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charlie heaney

add your own memories say what u feel i did and it might make u feel better

9/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

remember this man a great granda & dad
Me, Myself, and I
Hi to all.............
This page was started by Charlene and i am Charlie's eldest grand daughter and helping me with this page is my mum which most of you will know as Paula. Charlie is the father of 8 kids4 girls and 4 boys. He has lots of grandkids and they are still coming fast and furious lol..... He is also a great granda now and that is growing fast to lol...... To a lot out there he is an uncle . Anyone wanting to post a comment or photoes please do so. This page is for all who love and miss him. Rest In Peace granda
We all miss and love you xxxxx

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  • candle for dad/grand dad

    for our dad he is the greatest
    -----------O----------- ------
    -----------OO------- -----
    ----------OOOO------ -----
    ---------OOOOO------ ----
    ---------OOOOO------ -----
    ---------OOOOO------ ---------
    ----------OOOO------ --------
    -----------OOO------ -------
    ------------OO------ ---------------
    ---------OOOOOO----- ---------
    ---------OOOOOO----- --------
    ---------OOOOOO----- -------
    ---------OOOOOO----- -------
    ---------OOOOOO----- ---
    ---------OOOOOO----- ---
    ---------OOOOOO----- --
    ---------OOOOOO----- --
    ---------OOOOOO----- -----

    rest in peace xxx

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  • do u know someone who died of cancer

    ----///-\\\----Put This
    ---|||---|||---On Your
    ---|||---|||---Bebo If
    ---|||---|||---You Know
    -----\\///-----Who Died

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  • xx loving memory xx

    Theres one more angel in heaven

    theres one more star in the sky

    We will never forget you

    Its tough but were gonna get by

    Theres one less place at our table

    Theres one more tear in my eye

    But the things that you stood for

    Like love and peace never die!!!!

    In loving memory of our loved ones who have died !! xxx

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  • Grandad

    God looked around his garden and found an empty place,
    He then looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face,
    He knew u were suffering and a cure was not to be,
    So he put his arm around u and whispered come with me,

    Laima 0 Replies
  • Grandad

    It broke our hearts to lose u,
    But u didn’t go alone,
    For part of us went with u,
    The day god called u home.

    Laima 0 Replies
  • cry

    wen i came on this page today, i started to cry but i had to stop because granny
    came in and if she seen me crying she would have told me to wise up and stop
    ccryinng at nothin so this shows how much i miss my caring granda xxxxx :(

    Erinx 0 Replies

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  • Princess Zozo
    luv Princess Zozo

    Well it been over a year since any one wrote on this page but grandad so you know we are all still think of u and miss ya soo much grandad i know i see you soon amd we can have a drink tut tut dnt worry i bring the beers am bring the beer love u grandad it been so long but yet ur so near R.I.P 9 years this yearx

    12/4/12 via Mobile
  • Charlene Presley
    luv Charlene Presley

    i know this page was made for granpa charlie but i just want to say rip to all in the family and may they all rest in peace xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charlene Presley
    luv Charlene Presley

    happy birthday granda love and miss you loads wish you were here to meet all the new wee members of the family that will know who you are but never be as lucky to meet you and get to have your love and happy ness in there lifes

  • Mo Presley
    luv Mo Presley

    happy birthday day DAD I miss you so much amd always will even though i know you are with me LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Laima
    luv Laima

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear grandad, Happy birthday to you. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! i miss you so much granddad xxxxxxx

  • Laima
    luv Laima

    Love you and missing you loads xx

  • Princess Zozo
    Princess Zozo

    Hi people Here Is How I Look At My Grandad I No If I Am Sad That He Looking Over Me So That Makes Me Smile I No ThatIf I need A Talk He Alway There To Lisin He Would Never Vad Name Any One Dose Not Matter If u Gay Or __________ He Will Still Love YA I No Each Day That He Sit And Wait On Sum One Ta Wright Happy New Ta Him So Tis Is For The best GRANDAD in the WORLD HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 LOVE YA LNG TIME U WILL NEVER BEFORGOT BYE ANY ONE 1 X

  • Vera Higgins
    Vera Higgins

    Uncle Charlie wos always full of fun and i spent many nites in his company and best nite i remember was when i had a surprise Birthday party for mums 50th at the house and my ex and his band playd we all had a great nite x he's in my thoughts every day and me and mum visit him as often as we can and my 2 kids know all about their great Uncle Charlie xoxo MISS U LOADS BRENDA XO

  • Vera Higgins
    luv Vera Higgins

    still miss my big brother soooo much!! there's not a day goes by that i don't miss you.. you made a lot of people happy with your smile and sense of humour, love and miss you loads xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charlene Presley
    Charlene Presley

    just a wee reminder to tell u all about grandas birthday last week so a late happy birthday

  • Laima
    luv Laima

    hey just went onto this site as i was thinking about grandad i miss you so much. Some night i am sitting thinking and u pop into my head. you u willl never ever be forgoting i love you so much R.I.P xxxxx

  • luv Erinx

    granda i love you and thank u so much over the last five years for looking after the family now there is someone else u need to look after .... no names. charlene and auntie paula thank u for making this page ang i kno that granda is thrilled to no that we r all still thinking about him xx xx

  • Zoe Heaney Now People
    Zoe Heaney Now People

    I love this man 5 year today he might be gonna to every one but he is still watch over us and brake stuff to let u no he there but i can say one think he will never be 4 goting and he never 4 any of us x

    12/23/08 via Mobile
  • Charlene Presley
    luv Charlene Presley

    when granda past i found it hard to deal with but then 2 weeks after he past i feel pregnanat with zofia and at first i was schocked but then i thought made it was a gift that was to open me eyes and now she is 4 years old and i am pregnant again i know i am lucky to have one healthy baby and one healthy baby on its way to me antie hope u know i beleve everything will turn out fine good luck to u and the baby well i know we all find this time of year hard to deal with and i know my granda would be looking down for all the partys he was a big kid and we al loved him for that missing him loads xxxx merry christmas granda

  • luv Erinx

    Good idea chaz..xx i loved granda so much!! i miss him lots.. can i be a moderater plz..xx bye..xx love [e] [r] [i] [n]

  • Jason P
    luv Jason P

    Granda was a grate man he will never be forgotton we all love him and i wont hear a bad word agenst him

  • Lisa Martin
    luv Lisa Martin

    nice idea babe, weird, I was actually just thinking of him yesterday!

  • Budancer
    luv Budancer

    i am lighting a candle in memory of charlie -----------O----------- ------ -----------OO------- ----- ----------OOOO------ ----- ---------OOOOO------ ---- ---------OOOOO------ ----- ---------OOOOO------ --------- ----------OOOO------ -------- -----------OOO------ ------- ------------OO------ --------------- ---------OOOOOO----- --------- ---------OOOOOO----- -------- ---------OOOOOO----- ------- ---------OOOOOO----- ------- ---------OOOOOO----- --- ---------OOOOOO----- --- ---------OOOOOO----- -- ---------OOOOOO----- -- ---------OOOOOO----- ----- rest in peace xxx

  • Laima
    luv Laima

    The best granda love im to bits R.I.P lol