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api valentines evribody!!xx

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  • Female, 18, Luv 182
  • from cosa del croc [bailieborough] phil hill
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 1,163
  • Last active: 7/19/12
  • www.bebo.com/PhilippaC14
BIBLE-basic instructns b4 levn earth
Me, Myself, and I
philli(its reli nutcase n legs)
15 yrs young
Conor John Keenan
i tnk bou u evri secnd of evriday ur my favrite subjct 2 talk bou wen i hug u i wish i cud nevr let u go mst of my dreams u r in tem ill admit it
im completly in luv wi u
ter r 3 tings tat nevr shud b brokn in lif
hearts,promises and friendships
touch my honda huddy nd i wil kil u!!!!!
8) :* :B :P :D :DD :)) [moon]

girls pik te fella tat cals er beautiful n hot
gvesver hs jaket wiou askn
kiks ne1s ass wu maks er sad
nd points er ou to s 4rnds nd says

shes te 1
The Other Half Of Me
Conor K

Conor K

^^^^luv hm 2 pieces!!!!!!!!!xxxx­xxx

shes such a ledgend probly cuz shes related 2 me!!!cudnt live wiou er!!!c
es such a sound fela il luv hm 4 evr:*
if u c tiz lunatik dnt aproch er!!!shel trow buttr at u!!!!!tiz grl iz a serious phyco pat!!!!!bu ya gota luv er!!!!
te quite bu juky 1!!!!ive gt my eye n u our vri naughty convos in maths bou diffrnt teachers !!!!!!!!:L
such a savage grl s many randm days wi er in mths!!!!

close 63 Annoying Questions Survey

63 Annoying Questions Survey

Song that always makes you sad: amasin grace!!!she reli iz amasin
Last thing you bought: coke
Last person you argued with: mam
Do you put butter before putting the jelly on: ??????
One of your nicknames as a kid: wee p
Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd: no
Favorite day of the week: friday
Favorite Sundae topping: stawberrys
Did you take Piano lessons: nope
Most frequent song played: telephone
TV show you secretly enjoy: oprah
Would you rather play basketball or hockey: hockey
Date someone older or younger: older
One place you could travel right now: greece
Do you use umbrellas: no
Do you know all the words to your national anthem: ye
Favorite Cheese: im nt a big fan of cheese
Disturbed or My Chemical Romance: my chemical romance defo
Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes
Best job you ever had: pigsittn
Did you go to your high school prom: not yet
Perfect time to wake up: netym aftr 1
Perfect time to go to bed: 12 r 1
Do you use your queen right away in chess: no
Ever been in a car accident: yeah
Closer to mom or dad...or neither: mam
What do you call your sweetheart lovingly: ye
What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager: ????
Favorite shoes you have EVER owned: my lil pink 1s
Do you have an article of clothing from your childhood: no
Were you in track and field: no
Were you ever in a school talent show: no
Have you ever written in a library book: ye
Allergic to: sum trees
Favorite fruit: grapes
Have you watched sex and the city: ye
Baseball hat or toque: hat
Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap: soap
Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste: ?????
Pen or pencil: pen
Have you ever gambled at a casino: no
Have you thrown up on a plane: no
Have you thrown up in a car: ye
Have you thrown up at work: no
Do you scream on roller coasters: ye
Who was your first prom date: didnt ave 1 yet
Who was your first roommate: dani
What alcoholic beverage did you drink for the first time: wkd
What was your first job: babysitn
What was your first car: dnt ave 1 yet
When did you first go to a funeral: ?????
How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown: i didnt
Who was your first grade teacher: ms donehoe avd er 4 mst of mt yrs at primary
When did you sneak out of your house for the first time: 6th klas
Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them: dani yeah
Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent: i didnt move ou yet
Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day: conor r kelly
Whose wedding were you in, the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsman: avent ben 1 yet
What is the first thing you do in the morning: brush my hair
What was the first concert you attended: cnt rembr
First tattoo or piercing: ears
Where did you go on your first airplane ride: didnt go n a plane
First celebrity crush: aaron carter

close Tom Boy or Perfect Princess? (Girls only...)

