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Criss Angel Believe.


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About Me

♠ 'When the Mind, Body, and Spirit Work Togeher, Anything is Possible in Life' -Criss Angel♠
Me, Myself, and I
★ ☆ 【Welcome To Criss Angel Believe】 ☆ ★

Support Criss Angel & his new Las Vegas show Criss Angel Believe™.
Come & be Loyal

"Illusion is what you see. Magic is what you feel."

"It's time to start thinking outside the box and let the art of magic live on in real life."

"I hope to be engaging my audiences by having them ask themselves... What is real and what is illusion?"

"That is truly the magic of emotion."

♦Criss Angel's Influence: Harry Houdini♦

Criss's biggest influence his late father John Sarantakos♥

Criss has the letters JDS embroided in the collar of his coat, which stand for John & Dimitra Sarantakos.

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos (born December 19, 1967), better known by his stage name Criss Angel is an American of Greek descent. He is a magician, illusionist, musician, escapologist, and stunt performer. He is best known for starring in his own television show, Criss Angel Mindfreak'

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  • Big Bear Choppers for Criss Angel MindFreak

    Vegas came to Big Bear Lake last weekend, as entertainer extraordinaire Criss Angel was in town to pick up three Big Bear Choppers created by BBC’s Kevin Alsop and crew. Fans of the factory-custom motorcycle builder and Criss Angel lined up early for a chance to be the first to get an autograph from the popular TV icon and motorcycle enthusiast. The block-long line stretched down Fox Farm Road as they waited anxiously for a chance to meet the MindFreak star.

    “What’s up Big Bear? Wow, what a turnout. I want to thank everybody for coming out to Big Bear Choppers, the only name in choppers. I’m here to pick up my Season 5 motorcycle,” Criss said.

    The main attraction of the day sat hidden beneath a shiny black cloth in front of the Big Bear shop, tantalizingly out of view before Kevin and Mona Alsop slowly revealed the custom motorcycle under the cover.

    “Right now, this is the big moment I’ve been waiting for, this is the official Season 5 Chopper.”

    As Alsop pulled off the tarp, “Wow, wow, wow,” is all Criss could say.

    And who could blame him. Stretched out a purported 10.5-foot with its air-ride suspension lowered to the ground, the jet black chopper is stunning. The tank is broad and angular, with a pronounced ridge running down its spine. The
    The official MindFreak Season 5 motorcycle is destined to be on display at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Vegas. Of course, only after Criss gets to take it out for its maiden ride.spear-tipped Dyna-style billet front spoiler at the bottom of the downtube is offset on the rear by the fine tapered tip of the back fender and the point of the modified Devil’s Tail swingarm. A huge 23-inch billet wheel up front is balanced out by a 300mm meat out back, with the shiny twin stack of cylinders in the form of a BBC-S&S engine sandwiched in between. Short, chromed-out open pipes shooting down the left side sit just below a forward-facing ‘Heavy Breather’ style intake while the left side houses BBC’s proprietary primary drive. Of course, it’s got to have the MindFreak touch, so the primary has a mondo Criss Angel logo on the side cover, MF13 in gold inlay on the front spoiler to go along with blood red demons on the rear fender.

    “If the batmobile was a chopper, this is what it’d look like right here,” Criss said.

    "I wanted each chopper to be completely different than the other. This one is really radical, really extreme, (bottom photo) while this bike here is a bit more classy," said Criss. After the unveiling of the official MindFreak Season 5 motorcycle, the acclaimed illusionist got to see his second surprise of the day, a custom-painted Big Bear Choppers Paradox. Criss wanted a motorcycle that “reflects my live show, Believe, at the Luxor.” The paint is both comical and macabre, with magician-white rabbits scattering about on the tank and fenders, joined by flying doves and winged, black top hats. The front fender shows Criss’ feet dangling below a stage’s red curtain as he levitates above ground, while the rear fender has a cool painting of the MindFreak star with a cast of gothic characters.

    “It’s magnificent; it’s just a piece of art. All of his motorcycles are just amazing pieces of art, but this really captures the essence of the show,” Criss exclaimed.

    And while the first two motorcycles were destined to be displayed at the Luxor, the third will serve as Criss Angel’s daily rider. The bike sports a more conventional chopper design, with a tall steering head, heavy rake, and a Springer fork. The tank sits up high, with orange tribal flames streaking down its sides that match the paint of the fenders. Black straight bars angle down from the motorcycle’s
    Criss Angel was all smiles after receiving his three new motorcycles from Big Bear Choppers' Mona and Kevin Alsop.tall neck, and a low seat height drops the rider behind the bike with just enough room to see clearly over the bars. The dark visage

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  • Criss Angel store opens at Circus Circus

    The "Mindfreak" magician opened a new "Mindfreak" store at Circus Circus Saturday afternoon.

    Angel admitted the commercial success of his brand surprises even him.

    "It's really amazing, especially for the art of magic; this isn't a brand," he said. "I'm very blessed."

    The store is a rare departure for Angel, who is rarely seen outside the confines of his home base at the Luxor.

    The illusionist lives, works and often plays at the big black pyramid: He lives in one of the resort's penthouse suites, gives 10 performances of his Cirque du Soleil show, "Believe," there each week and is regularly spotted sipping rum and Coke in the VIP section at LAX.

    While the new store at Circus Circus might raise some eyebrows, the venue is still within the MGM Mirage family.

    Still, the store is a strictly Angel-driven initiative: The magician and his company are the ones responsible for the lease, merchandise and staff. Also of note: No Cirque du Soleil or "Believe"-branded merchandise will be available for purchase at the new site.

    The store, which is centrally located on the second level of the casino, stocks more than 700 different kinds of Criss Angel and "Mindfreak"-branded merchandise within 1,100 square feet of retail space.

    The 41-year-old star was joined this afternoon by casino president and CEO Don Thrasher as he officially unveiled the new venture.

    Angel's mother, Dimitra Sarantakos, and brothers, Costa and J.D. Sarantakos, were also there for the cutting of the silver ribbon and Cristal champagne toast.

    So was the young woman with long, curly brown hair who sat next to the matriarch during the May 21 unveiling of Angel's wax figure at Madame Tussauds – yet Angel remained elusive about the assumed new flame.

    The magician has said he was "not going to have any more public relationships," following his split with forthcoming "Peepshow" star Holly Madison.

    A sizable crowd of fans also turned out for today's in-store appearance, including one particularly loyal admirer who claimed to have arrived at 5 a.m. to secure his spot at the front of the line.

    After officially opening the store for business, Angel autographed the wall above the doorway to mark the occasion, then signed autographs as the "Mindfreak" TV cameras rolled.

    The magician will go to Big Bear Lake, Calif., Sunday to begin filming for the upcoming season of the show, which airs on A&E.

    Angel will return to Las Vegas on Tuesday to continue recording footage for the show's fifth season while continuing to fulfill responsibilities related to his Cirque show.

    "For the next five weeks I will be working, absolutely insane, 18 to 22 hours a day," he said.

    Instead of being overwhelmed, however, Angel says he is up for the challenge.

    "I'm rejuvenated, I'm ready," he said.

    As he looks down the barrel at a daunting stretch of work ahead, the magician already has his sights set on July. That's when he will take a two-week and presumably much-needed vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

    Before then, however, Angel knows there is a lot of work to be done. And, as always, the illusionist is setting the bar high for himself and promising big things.

    "The stuff that I'm working on … will be my best stuff to date," he said.

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