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  • Female, 26, Luv 187
  • from Crosskeys
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About Me

Anything really but my most favorite is listening to nuala play the trampoline aka tambourine, she has a real talent.
Anything with will ferrel in it. stepbrothers is lethal!
Ice skating! i just wish we were allowed to speed skate. we are so good at it we were nearly kicked off the ice for intimidating the beginners. ('we' being me and the girlies). i am also a professional colander fighter n won the world championship last year. yo! Since goin 2 uni i now participate in the gr8 sport of EATING bt there is stiff competition from caoibhe and kerry bt i think i can take them! RALLYING with donna in ginny! its such a rush but dnt b fooled occasionally u do drive into hedges!
Scared Of
Bridgene in a bad mood, being buried alive, nuala attacking me when im speed skating, never finding granny suzi, being in the car with donna encase she drives it into a hegde...AGAIN! lol!AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Happiest When
eating 'mc chicken mc nuggets' i swear im in mcdonalds all the time, eating in general, bein drunk, findn out the scandal in the morn after a nite out, passing exams i was nearly cert 2 fail. when dressed up as a rubix cube.
Stupid things
1)Caoibhe: OMG this taxi is costing us £9.20 already.
Michael: No Caoibhe, thats the time.

2)Kerry:O mg! i think i just peed myself. oh no wait, im on the toilet. 3)Eimear: who's the president of wales???? 4)Kerry: we watched a programme about a 34 year old teenager! 5)Kerry:What does One Seven One Six One Five One Four mean? Marian: Its seventeen sixteen fifteen fourteen. LOSER!!! 6)gerard bean: i don't mean 2 alarm any1 but i think sum1 stole all my buttons! 7)me n donna: goin 2 the chapel and we'r gona get murdered! 8) me: its not a nice day so there'll be no1 in tesco! 9)kerry: The pee won't come out bcos uz r watchin! Now i don't know how 2 pee! 10)Kerry: The derm wants my finger there! 11)kerry:thats why im keepin my legs...(silence) OPEN!
Rory constantly criticisn me!!!!!!!!

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  • Jeremey Kyle Line up 2007

    Marian is worried about her friend kerry who has an eatin problem...eating is not the problem, the problem is her not being able to stop. This has drove Marian to turn to alcohol for comfort and is nw facing alcoholism! Kerry admits to her problem bt blames it on bethan as kerry is worried 4 bethan in the fact that she is pregnant and is confused over who the father is. Is it Chris, her long term boyfriend OR john, her 1 nite stand. Lie detector results shows John is the father but it appears that karen, johns girlfriend was unaware of this and karen stomps on stage 2 attack emotional pregnant bethan who is close to tears. Kerry however steps infront of bethan and shouts NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
     OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! and takes a queer whallop in the face...TWICE! Marian who is quietly watchin the events unravel before her eyes has another shocking secret for karen. Bethan is not the only one john has been sleeping with. he has also been sleeping around with bethans best mate Caoibhe. Caoibhe, who is quietly munching on her LARGE packet of snackajacks, falls from her seat in shock that her secret is out. Karen again stomps over to Caoibhe in rage only for Kerry to step infront of caoibhe only to get another whallop in the face...TWICE!! At this stage Jeremey is in shock because this kinda story line has never happened to him (which NEVER happens). Jeremey approaches audience member and ex house mate, Becca only to hear that this is normal behaviour and has had to check herself into rehab after only spending 1 week with them. She is now addicted to prescription medication. "We are rite out of time, do join us 2mra for our special show wer kerry joins us again on 'Can u be fat and happy?' See u then. bye bye" Jeremey

    0 Comments 334 weeks

  • summary of the pre & post All-Ireland semi final parties.