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close Something About Me

Something About Me

Full name: philippa cundelan
Nickname: phili or piwi
Birthday: 13/4/1995
Hometown: bailieborough
Current Location: phil hill
Eye Color:: bluey greeny
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5ft
Heritage: huh
Zodiac Sign?: aries
Current goals:: nun reli jst go wi te flow
Do you get motion sickness?: nope
Can you play an instrument?: yep
Righty/Lefty?: righty
Do you like to sing?: yep
Do you like to dance?: yeah
Have any piercings?: yeap
Any tattoos?: nop
The weirdest dream you have ever had?: ya dnt evn wana knw bu it invold mr diver
Are you afraid of the dark?: no
Ever been in a fight?: yeah
Ever commited a crime?: aint sayn
Ever broken a traffic rule?: oh god ai
Biggest regret?: meetn sum1 wen i wuz 9
Biggest turn-off?: hairy chest!!!!
Something random: flogenhyvenslyven!!!
If there was a fire where you lived, what two things would you grab?: honda huddy+ fne
If you have to eat just one thing for the rest of the year, what would you choose?: chips
Wildest friend: orla
Horniest friend: conor
Best friend: kelly
Do you know cooking?: yep
Favorite day of the week?: friday
Favorite girl name: siearra
Favorite boy name: colm
Do you read newspapers?: ye
At what age do you want to marry?: 18-30
Most annoying habit of yours?: jiggn!!!!
Motto to live by: al tings apen 4 a resn

close Are You Fancied?

Are you fancied? >UPDATED ANSWERS<


You are SOOO fancied!! But do you know who is crushing on you??? Well I guess you better find out!! Look out for boys/girls that touch you.. (no not in that way) like they go "oh hey" and kinda put their hand on your arm or sumit.. also if a person raises their eyebrows when they see you or lick their lips when they talk to you then they fancy you.. or are intrested to know you better.. so try it out and look for those little tell tails!

close My Favorites

My Favorites

Car: scubby
Actor: ryan renolds
Actress: my aunt fanny
Animal: ryan renolds e cn bite a lump oa me ne day
Color: blue
Cuisine: de france!!!!
Food Item: curry curry curry gumdrops!!!
Person: conor
Drink: coke lukas mc cabe red cow(female versin of red bull)
Song: i lyk big buts nd i cn nt lie
Book: ps i lyk it aaloot
Movie: luv guru (TM)
TV Show: wen my aunt fanny met ur unkl willy
Quote: BIBLE B-asic I-nstrustions B-efore L-eavin E-arth TM!!!
Sport: camogie!!!
Sportsperson: rooney
Sports Team: man u
Ice Cream Flavor: stawberry
Music Band: niklebck
Season: summr
Vacation Place: easky
Video Game: nerd kilr gr8 game!!!
Music Gadget: i pod
Music Album: silver side up
Juice: shit juice
Website: www.u r an aswipe.com
Hobby: scratchn meself of a pole
Holiday: iniscrone sum spot
Bird: falcon r eagle
Fruit: grapes
Restaurant: fong wongs
Magazine: kiss
Candy: jelly tots
Clothing Brand: o neills
Fragrance: hugo by hugo boss
Number: 13
Day: friday
Month: april
Country: GREESE
City: its bside te 'big'city of shercock

close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: apu aposnapitapetilon
Birthday: 13/4/1995
Current Location: phil hill
Eye Color: bluey greeny
Hair Color: brown wi a hint of blonde
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: aries
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: i cn du a carton wheel
Your Fears: conor wen es tik
Your Weaknesses: tikles man nly ojus!!!!
Ambition in life: ta get leggless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: hmm coffee
Your bedtime: ne tym aftr 12
Your most missed memory: ben abl 2 du netng nd no body gt in my way bu w i ave ta tk of otr ppl b4 i du netng
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald: tey both ave nyc ice ceam
Single or Group dates: al my dates end i me hitn sum1 so i dnt du tem ne mre
Adidas or Nike: nike
Lipton Tea or Nestea: bcs tea!!!!
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla!!!
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: hot coffee
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: i du wen evr im tik at conor
Have a current crush: no
Think you: ye
Want to get married: i did at 1 stage bu it al depend n te persn its wi
Believe in yourself: ye
Think you: ye
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: i did nt!!!!!wer di u hear tat 4rm!!!!!
Gone to the mall: i did
Eaten Sushi: yuk!!!fishy fingrs
Gone skating: yup
Dyed your hair: indeedy
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: no way!!!lol
Gotten beaten up: its mre te otr way round
Changed who you were to fit in: ppl want 2 chang wu ty r ta fit in wi me
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: i wnatd ta get married reli young bu ten i taugh ta wud b a waste of tym
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: blue
Best Hair Color: brown
Short or Long Hair: short
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: duin my hair
1 Hour Ago: on tiz
1 Day Ago: in skul
1 Year Ago: probly sitn in te same spot i am nw
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: te pope!!!!!
I Feel: tat i ned 2 slap sum1 u knw wu u r!!!!!!
I Hate: i h8 plenty of ppl
I Hide: apsiluty nutn!!!
I Miss: last summr cuz it was savage!!!!
I Need: coffee

close .

