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Bored out of my skulls and crossbows

8/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 18, Luv 17
  • from Hell
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: October 2008
  • Last active: 9/26/09
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About Me

AKA: Emo Cunt
Me, Myself, and I

Alot of heavy and nu-metal
Happiest When
Alone. Nothing can go wrong then.

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  • Listen!

    Listen to my fuking new choooon!!!

    hilarious and amazing at the same time!

    LISTEN! -gives evils-

    <3 xx

    0 Comments 224 weeks

  • Stolen from elliot and joe =P

    My Special one = --yet to be confirmed
    My Mummy = mum
    My Daddy = dad
    My Baby = baby
    My Daughter = ma sis
    My Son = my uncle
    My Sistas = errr i have one??!?!?!
    My Bruva = bov
    My Prince Charming = i would say tyelr but hes not. sooo jacob :P
    My Prince = prince charles
    My Queen = have none i am the only queen round here!! lol
    My King = meh
    My Truly honest person = mi bov
    My Soul mate = i dont have a soul
    My Slave = Jacob
    My Alcholic friendz = i have none :(
    My Secret Admirer = erm its a secret duh
    My Emo/Goth = MEEEE!
    My Dirty Dancer = eww i only know guys
    My Body guards = tyler and adam
    My Gangsta = mi bov
    My Partner In Crime = he has no identity
    My Drama Queen= laura
    My Chat up line tryer = hi i have aids! :D
    My Punk rocker = ermm :S
    My Chatterbox = nicolette
    My God father = none
    My God mother = none
    My Hunni Bunni = eww bunnis . EAT THEM!
    My Bitch = Jacob
    My Party animal = me!
    My Idol = Amy Lee Evanessance not bitchy like her though
    My Problem = Im never satasfied
    My Legend = mi bov
    My Guardian angel = mi mum
    My Sugar plum fairy = eww cheesy. mm cheese -gets cheese from fridge-
    My Personal shopper = meh clothes make me feel naked
    My Food buddie = my belly
    My Lil cutie pie = eww -gets more cheese from fridge-
    My Valentine = my fridge :( makes me sound fat now
    My Messer upper = Mi Bov
    My Cleaner = My Mum
    My Wannabe = none im not kewl :(
    My Flirty friend = holly
    My Dancing buddy = none will dance wid me :(
    My Sxc hunni = err i dont like huny and I ESPECIALLY DONT FIND IT SXC
    My Stalker = Jacob
    My Sex bomb = tyler :D
    My Wannabe girlfrend = err she knows
    My Wannabe boyfriend = err he knows
    My Gay bestfrend = Gok Wan lmao
    My Slut = me! :P
    My Twin = me! evil she isSh
    My Pimp = Tyler :(
    My Pimpette = Nicolette she owns ma ass
    My Bodyguard = mi bov
    My Chav = my mum lol
    My Retard buddy = retards arent funny :(
    My Singing buddy = none i sing alone. (im so alone)
    My Personal Insult-Provoker= huh ???
    My Gangsta= ma bov

    0 Comments 242 weeks

  • Hello!!

    Hi this is my new accout so if u were my friend before please add me :)
    :) <3

    1 Comment 248 weeks

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  • luv Ami-Claire

    Lovez You

  • Joe Garoghan
    luv Joe Garoghan

    hi x] how r u? i'm fine... ishouLd write german...i think it's better than my engLish xD i reaLLy Like your styLe on the photos ;D it would be nice to meet you in october... joe correct my mistakes :D be happy about that xD Love, anna x3 OK my turn.... first thing is first... for some random reason.. the Y button is at the bottom of the keyboard and there is no pund symbol :S so this is actually harder than i thought :D Germany is great. Anna is lovely... and i had meat for breakfast :O tell mum i said hiiiiii :P and that i miss her too. Oh really funny story.... i didnt see sam jack up my lighter to when i went to light a fag it singed my fringe... Anna said my face was hilarious XD i havnt got any souveniers yet but is there anything in particular you want? Love Ya Bov xXxXxXxXx Joe und Anna p.s. get the messages from the bitch off your bebo bitte...

  • luv In My Heart

    when did u see jimmy's ass???!!! i am soooo jealous. ¬_¬

  • Nicolette
    luv Nicolette

    Smellawee! Have some luv :]

  • luv In My Heart

    hei emz xxx i never knew you liked mindless self indulgence! hands of jimmy- he's mine! :P anyhoo's c ya!!

  • Jess'Caa

    Good good. Good that your good aswell. Im fine thankyouu. I know we havnt. I have been trying to get in contact with people. Me and sammi saw ellie, beckra, steph and micheal the other day and the girls just didnt seem botherd. So i didnt know if everyone would be like that?? Im sorry we havnt spoken in a long time. But we should meet up soon, us lot. xx

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    i dont no maybe i dont go o bebo that much XD

  • Jess'Caa
    luv Jess'Caa

    Heey Emily. How are you:) We havnt spoken in ageees. Whats been happening since theen? Everyone good? Me and sammi were gunna come to astor on friday, but we went to the cinema before and it ran over the time with out us knowing. Stoopid film. Anyhow..Wb. xx

  • Nicolette
    luv Nicolette

    Happy New Year (: xoxo

  • Nicolette
    luv Nicolette

    Luv,Smelly <3

  • Joe Garoghan
    luv Joe Garoghan

    Comments are for Ladybabies Here is some love with AIDs muhahahahaha