    1)The 'A' team
    2)Martin's impression of Aine 'falling into a fridge and breaking her arm because she wanted her semi skilled milk... no wait semi skinned milk aka semi skimmed milk.
    3)jaigermeister and vodka shots
    4)jaigerbombs...go on margaret just watch u dnt fall over
    5)being put to bed
    6)so hu did u go with mcglone?
    7)being kicked out of a 21st b'day party... it was shit neway
    8) stealing the 21st birthday balloons because that whure kicked me out (i sure showed her)
    9)paulas not cork cos cork is only 9stone and paula is like 20 stone
    10)romeo! romeo!
    11)Me, paula, brenda and aine love horses but paula loves them in her face and we have the proof

    12)Bronagh had 36 heart attacks throughout the match
    13)gaels enter the All-Ireland Final
    14)niall informs me n brenda that sum1 must hav entered our rooms wile we wer sleepin and drew red n black lines across our faces with paint...the wee bastards!!
    15)Chris gettin stuck in a bin
    16)"if u leave apples to go sour can u drink them as apple sourz?" (me), No! i think thats called cider" (nuala), "but what if u put them in a shot glass?" (me)
    17)bronagh peed on my shoes
    18) me boaking on the stairs after 1 too many tequila rose (sori patricia)
    19)half of our club goin with each other
    20)we'r not cork we'r bronagh graham
    21)Nuala and bean doin 10 jaigermeister! Think thats an achievement in itself!!
    22)Tequila rose mysteriously gone missing?!?!?!?! i.e. stole the wee whures not that i needed any more.
    23)Aiden goin to jump off the balcony at patricias house
    24)Every door in the house getting locked ya wee whures! yas cant hide forever!
    25)St Marys has suddenly been overtaken with quicksand!!
    26)When drunk, car bonets resemble drums and the drivers of the car resembles the devil because they dont like us banging them drums

    27)Fuck Aine must hav a wile sore throat
    28) it taking 3hours and 22mins to get served our 1st drink in renshaws because it was soooooo packed...NAT!
    29)the task= unsuccessful because the camogiers decided to leave and took the shield with them, the wee whures!
    31)the bouncers loved me and bronagh in the face TWICE!!!
    32)Bouncers will be nice if u buy them sweets
    33)Stephen loves cock
    34)the randomer loves Steve
    35)my room has had to be fumigated
    36)bean keeling out beside the fone box
    37)me and bronagh= last 1's standing because we r hard core.lol
    38) would u believe that nuala graham was born a virgin?? well believe it baby!
    39)According to bronaghs forehead 'Aaron Rocks' bt it is nly 1 time so its alrite

    SOOOO!!!! in other words it was a good weekend. role on the ALL-IRELAND final. Its gona be deadly!!