My Irish Name Is...
Find out What is your Irish Name?
Are you? Guy Gal

Main Page | Invite Friends | Get more fun apps

close Long Quiz

1. Name

2. Age

3. Describe yourself in 8 words or less.
gud fun luv avn te lau fmadly in luv luv bein wi me 4rnds

4. Eye Color
bluey greeny

5. Hair Color
brownish blonde

6. On Opposite Sex What hair color do you prefer?

7. On Opposite Sex What eye color do you prefer?

8. Who is your current Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse / Fiance / Fiancee?
conor keenan!!!luv hm<luv>

9. Do You currently have a crush on someone?
ye conor keep tat n te dl

10. Do You Prefer... Pepsi or Coke?

11. Hot Chocolate, Tea or coffee?
hot chocolate

12. Cheddar or Stilton?
dnt lyk cheese

13. Babybel or Cheesestring?

14. Relationships... Girl Or Boy?

15. Looks or personality?

16. Skinny or Muscular?

17. Dumb or smart?

18. Rich or poor?
duznt matr 2 me

19. Have you ever... Kissed opposite sex?
no way boys ave cuties

20. Had sex?
wudnt u lyk 2 nw

21. Been to Trafford Centre?

22. Been to London?

23. Seen a Movie at the cinema?

24. What is your favorite... TV Programme?
home and away

25. Computer Game?

26. Book?
ps i luv u

27. Windows Edition? (95, 98, XP, Vista ect.)
windows vista

28. Type of home? (Flat, house, bungalow ect.)

29. Type of Jelly sweets? (Haribo, Wine Gums, Midget Gems Ect.)

30. Type of chocolate? (Dark, Milk, White Ect.)

33. Chuddy?

31. Did you like this survey?
ehh no

32. Was it the longest one you've ever done on bebo? (I Didnt think so but i got bored half way through)

close 75 Irritating Random Questions

75 Irritating Random Questions

Your nickname: philli,piwi
What color shirt/top are you wearing?: white
Name three things that are physically close to you:: fne,pictr,laptop
What is the last book you read?: ps i luv u!!!!gud book
Are you or were you a good student?: NO!!!lol
What is your favorite music album?: clubland16
Do you enjoy sleeping late?: yeah
Whats the weather like right now?: sunny 4 1nce
Who tells the best jokes?: ME!!!knc knc!!
What was your last dream about?: my mam tryn 2 kil me!!!
Have you ever been involved in a car accident?: ye
Do you believe in karma?: ye karma sutra
Do you believe in luck?: ye
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?: sunny side up!!
Do you collect anything? If so, what?: perfume
Are you proud of yourself?: VRI!!ive kept conor 4 te last 2 yrs
Are you reliable?: vri
Have you ever given money to a bum?: i duno
What is your hobby?: singn
Have you ever had a secret admirer?: i duno?
Do you like the smell of gasoline?: ye hehe
Do like to draw or paint?: ye
Is your room messy?: yeah ha
What is your favorite fruit?: stawberries
Do you give in easily?: no
Are you a good guesser?: ye
Can you read other people: yep
Are you a bully?: yeah
Do you have a job?: no!!
What time did you wake up this morning?: 1
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?: no
When was the last time you showered?: tiz mrnin
What do you plan on doing tomorrow?: skeul
Your favorite day of the week and why?: friday
What did you last wear at a costume party?: nun otfit
Have you ever done scuba diving?: nope
What is your least favorite color?: yellow
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?: conor
Would you ever go skydiving?: no
What toothpaste do you use?: ask mam
Do you enjoy challenges?: no
The worst injury you have had?: hurt my knee
The last movie you saw?: house bunny
What do you want to know about the future?: tat il live!!!
What does your last text message say?: gud nyt
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to?: conor
Your favorite school subject?: maths
Your least favorite school subject?: metalwrk
Would you rather have money or love?: love
What is your dream vacation?: greese
What is your favorite animal?: cat
Do you miss anyone right now?: ye!!!
The last sporting event you watched?: boxin match
Do you need to do laundry?: no
Do you listen to the radio?: ye
Your favorite TV talk show?: i duno
Your dream car?: my scubby
Have you ever caught a butterfly?: ye
What color are your bed sheets?: pink
What is your ringtone?: playn wi fire
Who was the last person to make you laugh?: conor
Do you have any obsessions right now?: ye my hair
Do you like things that glow in the dark?: ye
Whats your favorite fruity scent?: cherry
Do you watch cartoons?: no
Have you ever sat on a roof?: ye
Have you ever been to another country/continent?: no
Name three things in the world you dislike: load eatrs long quizes nd freeks
Name three people in the world you dislike: dnt b noisy
Has a rumor even been spread about you?: ye
Do you like sushi?: no
Do you believe in magic?: ye
Do you hold grudges?: no
Who is your favorite person?: conor
Best female friend?: kelly
Best male friend?: conor
Hyper or laid back?: hypo
Dressy or casual?: dressy
Favorite rappers?: pixie lott
Favorite female singer?: NO

