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Peyet Carzon

so they're fucking forcing us to have the new profiles? down with them! down with bebo!

9/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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if you're reading this it's 2003 and you've got SARS
Me, Myself, and I
neater corps

< getting my drink on, quietly and contently

GORESHIT btw, pretty much best band/dj/fuck there is atm

dean gill pees like a girl
Music this year YEAR 2999
http://www.last.fm/user/peyetcarson yeah also check out my good friends LCD soundsystem.
"that's banter"
you know that feeling you get next to a camp fire? that really burny and horrible smelling feeling that makes you feel like filth? that's banter.
hey guys srsly
right, srsly guys. three things.

anyone remember bis? it was the band from glasgow, that did the powerpuff girls theme song. anyway, at the back of this dusty rack in a camden record store, i cracked into a rare album of theirs, and it's "bloody good." second thing. right, baseball bats, have the greatest image of all time for fuckin' shit up. ala, scene in fight club, feat T D, smashin' on car doors with his lil' metal bat. anyone got one to sell me? third thing. the low risers. i hate getting my dope and coke from them hoppers down the pit, y'know, the low risers. "bodie hands you two vials and you sell four. nice going champ."
not carson copter
yeah, right, as if. λλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλ
 λ i love lambdas λλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλλ
hey guys DON'T DO THAT
i'm fucking hating on charly horses, shit parties, moneytary theory, "full life situations", sterlings and mayfairs, !3OH3!, random nipple cripples, not gettin' crashed nicotine on the docks, manners and chivalry, when there's no fight for the rolls, when the RIAA try to "stop all tha downloadin'!", the concept of credit on phones, overacheivers, ball tapping, fucks, radge cunts, and people that disapprove of the saying "getting yer hole."
me with a guitar singin'
i sound like i'm inexperienced and from the 50's
msn is classicalcomedy@hotmail.com
The Other Half Of Me


i never see you anymore, must be heroin barnitis

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  • holy shit

    right, going out in a minute. just wait a sec.

    summmer is here, and school has pretty much finished, FOR LIFE. until i face uni in a year or two. all this fucking about has paid off... or has it? until i get paid again next friday, i've got £40 quid. that might seem like a reasonable amount, but FUCK. the amount of money i spend on alcohol now is ridiclous. i wasted £10 quid at the royal on tues, £20 at the social on wed, and over the next couple of days i will no doubt spend £30 quid on beer and 'jager bombs'.

    you fucks, you didn't prepare me for this at school, how to cope with minimal payout from the hydro every couple weeks. it's something that should be implemented in higher, "drinking situation course". it's theory on how you cope with a night out or whatever, scraping for the best deals for getting JAI HOed.

    out here on the borderline, you've got to hold it together. and out here in perthshire, i think i just walked over the borderline, i'm holding NUTHIN together. you get me?

    anyway. sun's getting hotter, and creme eggs will soon be out of shops once again, and coool bud will be sold for $0.50 a pop down the VG. so i ask you this my people.

    comin' up the linn?

    1 Comment 214 weeks


    i meant to say SFIV. i knew i fucked up somewhere.

    anyway, what's the word you use most often, apart from all the shit mandatory ones like "the".

    mine is probably "fucking dick"

    0 Comments 226 weeks

  • easter trauma to the stomach, a bassline to the ramakins.

    well, two weeks of playing STIV for me, and watching all of the wire.

    0 Comments 226 weeks

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twitter       Pete Carson
krazy baldhead - revolution

10:32 AM July 14, 2010 from Facebook

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