lads ryt crack...leave a comment if ya lyk sur !!!!

█▄█ █▀█ █▄ █ █▀█ █▀█ 無限 ™
█▀█ █▄█ █ ▀█ █▄█ █▀█ 音せ

█▀ █ █ █ █ █▀ 無限™
█▄ █ ██ █ █▄ JDM

Honda the Power of Dreams

x * x *+ * + * x * + X * * +
* x + * * + * + * X * +
_* * ____ * + X x*
Add this on your home page for Colin McRae
Seamus Moore, Christy Moore, the saw doctors and all dat ould type of thing ya no
Saws, The wind that shakes the barley, Fast nd the furious and anything funny
any type of motorsport nd a hape of quadin
Scared Of
460 Scanias nd fallin off d quad
Happiest When
Foolin around on the quad, rallyin nd driftin, playin d xbox nd bein wit katie
JDM スポ
Im so Jdm when i run i Hit fuel cut!!!! IM SO JDM BLITZ TUNED MY LAWNMOWER!!!! Im so JDM instead of a heart i have a Power FC!!!! Im so jdm my washing machine has a boost gauge!!!! Im so jdm my microwave has a turbo timer!!!! Im so JDM i drift my trolley in Tesco!!!! Im so JDM all the rads in my house have apexi caps on them!!!! Im so JDM i fry my chips in 10w40!!!! Im so JDM im going to import my children!!!!

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damien mccarthy west cork rally 2010

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  • All about the VTec

    Introduction to VTEC
    In the regular four-stroke automobile engine, the intake and exhaust valves are actuated by lobes on a camshaft. The shape of the lobes determines the timing, lift and duration of each valve. Timing refers to when a valve is opened or closed with respect to the combustion cycle. Lift refers to how much the valve is opened. Duration refers to how long the valve is kept open. Due to the behavior of the gases (air and fuel mixture) before and after combustion, which have physical limitations on their flow, as well as their interaction with the ignition spark, the optimal valve timing, lift and duration settings under low RPM engine operations are very different from those under high RPM. Optimal low RPM valve timing, lift and duration settings would result in insufficient fuel and air at high RPM, thus greatly limiting engine power output. Conversely, optimal high RPM valve timing, lift and duration settings would result in very rough low RPM operation and difficult idling. The ideal engine would have fully variable valve timing, lift and duration, in which the valves would always open at exactly the right point, lift high enough and stay open just the right amount of time for the engine speed in use.

    In practice, a fully variable valve timing engine is difficult to design and implement. Attempts have been made, using solenoids to control valves instead of the typical springs-and-cams setup, however these designs have not made it into production automobiles as they are very complicated and costly.

    The opposite approach to variable timing is to produce a camshaft which is better suited to high RPM operation. This approach means that the vehicle will run very poorly at low RPM (where most automobiles spend much of their time) and much better at high RPM. VTEC is the result of an effort to marry high RPM performance with low RPM stability.

    Additionally, Japan has a tax on engine displacement, requiring Japanese auto manufacturers to make higher-performing engines with lower displacement. In cars such as the Toyota Supra and Nissan 300ZX, this was accomplished with a turbocharger. In the case of the Mazda RX-7 (turbo) and RX-8, a wankel rotary engine was used. VTEC serves as yet another method to derive very high specific output from lower displacement motors.

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  • DOHC

    Honda's VTEC system is a simple method of endowing the engine with multiple camshaft profiles optimized for low and high RPM operations. Instead of one cam lobe actuating each valve, there are two: one optimized for low-RPM stability & fuel efficiency; the other designed to maximize high-RPM power output. Switching between the two cam lobes is controlled by the ECU which takes account of engine oil pressure, engine temperature, vehicle speed, engine speed and throttle position. Using these inputs, the ECU is programmed to switch from the low lift to the high lift cam lobes when the conditions mean that engine output will be improved.

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  • Civic Type R

    The moment you first discover the point of the Civic Type-R, it's not just an eye-opener, but an eye-widener. Select third gear. Find a clear bit of road. Nail it. The revs rise steadily through 3, 4, 5000rpm, but it's not yet pulling that hard. Then 6, 000rpm approaches, and the engine note becomes a vibrant yowl, resonating through the cabin. Suddenly the front tyres scrabble and the steering wheel fidgets and you're pelted up towards the rev limiter with bewildering force. You've just been VTEC'D

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  • WINS: 1,501
  • LOSSES: 717
  • CHICKENS: 106
  • WALLET: $2,077
  • VDI: 12,903
  • Rally Champion

Toyota Corolla Ae86 1983-1987


212 HP


1,768 lbs


174 ft-lbs



Kane's Garage:

  • 09_26_09_473231small

    Shelby Cobra

  • 05_01_09_56_40 11_30_09_344652small

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06


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