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Ella Hammond

If Kendrix <sunny24fan> is a friend of yours & if you're a true friend to her, then show your support & put this on your page.

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  • Female, Luv 2
  • from KO-35 & Earth
  • I am Single
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  • www.bebo.com/OrangeSpaceRanger
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About Me

Let's Rocket! Astro Morpher: 3-3-5-Enter!
Me, Myself, and I

I am the FIRST & ORIGINAL Ella Hammond on Bebo


Power Rangers in Space

My name is Ella Hammond, I'm 16 years old & I'm the Orange Space Ranger. I'm also Andros & Ashley's daughter come from the future.

I can be stubborn, but also easy-going. I'm a good dancer, having won awards & am good at fashion design. Like my dad & others from KO-35, I'm very good at telekinesis & practise it a lot. Being half-Earthling & half-Karovan, I've learnt the customs of both planets & am fully aware of the differences between the two. I'm a good & loyal friend & have become a welcome addition to the Space rangers team. I took a while to adjust to being in the past & to being a part of my parents ranger team, fighting alongside my parents. I eventually settled & enjoy seeing what my parents were like before I was born.
The Other Half Of Me
Theo Martin-Loves Ella Hammond
My mum, she's the best mum ever & I love her very much. Hurt her & I'll hurt her you.
My dad, he's the best dad ever & I love him very much. Hurt him & I'll hurt you.
My auntie, she's been fantastic to me & I couldn't wish for a better auntie. I love her very much, so hurt her & I'll hurt you.
My History
I was a cadet at SPD on C-Squad. I showed great potential in becoming a ranger. When Commander Cruger realised who my parents were, he trained me until I was ready to become a ranger. Once I was ready, he informed me of a Orange Astro Morpher that had been kept hidden until it's rightful owner was ready to use it. He told me that he was aware that the rightful owner of the Orange Astro Morpher was someone that had a direct connection to both Earth & KO-35 & that it would only give power to the rightful owner & he was now convinced that I was the rightful owner. He had then taken me to where the Orange Astro Morpher was kept at SPD. I had then put the Morpher on & was overcome with great power, proving that I was the rightful owner. Commander Cruger had then sent me through a time portal to join my parents & the rest of the Space rangers to fulfil my destiny as the Orange Space Ranger.

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