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    Cameron O'Connell

    I just netted $929 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://bit.ly/cqj2KV Remember who hooked you up!

  • luv X-Kelly-X

    wel wel ow ya now?? du i want ta no bot ur profile name :)) oh nd wats connor on abot leavin me a comment haha xx

  • - Natzuur -
    - Natzuur -

    Ahh feck all... in Shauna's craving for a 3in1...:L Wbu??

  • - Natzuur -
    - Natzuur -

    What's the story....=P ^^

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    ulster says no to these toll drolz

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    nd mre 4 my girl

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    jawsus dat reminds me i must giv kelly a coment

  • Conor K
    luv Conor K

    howya duin misus, dia wana buy sum luv, iv sum ere n da bak f da van, fiver a pop? first 3 is n da ouse(caravan)

  • luv X-Kelly-X

    Luvage dickhead ha :D Xxxxxxxx

    7/7/10 via Mobile
  • Conor K
    luv Conor K

    hi hi sxc

  • Conor K
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    luv 4 ya

  • Conor K
    luv Conor K


  • - Natzuur -
    - Natzuur -

    How now ,, :L

  • Conor K
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    nd now il have ta w8 again FFS!! in guna jst scrible ere ta kill tym jkyfjhvbkjygkjgvkjhvkjghvjbmjhjg,j  hv,jhjygjhgjgtgjgju;o ipoipitytyeeae  aweqwertyuioplkjhgfdsaxzcvbnmabcde  fghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz no i no my abc's bla bla fukin bla OH ye ere sum luv 4 my girl

  • Conor K
    luv Conor K

    howya? fukin bastrds ar makin me w8 to post dis comment coz its 2 soon after da lasht 1

  • Conor K
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ur love is really strong and if u play ur cards right u will have some1 there foreva and just do them a favour dont let them go

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close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 5ft im vri small
Weight: im vri heavy!!!!!!!!
Birthday: 13th of april im xpectn a pressy hint hint conor!!!!
Town you were born in: cavan
Single or Committed: COMMITTED!!!!GOD LOVES MEE!!!!!
Favorite band: nickleback
Favorite sports team: MAN U
Favorite drink: i dnt care as lng as it gets me drunk
Favorite getaway: conors room!!!!
Favorite pasttime: sleepn
Favorite reality show: most haunted
Best thing to ever happen to you: conor fel outa hs tree nd in2 my hole!!
Favorite clothes: my pajamas!!!
Your hair color : brown wi a blonde hint ters also a green tint of it
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Do you kiss on the first date: dnt du dates
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla it reminds me of sumin els
Favorite restaurant: idas kitchn!!
Favorite movies: love guru pinapple xpres meet te spartns
Love or money: i ave conor e as both!!!!
Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes
Your ambition: swim wi sharks
Ever bungee jumped: nope
Ever swam in the ocean: nope
Ever been in love: i am nw sur!!
Ever broken someones heart: yeah sadly i feel reli bad bou duin it
Had your heart broken: yeah i stp ountn nw at tiz stage
Broke a bone: nope
Favorite TV show character: mr.bean
Cats or Dogs: cats
Pizza or Burger: tats a tough 1
Your first crush: ur mama
Ever lied to your parents: al te tym
Worst fear: spidrs conor wen es in a bad mood
Your weakness: ive tickls evriwer
Any tattoos: nt tat ne1 knw abou
Favorite subject in school: business
Kisses or hugs: as lng as tey lead 2 sumin els i dnt mind
Done anything you regret: yeah bu il get ovr it
Passive or aggressive: aggressive u dnt fck wi me
Morning or Evening: nyt
Summer or Winter: winter i luv cen conors big red nose
Ever won a sports medal: i ave a hape of tem
Ever been out of your country: no
Your dream vacation: sumwer tat me nd conor cud jst away n our own
Best gift you have received: MY HONDA HOODY OMG I LUV TAT TNG U TOUCH IT I KILL U!!!!
Favorite Actor: ryan renolds
Favorite Actress: anne hataway
Best compliment someone gave you: ur gorjus it wuz 4rm a complete straingr
Do you hate anyone: nope otr ppl jst h8 me
Hip-hop or Rock: hip hop
Favorite perfume: hugo by hugo boss dam sxc
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: nope
Country you: greese
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: nope
Ever lied to teachers in school: yep
Craziest thing you: PUBLIC PLACES
Your craziest dream in life: get hitchd 2 conor
Ever dyed your hair: ye
City you live in: i dnt liv ina city
Favorite day of the week: friday
Favorite childhood memory: sitn n my daddys knee drinkn tea
Do you swear a lot: fukn sur i du
Ever puked at a party: i dnt tnk so
Ever danced all night long: ye
Have a crush on anyone: ye conor (dnt tel hm)
Your best buddy these days: kelly
Are you a health freak: nope
Vehicle you drive: nun