    0 Comments 336 weeks

  • Oak 8

    1)Smartie eating in the hall
    2)runnin dwn2da schul disco n pourin rain coz we wer2drunk2think of getin a taxi,lol
    3)Facewipes outside the window
    4)Kerry's shoes being ANYWHERE but in her room after a night out
    5)the kitchen being COVERED in tomato sauce,apple juice n beer by dickheads
    6)Paddy bringing a "christmas tree" back one night n the next night me & kerry carrying it round elms
    7)Caoibhe the beast eating MY whole tub of cheese after a night out (after loads of other food!!)+a button off kerrys foot,lol,wota mess.
    8) Mark throwing water over Clodagh 4 'being' outside Kerrys window! lol
    9)Caoibhe & Kerry waking every1 up at half 5 dancing down the hall 2 all i want 4 christmas is u n den hidin frm paddy wen e came out2turn it off.
    10)Twister at Bethans bithday
    11)Being soaked by fire extinguishers after coming in from the union. grrr..
    12)Stealing Ryan's Craig David mask
    13)Eating anything after a night out-preferably if its not ours
    14)Falling asleep while eaing toast! haha
    15)Bethan clingfilmed to the stairs
    16)Seeing who can get the most shot glasses on a night out - The re match has commenced between caoibhe and kerry.
    17)"Oh yess i'm a guy... i'll admit i've been fed quiche.."
    18) Pear & mushroom throwing in th biggest storm ever!!!
    19) Drunkards falling off th wall outside my window! lol
    20) Chris runnin about in his boxers & Caoibhes slippers..!
    21)Caoibhe droppin pasta or rice n the sink wen she tryin2drain it,happens2often, bt blames us 4 distractin er?!
    22)Kerry and her OX-VAN!?!?!
    23)"Butch on the streets, Fem in the sheets!"
    24)Birthday invitations r always a gd idea. just remember 2 put dwn the proper date of ur birthday. wot do u think kerry?
    25)Does any1 need to go to the toilet??
    26)Gerard being sick all over our corridor after the bot
    22) Tori thinkn it was really her who was sick outside her door
    23) Me & Gooney drinkin so many jagerbombs after the bot i became the biggest mess EVER! i blame him! cannot remember a thing..
    24) The pasta fight after Stiff Kitten
    25) Me falling asleep on Darrens shoulder in q 4 th parlour & then singin gettin' jiggy with it lol
    26) John th big drunakard after th Box on freshers week 2. noodles?
    27) Me Ryan and Matt making pear cider pancakes! Yummy...pause...Nat! nxt mission=Buckfast pancakes!!!
    28) The cake and bread fight on Kerrys birthday, so much fun but took an hour & a half 2 clean th next day
    29) Every1 in Kerrys bed singin all the songs from sister act 1 & 2 including th actions (still wearin th clothes from th night b4! stinkers!)
    30) The meal Chris made 4 us all b4 th box.... so nice!
    31) Eating a whole portion of beansprouts after a night out.... followed by toast! frickin pie!
    32) "Your a dirty rotten ridin aul bastard!"
    33) Sunday night bitchfests in th corridor with John Kerry & Caoibhe
    35) "Aw big boy!" (seductive voice)
    36) "The circle of life!" haha
    37) SUPERWOMAN/MAN/PEEPS!!! hahahahahahahaha
    38) the circle of death & smashing plates in the circle of life
    39) Chris stealing my bed so that i would study and not sleep
    40) Mine and Caoibhes orange fight cos we wer soooooooooooo bored with revising!
    41)the woman from reception walking in straight after the orange fight 2 see us dripping of orange and trying to carry my bed back into my room! she wasnt happy!
    42) Me slidin rite on2 my ass in the mud n fronta da odyssey. was covered head 2 toe
    43)me Caoibhe n beth fallin asleep n 78 rugby av,avin2do the walk of shame at 7am bk2halls with me wearing stilettoes n gooney's tracksuit bottoms (bcos my own jeans were covered in mud), n den caoibhe gettin er heel caught in a crack on the pavement n goin FLYIN in front of a big grp of builders, n then she couldnt get the shoe out of the pavement. have nvr actually laughd so much in my life!
    44)jeremy kyle rocks my world. (check out my jeremey kyle blog, its being screened this year so keep a look out 4 it).
    45)Caoibhe cryin 2 me 4 over 4

    0 Comments 339 weeks

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  • Lee Haughian
    Lee Haughian

    wdc :) ;) :;;;;;;;~))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Lee Haughian 1/31/10
  • Jen

    hey missis, thanx, wee mans nearly 4 weeks now and doin well xx

  • Deirdre Mcmanus
    luv Deirdre Mcmanus

    Hey well hows you?

  • Ciara C
    Ciara C

    Hello hello stranger! I was indeed and I had a great time! Wish I could have stayed a bit longer! :( I see you graduated!! Congrats...the robe suits ya! U going back or entering the big bad world of work? xx

  • Niamhxx
    luv Niamhxx

    Hi marian,hows you? Jus started back to school today!

