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Craig Webster

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  • Male, 30
  • from Edinburgh
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 867
  • Last active: 7/18/09
  • www.bebo.com/craigwebster
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About Me

What? How did I get here? Who are you people?
Me, Myself, and I
Latest news: I moved to London. I win!

The short version of my life:
* Born
* Grew up in Bathgate
* Moved to Edinburgh
* Graduated with honours in software engineering
* Started my own company
* Learned to climb
* Moved to London.
* Still living here and still loving it. Sometimes I go back to Scotland to see the family and friends.

For the long version you'll have to actually talk to me. Shock, horror. If you think you know me or fancy coming climbing, give me a yell.
Varies quite a bit depending on my mood. Bands include: NoFX, The Offspring, Capdown, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Prodigy, Morcheeba, Massive Attack and Goldfinger
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Sin City, Memento
Rock climbing, snowboarding, skating
People who "tlk n txt speek" (sic). You have the advantage of a full keyboard. It's designed to let you type the full words. Use it.
Happiest When
Eating, Climbing, Coding, Dancing, Snowboarding
The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Magician along with all the offshoots by Raymond E Feist. I used to like Terry Pratchett but I haven't really read any of his books in a long time, and I used to be obsessed with David Eddings however after trying to re-read them recently I think I've out-grown his style of writing.

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  • LOLCatz poem thingy

    I is a kitty and I has good fun
    I is entertaining everyone
    Dint used to be an internet icon
    Till my mom got a digital Nikon
    Now she stalks me round the house
    Interrupt when Ize chasin a mouse
    Waitin for me to make a silly pose,
    Stickin that camera up my nose
    Goes to compooter, she starts playin
    Makes up something I might be sayin
    Upload the pic for all to see,
    All her online friends go SQUEEEEE
    Cat macros.

    So I go cuddlin wit a stuffed bear
    Gettin peanut butter all over my hair
    Sprawled in a sunbeam, swattin at flies
    Trapped in the laundry wit big sad eyes
    Lickin at toesies, scratchin at fleas
    “I Can Has Cheezburger, peese?” — [chz. FTW!]
    Mom still doin her photo shoot,
    Good thing my little furry butt is cute
    Stickin my nose in an empty dish
    Lookin for an invisible fish
    I has no idea what you just said
    So here’s me with a pancake on my head
    Cat macros.

    Now I is songcat singin this bridge
    From my stage on top o’ da fridge
    I is only two years of age
    But I got my own MySpace page
    Da silly pictures people wants
    But only wit impact fonts
    I keep dis up, but for how long?
    Oh hi, I transpozed yur song

    So I has lyric all my own
    Can I has leftover to take home?
    I is Emo Kitty, I has angst
    I gots yur breakfast, k, thx
    Invisible Walrus step on you
    No, I has mighty feline fu
    Yur full o’ win - Yur full o’ lose
    Last Verse Kitty is not amused
    I’m in yur Thai food, nibblin’ ginger
    I is stealth kitty, bein a ninja
    I’m in yur spookhouse, bein a haunt
    I’m in yur limburger — DO NOT WANT!

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  • Photos

    There are pictures of me and my mates on Flickr at http://flickr.com/photos/craigwebste...

    And more at http://xeriom.net/~craig/ -- but I'm not sure how suitable these are. If you're scared by looking at some of them then you have no one to blame but yourself; you have been warned.

    0 Comments 376 weeks

  • My real blog

    If you wanted to read my blog you'd nip over to http://beer-monkey.com/
    It's not that interesting to the majority of people as it's mainly filled with geekisms.

    376 weeks

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  • Marty Smith
    Marty Smith


    6/30/09 via Mobile
  • Chris McAulay

    HI Craig Hows you?? WLD be coolto cathc up sometime Chris

  • Maryanne Pappas

    sup there Check out this site for the hottest and newest ringtones on the net! www.sick-offer.com *muah*

    7/4/08 via Mobile
  • Scott

    Hi Craig Cheers for staying out the other night, as you helped make the night what it was :D

  • Jamie H
    Jamie H

    Hi mate,how you doing?Wasn't sure if you'd remember me but thought I'd give it a try!Hows things?I've not much been up to much lately, just work work work!!:)

  • Max

    hey man hows you? iv been hunting hobos, its cute, but it might just be a sign of my madness, from being up here too long...

  • Sunita Sharma
    Sunita Sharma

    Hey Claire, How are you love? Hows the job in the labs going? Sunny xxx

  • Max

    hey man hows life? im bloody board at the mo, but hey only three weeks till i go south again :P .

  • Stu M

    check out the chris sharma vid i posted - i am not worthy, i'm off to put my climbing shoes in the bin

  • Amy Riddell

    Hey thought you didn't do the whole bebo thing!

  • Colin Iain Macrae

    Hey man! How goes it! Long time so see :( I miss you guys!! Is wee stu on here at all?? Oh and if your bored....or even if your not, check out my band!!

  • Andrew Croll
    Andrew Croll

    Hi craig hows it going? just finished uni forever and have 2 weeks left in glasgow before making my return to bathgate...hopefully with a degree to show for the last five years. what you been up to then? need to get a trip to the 'craigs organised for some barbecue, beverage and banter..........