close First Last Survey



FIRST SCHOOL: te vale!!! it rokd


FIRST FUNERAL: cnt rembr bu i cryd!!!


FIRST BIG TRIP: 1st tym i left cavan

FIRST FIGHT: as a baby dani tuk my doddy


FIRST TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY?: 1st tym i went 2 fermannagh

FIRST JOB: babysitn omg i stil ave tat job!!!!

FIRST BEBO FRIEND: young kinnin i tnk



LAST CAR RIDE: 2 seconds ago

LAST TIME I CRIED?: everi tym conors nt ter


LAST FOOD I ATE: chocolate

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: a botl of coke 4rm curries shop

LAST SHIRT WORN: my fav blue1

LAST PHONE CALL: 20 mins ago

LAST TEXT MESSAGE: txtn conor ri nw


LAST FUNERAL: my great aunty watserface





LAST PERSON THAT BROKE MY HEART: tey broke it nd fixd it


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February 15, 2010 05:52 AMDanielle said
  • WELL  SHUT UP U FOOOL  LIFES GAY .................................SO BORIED U SMELL LIKE FISH ...............AND CHEESE ............................EM I LIKE CAKE ..........................ITS NICE..............YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY..............EM IM BORRIED ........... DO U STILL LIKE POPIN SPOTS IN THE MERROR OR WAS THAT JUST A FASE ...........................................MOM SAID 2 TAKE UR DICK OUT OF THE HOVER ...................................DID U  GET UR IMPLANTS YET .................CONOR PAYIN............................MORE THAN 2 PULLS AND IT COUNTS AS A WANK .......................EM YE SO ITV2 .....................AND AV3........SKY.......RTE2,RTE1,TV3, ARE TE PORN CANALS BT AFTA 9;00 .................................................MY NANE IS DANIELLE OR OR IF U SPELL IT BACK WAYS ITS ELLEINAD I COULD BE A MUSLIM ......................AHHHHHH........A SUISIE BOMER...................HE LOOKS LIKE THE FELLA OUTA THE MNMS DUDE LOLHES a horny wee fucker ahhhh haaaaa hhaaa your gay ah haaaaa haa ha your gay ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  kidz rite avta go you no kidz ...hows ur 12 u no the ones u had that nobody nos about ....................ur still gay ............................................ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////     

                                bye fuck face ............................................... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ye not reali ye fuck off lol no reali fuck off thought i told u 2 fuck off
June 26, 2009 03:57 PMDanielle said
well shit head  make fuckin sure u text me back ............................or i will have 2 kill u............lol..........sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wats da story ......................soooooo fuckin booried lolu should learn how  2 spell always its spelled like tis ALWAYS NT ALWYS LOLu nut all set 4 baby sittin 2 morrow lol                                                         UP CAVAN       WHOOP WHOOP LOL ............................................                                TALK 2 YA L8R  WHOOP WHOOP NITE XX
June 14, 2009 02:29 PMPipa said

hey yes levee me a comment nd sum luv kk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx phili luvs conor 4 eva nd alwys

May 15, 2009 02:44 PMNoleen Cundelan said
are u not in bed . that conor fellow keeping u up

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