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Yaoi Haven

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101 luv

  • Profile views: 6,071
  • Group created: October 2008
  • www.bebo.com/OriginalYaoiHaven
Me, Myself, and I

      ♂ + ♂ = ♥ ڸ٥ﻻﻉ√٥ﺎ

Since RPin Has Become More Popular On Bebo And Decent Yaoi RPers Are Hard To Come By, This Group Is Giving You The Chance To Branch Out, Advertise Yourself.

This Is An Original Group! We Have Been Running For Nearly Three Years This Christmas -O8- Our Old Group Was Just Deleted By Bebo And So We Need Your Help To Get `Yaoi Haven` Back Up And Running Once Again.


All Flames Will Be Laughed At And Fed To Bakura ^ 3 ^
This Group Also Holds So Many Albums That They Don`t All Show In The Module, So Please Go Here And Explore To Your Hearts Content ;


This Group Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Injuries That Might Occur When Viewing The AMV's And/Or Pictures ;D

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  • Little Prince Ciel Phantomhive
    Little Prince Ciel Phantomhive

    ...a-add me ^-^, I'm a u-uke...

    Jun 8 via Mobile
  • Chris Day
    Chris Day

    hi love yaoi haven from jesus fan chris day

    Apr 18
  • The Giou Clan
    The Giou Clan

    hi!! i'd like to roleplay please add me xD

    Feb 26
  • Cåged Røyalty
    Cåged Røyalty

    I am looking for detailed roleplayers who know how to create a story. I have several characters to choose from and if you wish it, I can create one exclusively for you.
    I can roleplay as both seme and uke. Light, dark, angst, drama, I am up for anything.

    Feb 6
  • Grim

    Yo, I'm new to Bebo, so far this shit is easy.
    Anyone interested in a chat or RP, come talk to me.

    Feb 3
  • Lil Psycho
    Lil Psycho

    Add me :3

    12/28/12 via Mobile
  • Ocean-Edge Crew

    Right well uhm, New to this xD I am a seme so yeah add me up I have several different characters

  • I'LlAlwaysBeAnOutcast
    luv I'LlAlwaysBeAnOutcast

    Please add me. Looking for a gentle or aggressive seme. I like dark roleplays.

  • David.

    i'm just looking for people to talk to, and it's always nice to have fellow Yaoi fans as friends. Feel free to add me. I don't bite hard. c:

  • -SuperGirl

    Looking for active online role players. I have many different characters to chose from and i am both uke and seme but i prefer Uke. ^^ Either way im down for whatever. Graphic, long and detailed role plays are highly expected.

  • CLowniaC

    Looking to get some new roleplays going. I like to play anything really but my main characters are a crossdresser and an insane boy. I like mature and graphic roleplays. Am open to any sort of storylines but I prefer to play a Uke. Please add me if you like interesting storylines. I am detailed and can write long or short sentences

  • Jessie Stone
    Jessie Stone

    I am not new to roleplay, I have made have heaps of accounts but this is my new one and I want to get into moer yaoi, I have 6 characters, five human males and one Furry, I am mostly a Seme with one Uke character, Please feel free to add me for some fun and always enjoy meeting new friends

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite

    Looking for a long detailed roleplay with no text talk or god moding. I play uke or seme.

    I can play anything from innocent to explicit roleplays ranging from the withdrawn uke to the rough but gentle seme.

    Do add me! :D I welcome anyone and everyone :]

  • Kokoro No Uragiri
    luv Kokoro No Uragiri

    Looking for a long detailed roleplay with no text talk or god moding. I play mostly seme but I have a liking for being made into a uke at times ;D

    I can play anything from innocent to explicit roleplays ranging from the withdrawn uke to the tyrant seme.

    Add me! I don't bite unless you want me too of course ;D

  • Sèbastían

    I can be both Seme and Uke, who wanna RP add me ^^

    ps. I do paragraph RP

  • Abel -
    luv Abel -

    ▲ Just spreadin' some love. ▼

  • -SuperGirl

    - -

    Looking for a rough but gentle seme!

  • luv Kitamµra Yøichi

    Love for this group on Valentine's Day.

    Any Final Fantasy roleplayers see this comment, add me. I am extremely eager to try out Cloud.

  • Yukio
    luv Yukio


    Happy Valentine's Day lovers of yaoi.

  • Salem Adrian Blaze
    Salem Adrian Blaze

    hi i just join and if anyone want to add me or role play with me just let me know i love yaoi 


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