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    luv Kiera Mc Dermott

    Alryt CHAP!!:L Awk fingz r goin jus ok. Stil unemployed tho!! :( Naw i actuali avent managed dat many nyts out u no, cani afford it!! Had an interview der yday so wil find out 2day if i get da job r nt! Stil gona b shit tho coz il ave t do wkend wrk so dat stil means no social life! Itz receptionist wrk in a hotel jus. Soundz a gud enuf wee job tho! So howz wrk etc goin? U get a job sortd in bfast yt 4 dis yr? xxxxxxx

  • Aoife O'Hanlon
    luv Aoife O'Hanlon

    Wel, ino not long til i go atal, but evn less time til ds test, lol, xcitd!! LLIIEESSSSSS.lol ne crc wit u? ne new plans 4 sep? dnt no wher ds summer hs went, can honestly say i hvnt dun netn all summer, n its ovr in 2 wks.lol. gud holiday?? ne crc?

  • Ryan Mc Caughley
    Ryan Mc Caughley

    aye the new liverpool top would be class!lol u big joke

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    Kiera Mc Dermott

    Jez dol, no boler t u! :L Aye i wudnt ave minded goin t da elk on sun nyt but wudnt go coz it wuz a stupid beach party! Awk ur so lucky t get headn away! How wil u eva las ova a wk of solid drinkin?! :L Reali hope antrim win dat match on sun 2! :L Bettr nt let barry hear me sayn dat! :L :P Dol im so pissed off coz ive jus bin lying at hme al wk again doin nothin! It getz depressin aftr a few wks neva mind lying bout 4 2 months. Stil applying away t jobs tho n signing up wif a recruitment agency on mon so hopefully dey myt help set me up wi sumfin!! Wel dol enjoy ur holz, mak da most of ur tym away! Sure gimme a shout wen u return t hear al da craic! Take care missus!! :) xxxxxx

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    luv Kiera Mc Dermott

    Wel dol watz da craic? How has ur wk bin? So wen u away t santa ponsa nw? xxx

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    luv Kiera Mc Dermott

    Wel missy! Fotoz r up! Dis 1 iz so cute! lol xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nuala Graham
    luv Nuala Graham

    wee boke before a match???? ok dont mind if i do!!lol

  • Nuala Graham
    luv Nuala Graham

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    luv Kiera Mc Dermott

    Aw t hell wi da camogie dis wkend, jus go n enjoy ur bday 4 god sake!! :L Aw i duno watz happenin dis wkend yt, prob head sumwer lik. Da donegal rally iz on dis wkend 2 so myt head t dat! Hi oma shud b gud on sat nyt coz da tyrone fleadh iz on dis sat!! Plenty of wee tyrone hotties runnin about!! :L :P Wil rory b headn out wi u any nites? Ooohh headn out 4 dinner, how cute! Aw dnt u worri da same wee brute wont 4get, he'l ave sum wee suprise up his sleeve!! :L Wat day iz ur actual bday anyway? Do u b up bout bfast often nw? Aw im gud! Jus gettn wile bored coz ive nothin t do durin da day anymre den barry cums dwn at nyt t brightn up my sad wee life! :L Hes on holz nw 4 about a month so datz neva so bad, least we'l gt more tym t c each oler! He's takin me up t oma 2moro shoppn so lukin 4ward t dat! Did u hear anymore bout wen our results r out dol? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kiera Mc Dermott
    luv Kiera Mc Dermott

    Yis chap!! :L Watz da craic? C itz ur bday dis wkend? U've plenty of wee nyts planned out 4 it anyway!! :L Howz wrk goin 4 ya? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Debbie M
    luv Debbie M

    Bit like myself mariano....so many things i could do but they all involve spending money which im lacking in at the min. Maybe just have a quiet few and take it easy...very exciting i know.lol

  • Debbie M
    luv Debbie M

    God no i didnt know she got engaged....i know its so scary...everyone our age will be married off and ill stil be hangin on the shelf.lol. Ended up sittin in sat nite. Was shattered and couldnt reali afford to head out. Gona be good now till after the wedding. Ill not be at the next re-union either...not fussed on the dressing up thing as its a 70's and 80's theme so im gona give it a miss untill the next one. Maybe ill make an appearance then.xx